How To Tag On Facebook

Have you been wondering how you can get your friends to see photos and statuses that you’ve posted to your Facebook profile? With Facebook’s new-ish algorithm, all of your friends and family members don’t always see the statuses you post, as it’s based on popularity. If your statuses aren’t liked, reacted to, or commented on by a couple people that Facebook “serves” it to on your list, chances are, it won’t make it past the eyes of that small group of people.

That said, if you want your friends to see something that you’ve posted, instead of relying on Facebook’s algorithm, you can tag someone instead. Tagging someone is extremely easy to do, though you need to be careful in order to not annoy or frustrate friends or family.

How To Tag On Facebook

Like we said, tagging someone is easy. First, open up the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet. You can navigate to on your computer. Next, you’ll want to create a status that you can post. Find something to say, or maybe look for a funny photo or meme to share with your friends. If you want specific friends to see this status or photo, simply type in the text field the “@” character, followed by their name. Facebook will usually give you suggestions on who to tag based on what you’re typing.

You can tag people in comments section of other people’s statuses as well. In a comments field, just type the “@” character, and then someone’s name. Again, Facebook will auto-suggest people based on the letters that you’re filling out.

How to tag on Facebook Messenger

Did you know that you can tag people on Facebook Messenger as well? This is particularly useful if a person has muted a conversation that they’re in with you and maybe forgot to unmute it. You can easily tag them with the “@” character followed by typing out their name. Messenger will autofill/recommend people that it thinks you’re trying to type so you don’t have to remember their full name (i.e. last name). You can tag people for other reasons as well, such as if you just want to get their attention or not miss out on an important detail you sent to the group.


And that’s all there is to it! Tagging someone on Facebook and Facebook Messenger is extremely easy, as you can see.