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  1. Idk if anyone else has this problem but sometimes im unable to use the top left part of my screen. I cant touch the left arrow when im in a thread on my messages or even the flash button on snapchat. It seems to work when i turn my phone off then on. Its a new phone and an annoying problem to have.

  2. I think i made some unknow changes on my s6 edge colour adjustment or something after which my display colour on screen is turquoise gray colour. Pls i need help.

  3. Dear Droid Guy and DG community – My TMobile Samsung Galaxy 6S Edge did an update the other day to V 5.1.1 and ever since when I open text messaging to send a message, it locks up and takes forever to get the keyboard to appear or even send a text message. Its really frustrating. Besides doing an entire factory reset on the phone, does anyone have any suggestions or fixes to this apparent bug? – TIA, Kate H. Georgia

  4. I’ve been dealing with the same vibration issue and it’s gotten so annoying! I’ve been searching for a solution to this problem but to no avail. Any advice to solving this would be nice especially if it didn’t involve having to do a factory reset or returning the device.

  5. Thanks Cole for the reply. I’ve muted all notifications 🙂 It’s a hassle to check the phone once in a while to see whether there are any messages, but I’d take that over the annoying vibrations .. Hopefully Samsung will do something about this soon ..

  6. Hi Erica and Cole: I just installed new updates in my Galaxy S6 Edge and getting the same problem as you guys have reported above. Did you by any chance find the cause or have a solution for this?

  7. I’m having the same problem. My phone vibrates every minute like I have a notification. But there is never anything new. I also recently download the update

  8. After the latest update for my 6 edge, it vibrates for no reason! It’s annoying! Please help

  9. I got my galaxy s6 edge two days ago and i have family in a different time zone (only an hour behind) when they send me a picture message the time is stamped as 3 hours before but just recieved it… weirdest thing ever and i paid good money for a “top of the line phone” someone please help

  10. I have had my s6 edge for a little over a month now. It was okay at the begining for the first couple of days but on the 4th day once i added music and downloaded apps and games it became VERY slow. If im in a app fir nore than 10 secs and press the home button it takes a lot of time to load all the apps and widgets on my homepage. Is this a software issue? Is anyone else having this problem? Please reply ASAP

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