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Some Total War: Troy players have reached out to us about their games crashing from time to time. Since there’s no official word from Creative Assembly about any possible coding issues, we assume that most of these cases are most likely caused by issues with individual PCs and not by the game itself. 

If you love Total War: Troy but finds it buggy and constantly crashing, this article might help you find a fix.

What are the causes why Total War: Troy is crashing?

If you are experiencing crashing issue when playing Total War: Troy, one of the things mentioned in the list below must be the reason.

Random game or Epic launcher bug.

Not everyone who’s playing Total War: Troy at this time has experienced crashing issues so there’s a chance that the cause of your problem may be unique to your software environment or hardware. 

In some other cases, it can be caused by an issue with the Epic Games application. If Total War: Troy does not crash everytime you load it, you may be experiencing a random bug.

Outdated game files.

For some Epic games, the cause of crashing issues can be traced to outdated or corrupted game files. This can happen at random or after doing some changes to a system.

Third party interference.

If you can’t get rid of your issue, even after you’ve tried dealing with the game or with the Epic Games launcher, it’s possible that the reason is related to Epic application. If you have another Epic game that also crashes out of the blue, it may be a good time to reinstall Epic Games launcher.

Driver issues.

Although Total War: Troy is not the most demanding games out there, older computers with outdated hardware may struggle to play it. Make sure that your computer is in top shape when playing this game to avoid errors or crashes.

One of the ways to keep game issues at bay is to make sure that relevant drivers are installed. Yes, we’re talking about drivers for your video or graphics card.

Hardware issues.

If Total War: Troy continues to crash ever since you’ve installed it, and nothing seems to fix your issue at all, it’s possibly caused by your hardware not meeting the minimum requirements, or you’re using older components. 

You should also check into the possibility that there may be an issue with your computer in general.

How to fix Total War: Troy crashing issue

If you can’t figure out the cause why Total War: Troy is crashing on your PC, you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting to know what it is. Here are the things that you need to do:

  1. Keep game and software updated.

    One of the simplest yet sometimes effective ways to fix game bugs and glitches is to update. If you haven’t tried updating the game, the Epic Games application, third party software, and your computer’s software, make sure that you do all of them now.Epic Games updating

  2. Install drivers.

    If you haven’t done this yet, you also want to ensure that you are running the latest GPU or graphics card drivers on your machine.
    Check out the links below on how to update your GPU:
    How To Check For And Install GPU Driver Updates | NVIDIA
    How To Check For AMD GPU Driver UpdatesDownload NVIDIA drivers

  3. Restart Total War: Troy.

    Another simple solution that you can do is to force close Total War: Troy. You can do that if the game does not completely close. 
    To restart the game, you’ll need to open Task Manager, highlight Total War: Troy under Processes tab, and hit the End Task button.
    Force close Troy Task Manager

  4. Close background apps.

    In the event that a third party application is behind your problem, you can close other programs in Task Manager. Some players have effectively found that certain apps that interacts with the game while it’s running such as Cheat Engine or some benchmarking tools like MSI afterburner may cause interference.
    I have not personally encountered an issue with any similar programs with whatever games i’ve played on so far but you can try closing them as part of your troubleshooting.

  5. Uninstall programs.

    If you noticed that Total War: Troy started crashing after you’ve installed a new application, that can be the cause of your problem. Try deleting that program from your machine to see if that will fix the issue.

  6. Verify Total War: Troy game files.

    To see if there’s an issue with Total War: Troy game files, you can go under Epic Games launcher and repair them. Here’s how:
    -Open Epic Games application.
    -Go to Library menu.
    -Navigate to Total War: Troy.
    -Click on the 3-dot icon.
    -Click on Verify.Verify Troy

  7. Repair Epic Games application.

    Another possible solution for this problem is repairing the Epic Games launcher itself. Here’s how to do that:
    -Press Windows + R.
    -Type in appwiz.cpl to open the Programs and features window.
    -Look for the Epic Games Launcher.
    -Right-click it and select Repair.Repair Epic Games

  8. Reinstall Epic Games application.

    You can also delete the Epic Games app from your machine and replace it with a fresh copy if the issue persists. Here’s how:
    -Press Windows + R.
    -Type in appwiz.cpl to open the Programs and features window.
    -Look for the Epic Games Launcher.
    -Right-click it and select Uninstall.
    -Once it is done, go back to the Epic Games website and download it again.Uninstall Epic Games

Keep in mind that uninstalling Epic Games launcher will also delete all your games associated with it. You’ll have to re-download and reinstall these games once you’re done reinstalling Epic Games.

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