How To Reset Settings on Galaxy A10

Reset settings on Galaxy A10 to resolve various phone issues caused by customizing the phones settings and options. If you are among the Galaxy A10 users that need help in performing this tweak on their respective device, read this post and be guided accordingly.

If you’re having issues with your device after making changes on your settings and does not know which values and options need to be reversed, perform reset settings. This reset will restore your phone to default settings without deleting important information such as security settings, language, accounts, personal data, and settings for downloaded applications. Thus, customisation on your phone’s settings such as ringtone and the likes will be removed. 

How to Reset Settings on Galaxy A10

  1. Swipe up from Home.
  1. Select Settings app.
  1. Tap General management.
  1. Select Reset.
  1. Then select Reset settings.
  1. Once prompted with a warning message, read it and tap Reset settings to confirm.

If you have set up a PIN, pattern, or password on your device, you’ll be prompted to enter the information, then tap Reset to confirm.

After performing settings reset, check if the issue has been resolved. Then proceed to configure your phone settings again according to your preference.

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