2 Replies to “LG G5 Email Setup and Management: POP3/IMAP, Exchange, Gmail Account Setup Guide”

  1. My emails keep disappearing from my inbox on my LG phone with an Android app. I have two email accounts already set up and I don’t know how to fix this so that it won’t keep disappearing. Your instructions here are excellent for setting up an account, but I already have mine set up and I don’t know how to get in there and change it to what I think we’ll have to be a pop account. How do I change what I already have set up I guess is the question

  2. When I first set up multiple emails in jere, it let me choose which color I wanted to represent various accounts (small dot next to them in Combined View is helpful). Now there has been an update or something and colors are all changed. I cannot find how to choose which color I want. Any help would be awesome!

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