How To Make A Playlist On YouTube

Almost everyone uses YouTube, but most use it for casual video watching. They don’t use any of the many features that YouTube has, such as the ability to create a playlist. Creating a playlist can be extremely useful for a couple situations. For example, you might use YouTube as your source for your music listening. When you’re at a coffee shop working or studying, you don’t just want to play one of your favorite songs at a time, you want a way that will play all of them one after another. A playlist can do exactly that.

Or, if you’re trying to learn a new skill, you might want to organize all of the videos that you found for that learning in one place, especially if you found a series that you want to keep on hand.

As you can see, playlists have many functions and uses. At their core, they make things more efficient and easy to use or navigate. So if you follow along below, we’ll show you how you can create a playlist on YouTube.

Creating a Playlist

Creating a playlist on YouTube from your computer is extremely easy. Open your browser of choice and navigate to YouTube. Then, make sure that you’re logged in with the proper Google account. If you are, we can begin creating our playlist.

Next, click on your profile icon at the top right of the screen and select the My Channel button. Click on the big blue Customize Channel button, and then under the Playlists tab, select the New Playlist button.

Add a title for your playlist in the box that appears. Then, choose whether you want your playlist to be public or private. By selecting Public, your playlist will be available for anyone on YouTube to access and play through the videos in your playlist. If you select Private, you will be the only one that can access and use your playlist. You can also select Unlisted, which will allow people you give the link to to use your playlist.

Now that we’ve created an empty playlist, we need to add some videos to it. So, just click on any video that you want to add to your playlist, and then next to the¬†Share¬†button, click on the¬†Add To¬†button to the right of it. You can choose what playlist you want to add the video to by clicking on the checkbox in the window that appears. You click on the checkbox and the video is automatically added.

You can create a playlist through this method as well. Click on any video that you want to add to a playlist, and instead of checking that box to add it to an existing playlist click on the Create new playlist button. Then, simply name the playlist, choose the privacy settings, and click Create.

Managing Your Playlists

To manage or edit a playlist, click on the playlist that you want to edit on the left navigation bar. Then, on the next screen, press the Edit button next to your name. Next, near the top of the Playlists page, click on the Playlist Settings button. This will allow you to change the privacy of your playlist, select how you want video ordering to happen, and even allow you to add a collaborator to your playlist. A collaborator is able to add videos to the playlist. You can choose whether or not to allow your playlist to be embedded on web pages, too.

Removing a video from a playlist is really easy. Once again, click on the playlist that you want to remove a video from at the left navigation bar. Now, on the next page, simply hover over the video that you want to remove. At the far right side of that video listing, you should see an X button when hovered over it. Click on the X to remove it.

When you’re hovering over a video, you can also click the¬†More¬†button at the far right, which allows you to move the video up or down within your playlist. It also allows you to set it as the playlist thumbnail.


As you can see, creating a playlist is pretty easy. You can follow many of these same steps to create a playlist within the YouTube app as well. If you followed the steps above, you successfully created a playlist. Keep in mind that your playlist will be accessible on any device with the YouTube app installed and you logged into the same Google account.

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