How To Fix Nintendo Switch Error Codes 2124-4007 Or 2124-4508

Are you having an issue when trying to access or use the Nintendo Switch Online? Did you encounter these Nintendo Switch error codes 2124-4007, 2124-4508 and received this message “The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo.” If you do, then it is most likely you are permanently banned from Nintendo. Continue reading as we will tackle what this entails and how to deal with this situation for you to be guided.

Difference between a temporary account ban and permanent console ban (hardware)

Nintendo error code 2124 4007

When a console is permanently banned by Nintendo it means that you can no longer access the online services such as Nintendo Switch eShop, play games online and cannot download the updated software of the console, if there is any. 

The Nintendo Switch error codes 2124-4007 or 2124-4508, alongside the message mentioned above, limits you to only use your console offline moving forward. This is not similar to error code 2124-4517, as this only restricts them from using the online services temporarily. 

So, Nintendo can still lift the ban if the latter is the error that you have encountered. It can take 24 hours or up to a week before the restriction will be lifted.

What causes a permanent Nintendo Switch ban?

As Nintendo aims to keep their services fun, friendly and safe to all users, they don’t condone actions that are offensive to others, or any illegal actions that can cause any problems to their network. That’s why they are very strict when it comes to security concerns especially Nintendo has been hacked multiple times and the recent incident was last April 2020. 

So when a user has done something that violates the company’s Code of Conduct they tend to ban the console forever. Here are some of the common reasons why a Nintendo Switch console gets banned permanently for you to be guided.

Playing pirated games.

Downloading games illegally is one of the common reasons why a Nintendo Switch gets banned. Nintendo has the capability to detect fraudulent activity in the console. When a game is installed legitimately and you go online, a unique certification which cannot be forged is redeemed by the console. So when a game is obtained unofficially, the certificate is mismatched which will send a notification to Nintendo.

Unauthorized transactions.

Nintendo eShop using a credit card that was reported to be lost,  stolen or credit card fraud can also cause a permanent ban in your console.

Violation of the Code of Conduct.

Any action that violates the code of conduct set by Nintendo result to Switch 2124-4007 or 2124-4508 error code and can ban the console permanently. They have provided an itemized list on their official website on what are all these that fall under the Code of Conduct.

How to fix Nintendo Switch error codes 2124-4007 or 2124-4508?    

Unfortunately, there’s no workaround when a console gets suspended permanently by Nintendo. You can still enjoy the gaming experience of your Nintendo Switch but you will not be able to play online or use the online services. 

Nintendo error code 2124 4508

You may try to contact Nintendo Customer Support for further information if you don’t know the reason behind the suspension and who knows they will remove the suspension from your account by then.

How to contact Nintendo support?

Normally, once the a hardware ban has been declared on a Nintendo Switch, it’s permanent and there’s no undoing it. However, if you want to dispute your case, you can try to contact Nintendo to see if that will help.

We highly recommend that you talk to them over the phone but if that’s not possible for you, you can also reach them via chat, text message.

You can check the official Nintendo support options in their website.

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