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If you play Hyper Scape on PC, there’s a chance that you may have experienced lag or stuttering issues with this game. Don’t worry though as this type of issue is generally easy to fix.

In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you the number of ways that you can try to fix this type of situation.

What causes lagging in Hyper Scape or stuttering?

There are a number of possible reasons why you may be experiencing lagging issues when playing this Battle Royal version of Ubisoft. Let’s check each of these factors.

Hardware limitation.

When it comes to PC gaming, one of the basic things to consider is to make sure that your machine is well equipped to play games. If your PC does not support Hyper Scape, you may encounter low FPS or stuttering from time to time. Check out the specification needed to ensure that the problem you’re having is not due to your PC being unable to support Hyper Scape.

Outdated graphics card drivers.

The other potential reason for your issue may have something to do with outdated GPU drivers. Drivers are mini-OS that allows a hardware component like a video or graphics card to work with Windows Operating System. If your computer’s graphics card drivers are not updated, it may cause your games to crash or perform poorly.

Corrupted game files.

n some instances, a game may not work properly or suffer from low FPS issues, which is another word for lag, because of corrupted settings or files. Like any regular files, game files may become corrupted due to a number of reasons.

Sometimes, new updates may bring coding changes that may affect the overall performance of the game while at other times, problems may occur due to Windows updates.

Other programs hogging PC resources.

There may also be situations that games may stutter or suffer from low FPS as the machine labors to allocate resources to programs running at the same time.

If your computer is several years old, it’s possible that it may no longer be optimized to play new games and may already be straining under the load of programs while you’re playing.

How to fix lag or performance issues in Hyper Scape?

If you still have no idea how to fix your problem at this point, follow these possible solutions.

  1. Power cycle your PC.

    Turning off and restarting your computer can effectively refresh system settings, which may have become buggy. This simple solution is sometimes enough to fix lagging or performance issues in games.
    To fully power cycle your computer, simply turn it off normally, then unplug it from the power source for about 30 seconds. Afterwards, plug everything back in and see if the problem returns.

  2. Ensure PC fully support the game.

    Verify if your computer can run Hyper Scape by visiting the official Ubisoft website for this video game specifications:

  3. Update GPU drivers.

    This one is often missed by gamers. Updating graphics drivers is generally easy and, in most cases, happens in the background. However, if you can manually determine if your GPU runs the latest drivers by using any of these links:
    How To Check For And Install GPU Driver Updates | NVIDIA
    How To Check For AMD GPU Driver Updates
    How To Check For Intel GPU Drivers | NEW & UPDATED 2020!

  4. Fix corrupted game files.

    In case there’s an issue with the game files, your next step is to attempt to repair by doing the following steps:
    -Press the Windows button at the lower left corner.
    -Search for the Minecraft Dungeons app.
    –Right click on the Minecraft Dungeons app.
    -Click More.
    -Select App settings.
    -Click on Repair button.

  5. Close other programs.

    If you have an old PC, make sure that you close other applications to ensure that only the game is running. You can do this by using Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL).

  6. Reinstall the game.

    Should none of the solutions above work, you may have to do a more drastic solution to fix hard to fix glitches by reinstalling the game.

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