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There’s a significant number of Modern Warfare players who started experiencing Disc Read error 3.1 a few months ago. The confusing thing is that the error seems to occur for both those playing with a digital version of the game and those with the physical disc.

As usual, there’s no official word from Activision why this problem occurs. If you are getting the problem on your PS4, learn the things that you can try to fix it in this guide.

What causes Call of Duty Modern Warfare Disc Read Error 3.1?

There are a number of possible reasons for Disc Read Error 3.1. See which one may be causing the error on your end.

Random game or console bug.

Some cases of Modern Warfare Dev Errors and Disc Read Errors are due to random bugs. This can happen if a PS4 encounters a software issue, or if there’s an app that interferes with the Operating System. In most cases, random bugs are easily fixable by a console reboot.

Dirty, cracked, or scratched game disc.

Modern Warfare Disc Read error 3.1 can be caused by an issue with the game disc. If you have the physical disc and you keep getting this error when in the lobby or in the middle of a game, you should consider looking into the possibility of a disc issue. 

Sometimes, a console or game may crash if the game disc is dirty, scratched, or worse, cracked. Make sure that you inspect the game disc as part of your troubleshooting.

Corrupted game files.

At other times, the cause of Disc Read Error 3.1 is more serious and requires a complete game overhaul. This means that you may be looking at a possible corrupted game files and a reinstall may be necessary.

How to fix COD Modern Warfare Disc Read Error 3.1

If you are not sure what’s causing the Modern Warfare Disc Read Error 3.1 on your PS4, there are a number of possible solutions that you can try. Check out each of them below.

  1. Install game and software updates.

    Updating games and your PS4 software may be effortless and easy but it can also be an effective way to rid your console of bugs. Make sure that check for updates for all your games, applications, and software before doing any troubleshooting.Once you’ve updated everything, run Modern Warfare again and check for the problem.How To Force Close A PS4 Game | Easy Fix For Freezing Game Or AppPS4 software update

  2. Clear PS4 System Cache.

    If restarting Modern Warfare did not fix Disc Read Error 3.1, the next thing that you need to do is is delete the system cache. This is done by doing a complete power cycle of your PS4. To do that, simply turn the PS4 off, unplug the power cable from the console for about 30 seconds, then reconnect everything. Once the console has fully rebooted, it will start rebuilding the system cache again and hopefully fix the error you’re experiencing.PS4 power cable

  3. Check game disc for scratches or cracks.

    Dirty, scratched, or cracked game disc can cause games or your console to crash or get errors. Make sure that you check your game disc and to clean it properly when necessary. If the error appears to be coming from your game disc, this article might help:Easy Ways To Fix A PS4 Not Reading Discs | Unrecognized Disc Errorclean PS4 game disc

  4. Delete COD Modern Warfare and reinstall.

    If  Modern Warfare Disc Read Error 3.1 won’t go away after doing the suggestions in this article, the last thing that you can do is to delete and reinstall the game. This is a drastic solution but a lot of people who persistently get disc read errors when playing Modern Warfare or Warzone find it a good way to rid of these problems.

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