LG G7 ThinQ MMS on Textra app stops working after an update

This post answers a specific case about MMS failure on LG G7 ThinQ after an update. The user is a Virgin Mobile customer using a Textra app when sending or receiving MMS. If you have a similar situation, find out what you can do about it below.

Problem: LG G7 ThinQ MMS on Textra app stops working after an update

I have an LG G7 ThinQ with Virgin Mobile as my carrier and I use Textra as my messaging app. A couple of days ago my phone ran some updates, Textra included, and now I cannot get or send mms messages.     

I have tried everything I could think of or find on Google and nothing has worked. I do not have Mobile Data or a mobile data plan. I have only ever used wifi and it has never been a problem.

I have tried (not in this order):


  • A soft reset  
  • Updating everything (PRL, Profile, Software, etc)
  • Restarting my phone more times than I can count
  • Checking Network settings
  • Clearing all CACHE (including partition)
  • Switching between the built-in messaging app and textra (I was able to get mms through the built in app)
  • I uninstalled and reinstalled Textra
  • I tried to do something with APN but my APN page does nothing but show a few grayed out things. A Textra message online said it was some sort of Firmware bug in Android 7.0, but I didn’t have the problem until Textra updated. And there were probably a few more things I tried that I can’t remember.


I get messages like:    


  • Can’t get MMS: No MMS connection
  • Failed to Send MMS


Can you please help me? Thank you.

Solution: Regular MMS needs mobile data or cellular internet in order to work. If your built-in messaging app allows MMS even when mobile data is off or non-existent, there may be a special arrangement your carrier is implementing for this to occur. Like Android, carrier updates may bring changes to a device’s software environment making it constantly evolving. Some of these modifications may add or remove functions. We suggest that you talk to your carrier or network operator so you know if the problem can be rectified, or if there’s new policy that blocks third party apps like Textra from servicing MMS on your device. As far as text message or MMS troubleshooting is concerned, many of the important factors that may affect them are coding-related so end users are usually helpless. If this is a bug and your carrier is not aware of it, you may report the trouble to them so they can create a ticket and request for a review by their developer team.

If the changes happen right after you installed a system or carrier update, the most likely reason is new changes when it comes to messaging service. This can only be addressed by your carrier so you have to contact them for further support.


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