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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is no doubt a smashing hit and has now become the most downloaded PS Plus game of all time. It’s definitely a must-have in this pandemic-stricken world. Unfortunately, cheaters and hackers ruin the game for some players on a daily basis since the game was launched on August 4. If you’ve experienced cheating in Fall Guys and want to report cheaters, we’ll show you how it’s done.

Does Fall Guys even have an anti-cheat system?

Mediatonic claims that they have an anti-cheat mechanism for Fall Guys but apparently it’s not that effective. I’ve seen one player sped fast everybody like a bullet. The frustrating thing about it is that it’s not easy to remember the username of a cheater and there’s no readily available reporting tool in the game. 

The developers appear overwhelmed by the game’s surprise success that they can’t respond to individual reports for hacking cases as far as I know. 

Right now, there’s no way of knowing if hackers or cheaters being reported are actually getting any disciplinary action from Mediatonic so we can’t be sure if the same people are repeat offenders.

How to report cheaters or hackers on Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Estimate Cost : 0

Time Needed : 4 minutes

Mediatonic says that once their anti-cheat mechanism is tripped, the offending account can no longer play another Fall Guys game. The developer also advises players that they don’t need to report cheaters but if you feel like you need to do something, here are the steps to remind Mediatonic about how rampant cheaters are in this goofy game:

  1. Go to the Fall Guys Settings menu.

    Fall Guys Main Menu
    It’s the gear icon at the top.

  2. Take note of your Support ID.

    support ID
    It can be found at the lower left portion of the screen

  3. Take note of the name of the cheater or hacker.

    hac screenshot user profile
    You’re gonna need it so that the moderators can easily find it.

  4. Fill out a Report form.

    Make sure that you include the name of the cheater when submitting your report.Fall Guys Report

  • Nintendo console
  • Nintendo Switch

Alternate ways to report cheaters and hackers on Fall Guys: Discord and email

Mediatonic initially allows reporting of cheats via Discord but at the time of this writing, they’ve discontinued the channel temporarily to avoid “accidentally advertising where to get the hack.” 

If you don’t want to use the primary way of contacting the developer using the report form as shown above, you can email them at [email protected].

When reporting via email, make sure to include important information such as:

  • Name of the cheater
  • Reason (such as speed hack)
  • Time and date when the game occurred
  • Platform (PC or PS4)
  • Region (like North America)

What to do if you encounter someone who teaches others how to cheat on Fall Guys?

Just like with in-game cheating, you can submit a report to Mediatonic to report those who shows others how to cheat. Make sure that you provide the necessary information like website or link that can help the developer trace the cheater.

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