How to write or draw while taking video on Galaxy Note10+ | steps to use the new AR Doodle feature

If you’ve been following news about the new Galaxy Note10+, you may have stumbled upon a new fun feature called AR Doodle. AR Doodle is a unique feature in the camera app of the Galaxy Note10+ which allows you to record videos and at the same time write or draw something on a face or the captured surroundings. The doodles (handwriting and drawing) will follow the face as it moves. If you are excited to check this new feature out, go ahead and read the steps on how to use it.

How to write or draw while taking video on Galaxy Note10+ | steps to use the new AR Doodle feature

There are two methods to use Galaxy Note10+ AR Doodle feature. The first method is the simpler one to use although there’s not that much difference in terms of time to do the second one. Once you’ve picked your choice and the video screen has been pulled up, you’ll be presented with tools at the bottom. These tools gives you the option to select the size of the pen tip as well as the color of the pen.

How to open Galaxy Note10+ AR Doodle method #1

This is the easier way to access AR Doodle on your Galaxy Note10+. If you want it fast and simple, then we suggest that you follow the steps below on how to launch AR Doodle. 

  1. Take out your S Pen. 
  2. Open the Camera app.
  3. Select Video.
  4. In the upper right side, you’ll see the AR Doodle icon, tap it.
  5. That’s it!

How to open Galaxy Note10+ AR Doodle method #2

Another way to use AR Doodle on your Galaxy Note10+ is by going under S Pen options. Depending on where you are currently are, this method can also be faster than the first option. Most of the time though, the first one is more preferable. Here’s what you must do:

  1. Take out your S Pen.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the options that show.
  3. Select AR Doodle.
  4. You can start creating your doodle once the video screen shows up.

Easy steps to use the new Galaxy Note10+ AR Doodle feature

Creating your doodles begins with either method 1 or 2. Once you’ve pulled up the video screen and activated AR Doodle, you can then select either Face or Everywhere. If you want to doodle on a face, select Face to let you draw something inside or around the face area that your phone recognizes. Your Galaxy Note device is pretty efficient in detecting faces and will stick to it even if you move. Using the Face doodle option will allow you to draw or write something on the screen and will follow the face within the viewfinder. Make sure not to cover your face or disappear from the viewfinder to prevent the stickers from disappearing.

Everywhere mode will allow you to capture a video of your environment (so it’s not limited to  your face only) and write or draw on that video. What you have to do is to scan from left to write of the area you want to capture. Then, write or draw on the captured video just like what you can do when using the Face mode.


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