How to Put Samsung Galaxy A20 in Safe Mode

Are you having a lot of app-related problems on your Galaxy A20 smartphone, such as app crashes, not responding or closing on their own? Try to put Samsung Galaxy A20 in safe mode and check if it rectifies the issue. Read further. 

Being able to enjoy your smartphone without encountering issues is such a blissful experience. But this isn’t the case for most users. Every now and then, different kinds of problems would surface while using the device and one common issue is app-related. 

App problems can be rampant on smartphones, especially with third-party apps, due to incompatibilities and software glitches. Though app developers are releasing updates to address reported glitches, it is not a guarantee to fix the problem and it may still continue exhibiting symptoms after installing them on your Galaxy A20. 

One very useful procedure that could help in elevating app issues on your device is called safe mode. Putting your Galaxy A20 in safe mode allows isolation of the apps, as only the core applications are allowed to run on the device. That means you can observe the other third-party apps on your phone if they have gone rogue or erratic, which causes the problem on your phone. 

Let us know how you can put Samsung Galaxy A20 in safe mode by following the procedures provided below. 


  1. Turn off the device completely. Just press and hold the Power button at the right side, just below the volume keys. 
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  1. Once it is turned off, press and hold the Power button again. Wait for the Samsung logo to appear after the name of the phone. 
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  1. Once you see the Samsung logo, release the power key and then press and hold the Volume down key quickly. 
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  1. Keep pressing the Volume down button until the device is done restarting. 
  1. After it has finished restarting, you should see safe mode on your Galaxy A20’s screen. Perform necessary procedures, such as uninstalling apps on the device that may have been causing the problem on the phone. 
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To exit the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy A20, simply restart it normally. Just turn it off and then turn on again. 

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