5 Cheap Straight Talk Phones Under $200 in 2020

With Verizon’s Straight Talk Wireless service, you can choose from several excellent phones that cost so little money without a contract — not to even mention that you get access to cheap data plans as well. It’s perfect for those on a budget. And if you decide to sign a contract, you can get a flagship phone for a low monthly fee, which is more than many device payment plans but will still enable you to get the latest and greatest phones with a cheap data plan. To help you pick the best phone for you, we’ve selected eight of our favorite, cheap Straight Talk phones in 2020.

Galaxy S7 Edge

Coming up as first on our list, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. If you don’t mind spending a little more, this is an excellent phone that will bring you a sweet, high-end phone experience. A couple of years old, yes, but the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still one of the smoothest and fastest devices you can buy today.

It has top of the line hardware for the year it was released, but the highlight of the phone is screen. You get excellent, almost Retina-like clarity. But, on top of that, it has a dual-edge display that brings you not only a new dimension but some added features for quicker access to contacts for phone and text.

ZTE Max Duo

The ZTE Max Duo is a really cheap option on Straight Talk, getting you into an affordable phone outright. It has some decent hardware and software on it, as well. It’s still running Android 5.1 Lollipop, but the software is quick and efficient. It has a massive 6-inch 1080p touchscreen, so you get excellent clarity as well. And with an octa-core processor and plenty of RAM, the Max Duo should be able to handle most applications on the Google Play Store.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 might be much older than the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S10 that’s now out; however, the S5 was a pinnacle point for Samsung. It was what started defining Samsung as a premium offer of smartphones. The Galaxy S5 has an attractive design and an overall smooth experience. It comes with an excellent camera (though a little dated by today’s standards), has some good processing power, and, most importantly, has an excellent screen that brings you tons of clarity. That makes this phone great for media applications, such as YouTube videos and movies!


Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro

Samsung may be known the most for its flagship smartphones with cutting-edge features and impressive performance, but the company is also great at making affordable budget smartphones for everyday use.

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro offers all the reliability you would expect from a device with Samsung’s logo on it, as well as decent performance and great features. The J7 Sky Pro has an energy-efficient quad-core processor and a powerful battery to keep you connected for the entire day or up to 31 hours of talk time. It ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which means that it supports voice commands, has a two-part notifications/Quick Settings area and is far more resourceful when it comes to dealing with misbehaving apps that drain battery life.

The rear-facing camera on the J7 Sky Pro has a resolution of 8 MP, and it captures images with a sufficient amount of details and lifelike colors under ideal light conditions. Taking pictures at night or indoors is also possible, but not without some noise and desaturation. The front-facing camera has a resolution of 5 MP, and it’s fine for casual selfies and video chatting.

Apple iPhone 6 32GB

The iPhone 6 is still, even four years after its initial release, a great phone for anyone who wants to enter Apple’s ecosystem on a budget. When it hit the market in 2014, the iPhone 6 shipped with iOS 8, but you can now upgrade to iOS 11.2.5 and enjoy most of the features available to the owners of newer and much more expensive iPhones.

Since the iPhone 6 only has 1 GB of RAM and a dual-core processor, you shouldn’t expect mind-blowing performance, but that’s not to say that it’s insufficiently robust for day-to-day use. Making phone calls, sending text messages, face timing, using Apple Maps, or browsing the web are all examples of tasks that are easily possible with the iPhone 6.

But where the iPhone 6 shines the most compared to other smartphones in this price range is the quality of the images it takes. Its rear-facing 8 MP camera takes clearer and more vivid images than some 12 MP or even 16 MP cameras found on smartphones released this year. If you’re an avid mobile photographer but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars just so you can take high-quality images with your smartphone, the iPhone 6 is the right choice for you.

LG Stylo 3

The LG Stylo 3 is a unique budget smartphone because it comes with a stylus for enhanced accuracy and comfort when writing and drawing. The stylus works best with several apps from LG, including QuickMemo+, Pop Memo, or Capture+ on the Pop Menu. Of course, you can also use the stylus with any other Android app as it simply replaces your finger. To prevent you from losing the stylus, the Stylo 3 can automatically alert you if your phone wanders too far away.

The Stylo 3 has a large 5.7-inch HD display—a great size for entertainment, surfing the web, or taking notes. Despite the larger display, you won’t have any problem fitting the Stylo 3 in your pocket thanks to its slim design and gently curved back.

Located below the auto-focus 13 MP rear camera with flash is a fingerprint sensor that serves as an additional security layer and eliminates the need to type in your password when making purchases or logging to your favorite services.

Samsung Galaxy S9

For a low monthly fee with a contract, you can have the Samsung Galaxy S9—arguably the best Android smartphone currently on the market. Just like every year, Samsung has yet again set a bar for others to work towards. The S9 has a state-of-the-art processor, the Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845, 4 GB of RAM, and up to 256 GB of internal storage space. Its 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display has a resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels, and it supports HDR10.

The S9 is the first Android smartphone with a variable aperture camera, supporting f1.5 and f2.4 modes. The camera can adapt like the human eye to changing lighting conditions to ensure that your images look great regardless of whether you take them during the day or at night. With a new super-slow-motion video recording mode, you can slow down time and record video HD videos at up to 960 frames per second—that’s better than all consumer-grade action cameras currently on the market. Besides super-slow-motion video, the 12 MP rear camera can also record 4K videos at up to 60 frames per second.

The front-facing 8 MP camera can record 1440p video at up to 30 frames per second, and it can turn you into an emoji thanks to its augmented reality and face recognition capabilities. The same face recognition technology also powers what Samsung calls Intelligent Scan, a new technology that combines face recognition and iris scan to make unlocking simple even in low light.

iPhone X 64GB

If 64GB of storage space is enough for you, you can have the iPhone X from Straight Talk for a low monthly fee. Now famous for popularizing the camera notch, the iPhone X is Apple’s first foray into the world of bezel-less displays, and it’s clear that Apple has done its homework because the iPhone X leaves little to be desired.

At the heart of this engineering, marvel is the Apple A11 Bionic chipset, which is more powerful than other smartphone chipsets currently available. With 3 GB of RAM, you can keep multiple apps open in the background and seamlessly switch between them with a brand-new gesture-based control scheme.

Turn the Apple A11 around, and you’ll notice its dual-sensor camera with a two-tone LED flash. The camera has one wide-angle lens with a 12 MP sensor behind it and one portrait lens with another 12 MP sensor. Both sensors feature optical image stabilization and allow for simultaneous 4K video and 8MP image recording.

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