How to screenshot on a Galaxy S8

Whatever you intend to do with it afterwards, learning how to screenshot on a Galaxy S8 is cool. Your S8 offers you a few ways to capture the screen, share, or save the image. This short tutorial should walk you through the steps.

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Different ways to screenshot on a Galaxy S8

There are three basic ways to capture your S8’s display. Learn how to do each of them below.

Method 1: Screenshot using hardware buttons

If you’ve been using Samsung smartphones these past few years, you should already be familiar with this first method. Basically, you’ll be using two keys — Power and Volume Down. The Galaxy S8 no longer features a physical Home button so it’s replaced by Volume Down key for this purpose. Here’s how:

  1. Prepare the screen or app screen you want to capture.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Down and the Power button simultaneously. If you don’t succeed at first try, try to press the same buttons again at the same time. Once you hear the camera shutter sound, that’s the cue that you’ve captured the screen successfully. There will also be a short flashing animation that will displayed immediately after taking a screenshot.
  3. If you want view the captured image later, simply go the Gallery app.
  4. If you need to find the screenshots from a command line or through the Android File Transfer tool, they’ll be in /pictures/screenshots.

Method 2: Screenshot by using Palm Swipe

Palm Swipe is enabled by default on your Galaxy S8 so you can try this method right away. If you want to know how to toggle Palm Swipe on and off though, here’s how:

  1. Open Settings app.
  2. Scroll down to “Motion” and choose “Motions and gestures.”
  3. Tap “Palm swipe to capture.”
  4. Hit the toggle button from on to off.

Once Palm Swipe is enabled, follow these steps to take screenshots:

  1. Tilt your hand to the side a little, so your thumb is pointing away from the screen.
  2. Swipe your entire hand across the screen in either direction — left to right or right to left, it’s your call.

Method 3: Use the scrolling screenshot

This method works the same as with older Galaxy models such as the S6 or S7. It can be useful in one particular situation — when trying to capture things that goes beyond the first page on your screen. If you want to capture a web page that extends beyond the screen that you can see, scrolling screenshot comes handy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take a screenshot, as before.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, right after you take a screen via Method 1 or 2, a preview and multiple options will show. Tap the “Capture more” option to scroll down and grab more of the screen.
  3. Keep on tapping until you’ve got what you need.

Images captured by Scrolling screenshot are usually large file size. If you want to use this type of screenshot, be mindful of the possible storage requirements.

How to change the sizes or forms of your screenshots

The Galaxy S8 offers another way to customize your screenshots with the help of TouchWiz Smart Select. This allows you to change the default size of your screeshots to forms of your liking such as ovals or squares. Additionally, you can add GIFs and pin screen section if you want. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prepare the screen or app screen you want to capture.
  2. Open the Edge panel.
  3. Slide left/right until you find the “Smart select” section.
  4. Select which mode you prefer.
  5. Select the area you want to screenshot and follow instructions.
  6. If you want more options, try checking some other functions for each feature.

Smart Select is enabled by default. If you want to turn it off, just go to Settings > Display > Edge screen > Edge panels.

How to view a screenshot image on a Galaxy S8

There are two ways to view your captured screenshots. The first one is through the Notification panel. Simply swipe down on the screen to pull down the Notification panel,  and then touch Smart capture notification.

The other way to view your screenshots is by using the Gallery app. Here’s how:

  1. Open Gallery app.
  2. Select Albums tab.
  3. Select Screenshots.

How to share a screenshot image on a Galaxy S8

Because there are two ways to view screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy Tablet, there are also two ways to share them.

To share a screenshot right after taking it, swipe down the Notification panel and swipe down Smart capture. Then, tap on SHARE and select the one of the sharing options.

The other way to share a screenshot is by going to your Gallery app> Albums tab> Screenshots. Once you’ve selected the image you want to share, simply tap on SHARE.and select the one of the sharing options.



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