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Many Minecraft Dungeons players have approached us about their game showing “online play is restricted” error. If you are also experiencing this error on your console or PC, this troubleshooting guide should help you resolve it.

What does Online Play Is Restricted Error means?

The Minecraft online play restricted error is generally an indication that your account has a limitation in playing with others over the internet. There can be a number of possible reasons why Minecraft Dungeons may show this error. The factors can vary from a simple setting in your Xbox Live account safety and privacy to parental control setup.

What causes Online Play Is Restricted Error on Minecraft Dungeons?

Below are the usual causes if you cannot play multiplayer with others on Minecraft Dungeons:

“Join multiplayer games” option is disabled.

In your Microsoft Account Xbox Live safety and privacy settings, one of the options that may block you from playing with others on Minecraft Dungeons is the “Join multiplayer games.” This is enabled by default so if this was disabled, you may have done so by mistake before.

You can change this setting and enable it so you can start playing Minecraft Dungeons with others again.

NAT issue.

Another possible reason why you may be getting online play restricted error on Minecraft Dungeons is the way your Network Address Translation (NAT) setting is set up. You must ensure that you have an open NAT in order to avoid an error online.

Parental Control settings.

If your account is part of a family group and you are not the parent, it’s possible that one of your parents may have blocked you from playing Minecraft Dungeons on the internet.

This can also happen if you are getting an error online such as privilege error.

Parental control is meant for online safety of kids when they play online. If you are no longer a kid but your account is still under your parent’s account, you must work with your mom or dad to remove the restriction.

Using child account.

If you’re using a child account, you may get an online play restricted error when trying to play Minecraft Dungeons’s multiplayer.

In some instances, the birthdate on your account may be incorrect and may cause problems like this. If you’re already an adult but you’re being asked for consent, you can update your birthdate by going to Microsoft website.

Alternatively, you can also ask your parents to remove your account from your family group, update your birthdate, and change it to an adult account. For online safety of child accounts, removal from family group is only doable by a parent account so you’ll need to work with your parents about this.

How to fix Online Play Is Restricted Error on Minecraft Dungeons?

If you are wondering how to fix online play restricted error on Minecraft Dungeons, follow the solutions below.

  1. Log out and log back in to your account.

    Whether you’re playing Minecraft Dungeons on Windows 10, Xbox, PS4, or Nintendo Switch, there’s a simple way to clear bugs and that is by logging out then logging back in. This is an effective way to fix issues like when you’re getting an error online.

  2. Restart Minecraft Dungeons.

    Another simple solution that you can try is to restart Minecraft Dungeons. Like the previous solution, this also helps in refreshing the system.

  3. Verify “Join multiplayer games” option is ON.

    If the first two suggestions above have not helped, the next good thing that you can do is to check your Microsoft account settings.
    On your Windows computer or mobile, open your web browser, go to and sign in. Then, select the Privacy & online safety section on the left and below the Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety tab, ensure that “Join multiplayer games” is set to “Allow.”

  4. Go over your account settings.

    If setting the “Join multiplayer games” to allow still won’t allow you to play with your friends on Minecraft Dungeons and you continue to get online play is restricted error, other settings may be blocking it. You’ll want to recheck everything and make sure that you don’t block anything.
    So, go back to Privacy & online safety section and under each tab (Privacy, Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety, and Xbox 360 Online Safety), make sure that you check that no item is blocked.

  5. Confirm your Xbox One NAT is Open.

    If your NAT is set to strict or closed, this may be the reason why you’re getting the error on  Minecraft Dungeons.
    If you don’t know how to check your NAT, we suggest that you contact your Internet Service Provider.

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