Huawei’s AppGallery Reportedly Has 400 Million Users, Making It the Third-Largest App Platform

  • Huawei has announced that its dedicated app hub, known as AppGallery, now has 400 million users globally.
  • This makes it the third-largest online app store in the world.
  • Huawei was forced to shift all focus onto AppGallery following the U.S. – China trade dispute in 2019.
  • The company is gearing up for the launch of its next handset, the P40, scheduled to be announced by the end of March.

Huawei has faced quite a lot of trouble with the U.S. authorities over the last year, leading to Google restricting access to services like the Play Store. It’s well known that Huawei has been working on a Play Store replacement of its own. Known as AppGallery, this is available on default with most Huawei smartphones.

Well, the company has now announced that AppGallery has over 400 million users worldwide, making it the third-largest app hub in the world. However, since AppGallery is preinstalled on every Huawei smartphone, it’s hard to detail how many active users the platform has.

Moreover, Huawei’s data doesn’t mention how many of these 400 million users are located outside China. This is crucial since most of Huawei’s business is in mainland China, although the company has a presence in neighboring countries as well as Europe.

Huawei’s upcoming P40 flagship is expected to push AppGallery even further as Huawei seeks to move away from Google services. The smartphone is expected to be unveiled on the 26th of March, while leaks and rumors have already given us a great idea about its hardware and features.

As for the Google Play Store, it has consistently seen over a billion active users since 2015, which means Huawei is still nowhere close to reaching that mark. However, the company’s efforts have to be commended given the major backlash it faced after last year’s U.S. – China trade war.

Source: Huawei (Press release)

Via: 9to5Google

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