How to Fix Your LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up

LG phones are some of the best products on the market – but no company is immune to technical foibles. But, unfortunately, the consumer level, a phone that will not turn on properly boot up is pretty worthless. You may be experiencing this problem if you’re phone does not turn on, or starts and then shuts off.

LG G4 can’t turn on?

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Luckily, if you are experiencing this problem with your LG G4 phone, there’s a solution – and you can have your phone up and running again a no time. Always remember that if your phone is damaged or the body of the phone is physically broken, the best option is always to make an appointment at the retail location where you purchased your phone, or a retail location for your carrier that sells LG G4’s.

If your LG G4 won’t turn on

simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect the charger that came with your LG G4 into your phone and an applicable wall socket. Wait several minutes, and then attempt to turn on your phone.
  2. If that does not work, inspect your phone to make sure neither the charger or your bad report are damaged. Inspect the back of the phone to check for any overheating issues. Make sure that no dirt for other debris is stuck inside the charting port. Do the same once you remove the battery from the back phone. Dirt and debris may find its way under the battery and cause issues with the phone.
  3. Next, if your phone will still not turn on by itself, attempt a forced restart. Press and hold the power keeper 30 seconds. Once the phone begins to turn on, you can release the power key. Afterwards, always be sure to verify that your phone is running the most recent software. You can do this by checking for software updates from your settings menu. If not, install any and all updates. These are released to ensure your phone’s maximum efficiency.
  4. If you still experience trouble, you can perform a hardware factory reset via an LG dealer or a carrier retail location that specializes in LG phones. Beware that a hardware factory reset will erase everything on your phone that did not come pre-installed – and the data will be permanently lost.
    • make sure device is off (you can simply remove the battery then put it back in)
    • press and hold the volume down button and the power key simultaneously for a couple seconds then release, Android System recovery screen should appear
    • scroll down by pressing the volume down key to wipe data/factory reset and press power key to select
    • scroll down again by pressing volume down key to yes and press the power button
      after data is wiped, press the power key to reboot
  5. master reboot should initiate and your phone should be back to original factory settings
    When in doubt, always make an appointment with an LG dealer or a retail location specializing in LG phones. Today, consumers need their phones more than ever. Make sure that your phone is healthy and functional by following these simple steps.


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588 thoughts on “How to Fix Your LG G4 that won’t Turn on or Boot Up”

  1. Today my LG G4 got off and the turn on again and again…..Unfortunately I purchased it from my friend with out any warranty card….I am from Pakistan….May I got any support?

  2. I chatted with LG on their website. Had the bootloop issue with 3 phones. They gave me a label to send all 3 back. They fixed one for free, the other 2 which I purchased as “NEW” were rejected by LG as refurbished, modified or non-lg. WTF, I had to pay 19.95 per phone to have them returned. One seller from ebay sent me a return label and refunded my full purchase price. The other ebay seller is still jerking me around. If you sell it as new in box, then LG should have fixed it. LG knows this is a problem so if you have a GENUINE LG phone they will fix it FREE no matter how long you have owned you phone.

  3. My phone just suddenly started looping in November. I took it to two different phone repair places who both told me that it was a software issue, and basically unfixable. Out of desperation, I contacted LG who told me that they are aware of the issue and to send it in and they would fix it. They emailed me a shipping label, I sent the phone (LG V10) to them, and 2 days later it was back, working great (so far). It only cost me for the packaging that I sent it in, and I have a like-new phone.

  4. Never heard of this before. Had phone over 2 years without issue. Last night just shut off mid-use and now will only turn on after removing the battery however restarts itself after a few seconds. Any way to fix other than baking or freezing?

  5. Can you do this on an LG VS? My phone screen quit working this morning and was wondering if the master rebooting would work for it. If it erases all the data, will I have to take it back to my carrier (Verizon) to get the data working or will it automatically work once I put the sim card back in?

  6. My LG died yesterday. Black screen or the logo. Just paid for it too. $650. Out of warranty. Think there is a problem with design. Will not recommend this to anyone else. Unfortunately I lost my pictures which as everyone knows are irreplaceable. Teach me to rely on a phone for anything other than calls. Not worth the risk. My phone is now worth $22. Sucks

  7. My LG G4 just started the endless reboot thing tonight. No warning. Phone isn’t damaged & hasn’t been dropped or anything. Won’t go into safe mode. Not sure if a factory reset will help or not. Was getting ready to upgrade other phones on my plan, but I wanted to keep mine. Didn’t know about the class action thing until I went looking for fixes. I’m guessing Verizon won’t give a care & will tell me I have to just buy a new phone. Terrific.

  8. same problem with my lg g4. it just died all of a sudden after working fine for how long i can not remember. i tried the hard reset. factory reset but the phone does not ever switch on. i replaced the battery the charger aswell as the usb charging cable. still nothing. what should i do

  9. After update for LG 4 yesterday, my battery bled out to 0%. When I try to charge, I get a screen with a ? and a red diagonal line. The phone is plugged in and keeps buzzing every minute or so but no charge sticks. The phone worked perfectly until that update. I’ll take it to the Verizon store tomorrow, but am not optimistic given these comments. I got the phone in April 2017.

  10. My italian LG G4 died at the age of 21 months. Boots a little when I try to turn it on after putting in the battery. Then it goes dark and won’t do a thing until I take out the battery and put it back in again. Bought a new battery which solved nothing.
    So many photos and videos of my kids that are probably lost now… More ideas on how to recover them would be super much appreciated!

  11. Woke up to the bootloop issue October 23 2017. Messaged customer service, told me to pay $150 because my model number is not covered by the issue. Which is silly, I bought it in early 2016. They knew about this issue during my warranty period and should have issued a recall to all owners. If they did, doesn’t seem like they were vigilant in this task. Seems like lots of people did not know this could occur.

  12. hey I have bought 2 G4s one for me and one for my girlfriend. hers went into this bootloop crap about a year ago and now mine is doing the same. I need a phone send help.

  13. same problem with LGV10…. just died and now won’t power up, if I take battery out and put back in it acts like it is going to come on but doesn’t.. 🙁

  14. Something big is going on… October 23 my LG4 turned off and after following instructions still not back on. So also has an LG4 and his also did the same thing after he got home from work last night( so October 24th very early) what are the chances that the same problem is plaguing LG4 users. this phone has been supper reliable since I got it…. this is so weird…. any possibility it is some update that is doing this?\

  15. My Lg G4 hanged yesterday, ten i pressed and hold the power button and select restart, but its still hanged, then i put out the battery and after that my phone won’t turn on, no response, no display, what can i do now ? please help me, thanks

  16. My LG G4 just died all of a sudden. When I plug it in after taking out the battery it shows a picture of a battery with a question mark on it. Does anybody have this kind of problem? Am I doomed or is it just my battery?

    This really sucks so much because I have hundreds of pictures there. 🙁

  17. One more victim. Yesterday while watching a video on youtube my LG G4 turned off, then stayed on the home screen, frozen, an turned off again. It just seems to be something programmed (obsolescence programmed), because it can not be coincidence.

  18. LG G4 froze and powered down. Won’t start or boot into safe mode. I can get the LG screen when I’ve let it sit overnight, but battery is down to zero percent and I’m back to the powered down state. Plugged into my PC USB which installed a Qualcomm USB driver.

    One year warranty on a two year telecom plan that’s got four months left on it.

  19. My G4 went went dead Monday after only 19 months of use. I received a new phone on Wednesday only to have it never operate because of the same issue. So, Verizon sent me a faulty phone to replace a faulty phone.

  20. Sadly I have to join the club. I was reading a message today on my G4, when the screen went blank, and the device won’t turn on any more. I had it for nearly 2 years with no issues at all.

  21. Was overseas and the phone seized up. Tried to restart and hit with the Bootloop (found out after surfing the net). Out of warranty, so it’s a brick (a $700 brick). Coming from a house that had an LG Fridge, Microwave, Phones, Monitor, etc. We now refuse to buy any more LG products! We had an LG monitor with a pile of dead pixels (2 months old). Had to take it to their “repair centre” (some bodgy electronics guy 50 minutes drive away) and waited 2 months, waiting for it to be “fixed”. It died 1 month after getting it back! Life is “Not Good” with LG products anymore!

  22. Sounds like LG ‘s Life’s not so good a serious problem like a phone a day dropping off ! and i will never go back to any Samsuck for anything ! Hopefully this same die off of my LGg4 h812 is not a big fix as I tried everything including a new battery and zilch , So whats next and who takes ownership ??? LG or Rogers that was the question with Samsuck and Bell neither would own up so up theirs after 3 occurrences and a couple hundred dollars i told the Bell service department to shove that phone , and their services too.

  23. nope not just g4 my lg v10 died and is doing same thing just stuck on boot screen now and sometimes green screen saying demigod kernel crash but mostly just stuck on boot screen. Useless and cost too much for this to be happening had less than 1 yr

  24. My LG G4 phone just died. The LG / android screen shows but nothing else. Won’t turn on or off. Tried removing the battery and it sort of tried to boot up but only for seconds, then right back to that same screen. I have NEVER had this happen with any phone. If I lose all of my pics and phone #s when I take it into Sprint tomorrow, that will be the last time I ever buy an LG. It’s only about a year old!

  25. SO BUTT HURT! I never thought I’d care so much about an electronic device, but when my LG G4 died this morning I was in tears. I’ve tried all of these steps and nothing is working. I watched a YouTube video and the dude suggested to put it in the freezer… so will let you know how that turned out… Honestly I’m glad I’m not the only person this is happening to. Never buying LG again!

  26. WTF this is f***ing bulls**t I save up my money for my 18 yr old daughter a graduation present no one on our house has ever had a NEW phone I just don’t have it like that single mother of 3 girls 19,17, and 15. I can’t afford to send it off what does she use till they send it back. Then we loss that time on her phone which I couldn’t afford to begin with much less just wasting minutes for them to fix there f**k up. Why is none of this on any reviews, …Anywhere. . I’m so F**king p***ed my nose has started bleeding ??????

  27. Mine just died today. Had it since Feb. 2016. It turns on to the LG screen and then shuts back off. Then I have to remove the battery to turn it back on, where it does the same thing all over again. I tried plugging it in, and waiting, and holding the button for 30 seconds…. Nothing is working. My last LG sucked too. I’ll be going back to Apple products after this. this phone will be a nice addition to my trash can.

  28. Question to ppl in this thread: Is it ONLY the G4 that everyone is having issues and trouble with, or any other LG phones? I have a newer LG phone, and two days ago, I woke up in the morning to what I expected to be a fully charged and functioning phone, only to discover it wouldn’t power up. It went to the bootloop “Life is good (oh, the irony) twice, maybe three times, and after that, nothing. No red light when plugged in to charge, won’t go to the boot screen, literally dead! GOOO figure, it’s 2 weeks out of warranty. I’m royally pissed off. It’s the Stylo 2 model, a year and, as per LG customer service, 2 weeks old. Crooks. Consumerism at it’s finest. G just slapped hundreds of (broke) customers in the face, collectively. I’m wondering if anyone outside of the G4 owners had this issue, or if I’m the lone unlucky schmuck?

  29. Wow! LG received my G4 last Friday and it’s been repaired (free) and already on it’s way back. Should be here on this Friday. That’s pretty fast!

  30. Looks like mine will be repaired for free.
    Message received from LG repair:

    The initial diagnosis is now complete for your mobile device. The diagnostic findings are shown below.

    We will immediately begin the process of making repairs to your device. Please be aware, there are certain situations that are not covered under the LG warranty. If any of these scenarios are found during the repair process, LG will contact you with our findings and provide you options to discuss.

    Unit is not charging with cable

    Estimated Delivery Date:
    6 business days

    Warranty Status:
    In Warranty

  31. Rich S, my g4 died today and I tried your method. It came back on, but only for about a minute, now it is dead again. So disappointed, LG!

  32. After reading all this issues one can only feel so distressed. My G4 was an international version as there are no LG stores or authorized repair dealers in my region. As such I am left with a paperweight. Phone only lasted 14 months and cost so damn much. Don’t think I would ever consider another LG again. No good life here.

  33. I called LG and confirmed that the warranty for this phone/problem (boot loop/dead) has been extended and they are going to fix mine free of charge. I sent it in today.

  34. this makes the 3rd LG G4 phone that I’ve had within a year timeframe. My phone went black and I can’t get it past the main screen. this brand has been nothing but a headache an expensive one.

  35. Same as everyone else, my LG V20 just crashed and wouldn’t start up in any kind of way. At first, I thought there was a problem with the battery but it wasn’t. Is there anyway for it to be fixed? None of the ways mentioned above worked for me.

  36. My phone just died today, out of warranty time sadly. I’ve had/used several phones before and this is the first

  37. My Lg phone just up and died in a fire and fury like this world has not ever seen. I just came home from the hospital and sent everyone home and placed the phone beside my bed with a 75% charge. Then it died, I tried all of the troubleshooting tips that usually makes it work to no avail. This really sucks, home alone.

  38. Like many others my LG G4 died today. Screen went black while surfing net. Tried 10 second restart, 30 sec reboot, nothing worked. Removed battery, replaced, plugged into laptop and battery began charging at 39%. Tried restarting after a few minutes and phone restarted. LG logo came on for a little while then phone went black again. Called LG twice, first time they referred me to their repair webpage at I tried entering IMEI number but wouldn’t accept on webpage so I called back. I explained problem to agent and he diagnosed as stuck in a “BOOTLOOP”. He emailed me a return authorization number and form to send to repair facility in Texas. He said it would be two weeks to repair. We’ll see how it works out…

  39. Having issues with my phone aswell it charges when its off but won’t charge when its on….. Also if you have had to wipe your data on your phone to get it working again your data is not lost forever… Anyone can recover your data aslong as you don’t overwrite your data… So anyone trying to get lost photos back use Recuva its free but not sure if you can do it when the phone is off but worth a try… Now i’m off to buy a new phone =/

  40. Add me to the list. The phone was working just fine then went to the store for about 15 minutes. got back and went to check emails or missed calls. phone would not turn on. tried all the troubleshooting and no luck. called T-Mobile and they will not replace the phone. will never buy an LG again.

  41. My husband, my son and I all have the LG G4. Two months ago my husband’s died, last month while on vacation my son’s died and this morning mine did the same. Our phones were all bought at the same time, about 2 1/2 years ago. LG should stand behind their phones.

  42. Same thing happened to me today. Was using it with Waze and streaming XM radio (via hotspot on my work phone). Turned the car off and went into the store. Was gone less than 10 minutes. Got back in car and the screen was dark. I thought it was in screen saver mode. Nope. Dead. Battery checks OK. No charge light. Nada. Nothing. No recovery mode. From so many to just die like this in the last week or so sounds like LG might have pushed an update and bricked a bunch of phones BUT I usually use mine in airplane mode. I have service but don’t really use it. It’s almost exclusively on Wi-Fi.

  43. I had this same thing happen to my phone today. nothing seemed to work to get it to power back on but I just tried something that worked.

    I took out the battery and plugged the phone into AC power. I short pressed of the power button and noticed the battery icon started flashing on the screen about every 3 to 5 seconds. uplugged the AC power and put the battery back in and connected to AC power again and the phone turned on.

    not sure if this will work for anyone else’s phone but it’s worth a try. let me know if it works for you.

  44. August 2/17 – My LG G4 has worked fine since May 2016. Today, for no apparent reason, it went off and I cannot get it to power up. I’ve charged it, checked the battery and nothing.
    Strange how so many phones are dying.

  45. Was in Phoenix and just got thru security and the was getting ready to make a call. Screen froze, then the phone went black and would not turn back on.

  46. My phone just turned off by itself and will not come back on. I have a black screen similar to other postings on this site.

  47. alarm went off on phone this morning to wake me up, it was on charger 100% charge. went got ready for work. grabbed phone to leave house and it was off? tried to turn it on and got the LG screen but never booted. now want do anything? add me to the list!

  48. My LG G4 also went dead on 21st July….I was browsing and suddenly it got frozen and switched off. When I tried removing battery and powered up again, just LG logo comes and then nothing…just dead…I was wondering what happened and now I see lot of people experiencing the same issue…..LG please look in to it and provide a fix…!!!

  49. I joind this not so exclusive club. Thanks for all the info, LG is “repairing” my G4. 2 week turnaround is really too long. Very hard to function without my phone for that long. I asked if there was an option for a credit toward a new phone and they said no. Was set on a G5 after doing a lot of research, price was at my sweet spot, guess I’m a sucker for LG products.

  50. Mine died today July 28th. Was looking at the internet and the screen suddenly went blank. I tried connecting the charger and no charging light comes on. I have charged the battery in the lg portable charger unit to no avail. My phone will not switch on at all. Bought from Argos in February for £250 so still under warranty. Going back tomorrow.

  51. Yeah seems like it’s been happening to a lot of people right now, I was just being on Messenger when my LG just froze for 6 seconds and then crashed. When I take the battery out, it vibrates after 5 seconds of holding down the power button but that’s all my G4 is good for now, he isn’t turning on or anything. My biggest concern is not really the replacement though, I just want all the pictures and videos I took on it but if I factory reset or something like that all my memories of holidays and fun times with friends will be deleted..

  52. well looks like im not the only one its happened to, had no problems with the phone at all until this happened

  53. To be more clear, you bake the motherboard. Just Google the process online. But my phone is working perfectly!

  54. After much researched, I decided to try the oven method. Baked it at 385 for 7 minutes on an aluminum plate. Opened the oven door to let it cool for about 30 minutes.

    Powered up, and it’s working.

  55. SAAAMMMMEEE! I was looking at Fb and suddenly thing just died. I can’t get past the LG Life is good start up, full battery. What the heck??

  56. My LG G4 died about a week ago, on July the 20th. Mine is just another case to add to a seemingly endless list of deadbooting phones all around the world: I’m from Spain, and my unit had an unlocked bootloader and was running a custom ROM (Resurrection Remix ROM), so I’d dare to say it has nothing to do with any OTA update… Could it be a case of built-in obsolescence (suicide chips weren’t that rare in electronical devices not so long ago)?

    Anyway, I’d love to know whether anyone could shed more info into the subject, or raise this issue to the media. It’s been almost a month since the first cases appeared and, as far as I know, this is the only website on the Net which is giving any kind of coverage to the incidents (not even reddit has a thread about them)… How can we raise awareness about this new LG fiasco?

  57. Same problem as everyone. My phone was fully charged at 100% this morning and then it died after viewing an email. Tried taking out battery and restarting…unresponsive. Tried using the charging cable to wall outlet and unresponsive. Found this forum. Could this be coincidental that all of our LG 4 phones just died????

  58. Same problem here.. Three days ago my phone stopped working and wont turn on anymore. I´ve tried everything and asked many different phone help centres. No one knows what the problem is. I don´t want to be 2 weeks without a phone – how is this good customer service?

  59. I used my phone this morning to check mail, FB, then to log into work using the DUO app.. I needed to log into an additional environment at work and looked over and my phone is dead. Huh what?

  60. Ok this sucks! My LG G4 is non-responsive and I am pissed! I plan on sending my phone in for repair but I can’t retrieve any data…why are all the phones breaking at the same time? Has LG system been hacked? whats really going on….

  61. Verizon Wireless user. Mint phone. I’ve had it since January 2016. I’ve kept it in an OtterBox, with the adhesive plastic wrap still on it. I have never had a problem with the phone. It’s never been dropped, or exposed to moisture. Today, while charging, the screen shut off. Zap! Went to turn it on, and nothing happened. Removed the battery. Put it back in, and when I press the power button, it vibrates, turns on with the LG Android power on screen. It sits for about 10 seconds like that, then the screen powers off. However, when I go to start in Recovery Mode, nothing happens. When I plug it in to charge, nothing happens. No vibration, no battery meter screen. Hell, no power to the screen whatsoever. I am shocked at how many people are having this issue, within a month’s time. Everyone’s post on here is within 45 days of one another. I don’t think that’s normal, is it?

  62. My LG 4 randomly died today as well. The only thing that has “worked” has been to remove the battery and with that I only get the LG screen. I called LG directly and told to go to their website ‘’ and fill out a request for repair. They will then send you email about how to ship the phone to their repair center in Fort Worth, TX. If I’m lucky, I will get my phone back in 2 weeks! Not pleased.

  63. Mine just shut down today. Went to clear my notifications, it froze, showed the LG boot screen and shut down. Tried everything I can find online to solve the problem and nothing worked. Its interesting to read below and see so many people with the same problem and all very recent.

  64. This couldn’t happen at a worse time. My phone has been working fine…..this morning I pick it up to turn off the alarm before it rang and when I touched my screen it went to the LG screen and that was that. I got it to come on for a minute and shot off a message but then it went off again. F’ing phone. They have us pay unbelievable prices for these phones and they don’t even last 2 years!! We are all getting ripped off!!!!

  65. My LG G4 just died while browsing facebook. This is my 3rd replacement. What a piece of crap!! Previous issues were related to boot-loop. This time around the screen just turned off by it self and won’t turn on again…except some faint vibration when I tried to turn it on…total black screen.

  66. Add me to the growing list of people that have this issue. So I’m stuck either buying a new phone or going without for 2 weeks while LG repairs it. I spent an hour with customer service between online and on the phone, they won’t send me a replacement phone now, have to mail mine in and wait for it to come back.

    They think they are showing good customer service by extending warranties. No, they released a massively faulty product, and should have issued replacement devices to their customers instead of letting so many people go thru the exact same frustrating process.

    I won’t be buying LG products again.

  67. 2nd time this happened to me in two years. Last time it took over two weeks for a replacement. I’m done with LG.

  68. My LG G4 died and won’t reboot. Once in a while it will show a large outline of a dead battery but won’t go any further. It’s 18 months old and I still have 6 months left on my contract with sprint . What a bummer.

    I’ve taken it to two sprint stores and an independent repair shop and to no avail. It’s still dead.

  69. Just got surprised my LG G4 doesn’t want to turn on just now after all these times even after seeing these comments so much people having the same problem within the same time. I already have this phone for about 2 years.

  70. My lg g4 will not charge but the processor just heats and then restarts it self, and its only 3 weeks old. I will try a factory reset but I have a feeling its stuffed.

  71. Same happened with my phone. However have a warranty with Square Trade, received a new phone yesterday. This morning new phone stopped working. Square trade will send another phone. Days wasted, back and forth to get a functioning phone. What might be going on?

  72. I was using my G4 as usual. It suddenly froze and would not respond any at all.
    I did a battery pull and from them it wont turn on or charge?
    I see what a lot of persons commenting about this.
    What is the real cause please?

  73. my cell has been good for 2 years until today. It froze then crashed and will not turn back on. wtf. only 2 years? GOOD BYE LG!

  74. WOW… so many LG g4’s dying ON THE SAME DAY?!?! Something weird is happening. Mine died suddenly last night, I’m on Family Mobile (Tmobile variant through Walmart).. I also was on FB or something, and all of a sudden it rebooted.. ok, no big deal I thought, it’s happened before (SIGH).. but this time it did a short boot loop, came up.. I started to go to bed, and thought of something I wanted to look up, and went to grab the phone. It didn’t come on. I tried unplugging it, and then a 10 second hold.. nada. I then learned about the 30 second deal, and at FIRST it didn’t work, but I plugged it in to another charger for a while, and went and got my backup phone.. long story short, the g4 now doesn’t turn on EXCEPT by holding the power button for 30 seconds, at which point it stays at the LG G$ screen “powered by android” and doesn’t do anything, and it also doesn’t turn off, I have to pull the battery. I’ve ordered a new battery but I think this is more of an OS issue at this point.


    you can contact me at twitter at wwazman

  75. Mine was fully charged. Looking at FB and it just went dead and won’t come back on. If I hold the power button it vibrates, LG screen may come up for a few seconds, and then absolutely nothing!!!
    Tried new battery. Not the issue. Of course, Verizon wants to sell me a new phone. Not happy.
    Odd to see so many similar postings on this same issue within days of each other.
    What gives???

    FYI today is July 23

  76. Mine was fully charged. Looking at FB and it just went dead and won’t come back on. If I hold the power button it vibrates, LG screen may come up for a few seconds, and then absolutely nothing!!!
    Tried new battery. Not the issue. Of course, Verizon wants to sell me a new phone. Not happy.
    Odd to see so many similar postings on this same issue within days of each other.
    What gives???

  77. LG G4 packed up last night, kept rebooting itself. And now I am lucky to get my phone on…lasts about 30 seconds then switches itself off. I believe it is a battery issue, it can no longer feed enough power to drive the phone. Going to have that replaced 1st before trying anything else drastic, even thou the service providers here in South Africa are pretty useless.
    Quick way to check if its the battery, take the battery out, plug your charger into the phone. Wait a few seconds, the phone should light up without pressing anything and the display should show a battery with a ‘?’ in it. With that display on, insert your battery…your phone will either try to boot up or die instantly.

  78. My LG G4 quit today around 3:00. Was watching an Instagram and it froze. Pulled out battery and put it back in and then just got the LG screen but no power up to turn on. Called the carrier and they said they have seen this problem with LG and walked me into a factory reset – didn’t matter because it didn’t take. This phone is less than a year old after it was replaced by the company for doing the exact same thing! Seems like a lot of people have been having this problem.

  79. Update #2
    The supposedly new board on my phone started to boot loop and just gave up. I think it has got to be a software issue that caused the boards to overload and finally gave up. Looks like the replaced boards are no good either. Really don’t want to upgrade to a new phone yet but this is forcing my hand.

  80. OK. Here is what I found out. I contacted LG online chat. Since my phone is less than two years old, they will repair it. I have to send it to them. Here is the address: Ship your device to :
    LG Wireless
    Attn: End User RA: A0177G53628
    2155 Eagle Parkway, Dock 2
    Fort Worth, Texas 76177
    Go to the LG site, register your phone (if you haven’t) and get on the chat line. They will take care of it.

  81. Mine died yesterday. Exact same thing. I smell a conspiracy – or at least an update gone awry. I’ve hooked mine to my PC to see if I can get into it. I’ll keep you posted.

  82. Phone died this morning while it was around 40% battery, screen froze while I was using the phone and died. Attempted to turn it back on after removing and inserting the battery many times and holding power button, it would vibrate like it normally would when you turn on the G4 but after the LG life’s good screen pops up it’ll freeze or screen would go black and shut itself off again. Can not even turn it on in recovery mode, won’t respond when I hold the power and volume down button; it would sometimes vibrate but screen would remain dark. Seems like many users are having this problem too all within this month, what’s up with that?

  83. My LG is doing the same thing as many of the unsatisfied LG users are doing as well. I have done exactly as stated to no avail. This is courious as why the LG phones are doing this at the same time. I truly hope someone can come to our aid fast. It is a shame that we are forced to purchase a new phone. Please someone help us all!

  84. 7\20\17 mine died as of yesterday too, Same problems. I hope there will be some sort of solution presented!

  85. RIP. Won’t take a charge. 7.20.17. This can’t be a coincidence. People should be repaid for an obvious glitch.

  86. *Update
    I brought my phone to Futuretel (in Canada) 2 days ago as per instructions by LG’s customer service. Got it back today. Apparently LG knows about the boot loop issue and somehow the phone’s sudden death is related to it so they swapped out the mother board and put a new one in. This was all covered under warranty although I’ve had my phone for quite awhile now.

    Setting up my G4 with a new brain right now, although all data is lost, I had them all backed up on my SD card so all is good. Gotta praise the good service done by Futuretel in a speedy manner. Recommend giving LG customer service a call and see if they can issue a authorization code for the repair.

  87. It is weird, allowed software update on my LG G4, now same issues? I am beyond over it! Isn’t LG suppose to be an awesome product? I call BS on our carriers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint ! Maybe the
    update was built to make our LG’s fail ! So we can all rush in to purchase ANOTHER phone!

  88. My G4 is dead as a door nail today. I depend on it for my alarm to get up for work. Also in a contract with Verizon and at last check still owed $200 for this phone. Also with Verizon. Coverage chart shows good coverage. Have been receiving almost no coverage for the last month. Now the dreaded phone death on it, no reason. Appears that we have a problem for class action suit.

  89. Nothing working. None of the troubleshooting “fix it” works. GURRRRRR. Semi new phone is now a paper weight. Thank YOU for nothing LG

  90. My G4 also died with around 40% battery remaining. Can’t boot up: either goes black after LG logo or hangs during the logo. Different from the boot loop issue.
    Very curious that this happened to so many phones around the same time.

  91. mine has also died this morning.just keeps looping the lifes good is 1 1/2 years issues.then suddenly wham! im from south Africa.

  92. My LG G4 died on me a couple weeks ago, after pulling the battery out and fiddling around with it for about 10 minutes or so and then putting the battery back in, it powered up like nothing was wrong and has been working great ever since…… until last night. Last night it died on me again and nothing I have done is making it power up again. The battery has a full charge, I pulled it out and put a multi-meter on it and it reads 3.92 volts, just a hair over the rated 3.85 volts. I really love this phone, but this kind of a problem is a problem, and it’s happening to far too many people in a relatively short time frame. I don’t believe in coincidences and I know there are computer viruses that can do physical damage to a computer; are there Android viruses? Was LG hacked? Or is this just some kind of defect with this particular phone? I don’t know, but I do believe that LG needs to step up to the plate and come up with a solution before this leads to a mountain of bad press!

  93. My G4 did pretty much the same thing yesterday while browsing on the phone it froze on the page. Thinking it crashed and a simple reboot should be no problem but noooo.. Screen goes dark and then refused to turn back on. I tried pulling out the battery for several minutes, and charging the battery but still won’t turn back on. Went over to Pacific Mall and the technician even refused to help me and straight up said LG’s G3 and G4 has too many mother board problems that they don’t want my bussiness. Called LG’s customer service and they tried to trouble shoot me by booting into safe mode until they realized my phone doesn’t even boot up. They’ve directed me to send my phone to Futuretel at 570 Alden Road Unit 12 as well from another post. Since it is close by I’ll drop my phone off and see what they say. I hope I don’t have to pay for a repair on a faulty phone seeing this is happening to a lot of people.

  94. My LG 4 G just did the exact same thing that others in this post have complained about. Sitting at work, phone just up and dies! Will come back to the LG “Life is Good” screen but that is all! I too am 3/4 of the way through my contract on this phone and still owe a good amount, and contacted Verizon who stated that they could replace with a new phone once I paid off this one that will not work! What a SCAM, they new they were having issues, why not own up to your product and take care of your loyal customers? I’ve been with Verizon since I had a BAG PHONE in my car!!!!
    If there is a law suit, add me to the list! This is ridiculous!

  95. My LG4 quit today. Lost all of my contacts. Too much of a coincidence to be happening to so many phones within a short time period.

  96. My G4 died a few days ago, and I have been trying to get some help with this, but after several calls to Verizon and a trip to the Verizon store I realize that there is none available. I was told by Verizon that it is a software issue with the phone…terrific..I can’t get the phone to turn on, have lost very important information, and not sure how other cell companies are handling this situation, but Verizon wants me to pay off the phone that doesn’t work so I can buy a new one. This is ridiculous! They will pay up to $600 to buy out a new customer’s line to bring them into Verizon. How about a little help for your loyal customers? This is a very expensive phone (cost more than the iphone I bought my daughter) and was put forth as one of the best, if not the best, on the market. It is only 1 1/2 years old, and has been babied. I shut my phone off every night, and it has no damage. LG really needs to reimburse the consumers who purchased these pieces of junk or replace them with new phones. These companies are far too eager to take our money yet refuse to help when there is an issue due to a manufacturer defect which consumers have no control over. I was also told at the Verizon store that this was an issue that was well-known that started with the G3 and was not fixed until the G5. I will NEVER buy another LG phone again, and after this, I won’t do business with Verizon again either.

  97. Mine just completely died last night. It froze then went black with no chance of charging even though it was at 47%. Like in some of the comments below, I could get it to the screen that says, “LG – Life is Good” then it goes black again. Life is not so good right now! Please add me to any class action lawsuit.

  98. Mine died to, cant believe this has been a problem with the phone. They need to fix the issue. Had to get a new phone. cant get my data off of the phone.

  99. Hello everyone. Mine died yesterday 15 July. Obviously here is a big problem overall, so far I have lost very important data, as many I imagine. Is incredible. I had it on and I saw it go out, and I thought it was restarting for some update, it did not turn on, it was at 40%. I am in Spain. regards

  100. This is my 3rd g4 in 2 years, never again any lg product,Screw you lg your products suck it LG your company SUCKS

  101. mine died about hour ago would not power back on,so i pulled battery,plugged usb in to pc,the battery symbol popped up with a ?mark then i unplugged usb stuck battery back in and works fine now,this was the lg g4,hope you have the same luck

  102. my G4 just died, i put a new battery and nothing. it´s strange that all the comments here all of July 2017 .

    it could be related to an Update?

    somebody tried to contact LG to make a claim?


  103. This is weird that so many LG G4’s are dying in the last week or so. It has been a known issue for quite sometime, but to have so many at one time seems strange. Mine just died today.

  104. Same problem. Worked fine then without any warning black screen today. Just a month out of warranty. Won’t turn on, doesn’t charge. No warning of any trouble.

  105. Mine also died just 2 hours ago. I was searching for something on Google. It suddenly froze and turned itself off. When I try to open again, it just shows LG screen and goes black. I bought the phone exactly 2 years ago. My brother also had G4 and his phone also died last month. There is some major glitch happening here.

  106. My LG G4 just died as well. Picked it up to make a call and dead while fully charged. Tried to reboot and just the home screen comes on then dies. This is my second LG to do this, however the first one took a quick bath, so I did not fault the phone, but this time there is no reason. Worked two minutes prior.

  107. My LG G4 also did the same thing exactly one week ago! After heating the phone minus the battery which was a solution some people seemed to find helpful I got the phone to at least turn on for a few minutes but not long enough to back up my stuff. Now its pretty much stuck on the LG screen.

  108. Sign me up to the dead LG G4 club. A few days ago my phone froze then switched itself off (60% battery or so). Trying to turn the phone back on usually leads to nothing. Occasionally, i get the ironic ‘Life’s good’ screen before it either turns back off or blue screens. Putting it on charge does nothing, no lights or sign that it is charging. I only had this phone for about 13 months, would not recommend this phone, 0/10.

  109. Well that’s not the only issue. I have 2FA setup on it, for various accounts with assets. Will LG save those? A new phone will not help me here… JEEZ!!!

  110. I spoke to one of their agents and he said “LG is offering free repair for the G4, in warranty or not, that has the bootloop issue as long as there is no physical/water damage on the phone. You’ll just need to send the phone to our service center for the repair.” I will give it a shot guys and if you want to do the same thing here’s the instruction: (if you’re in Canada)

    You’ll need to send the phone to our service center in Markham, ON and the name of the service center there is FutureTel ON.

    Their address is: 570 Alden Road, Unit 12, Markham, ON, L3R 8N5

    You need to remove any sim card or any SD Card that is attached on the phone. Ship the phone together with the battery and the back cover only.

    You also need to include on a piece of paper all your contact information: name, address, phone number, email address. IMEI number and your current network provider

    On the piece of paper, include also the code: G4BOOT

    Just ship over the phone and once we received the phone, it will be 3-5 business days for the repair.

    You can use LG’s Purolator account for the free shipping.
    Here’s their Purolator account number: 516-9196


  111. My LG G4 also died last night, with 40% power on. No warnings. Now it won’t charge, and boot. It’s completely dead.

  112. I’m in on the class action lawsuit…seriously, is there anyone here who is an attorney or knows an attorney??? I hope as word gets out, that this absolutely KILLS LG’s new flagship sales (LG G6)! Tell everyone you know!!!!

  113. Mine just died 10 minutes ago. Tried taking out the battery, putting it back, pressed power on would show the LG G4 logo and it would die again. The battery was 84% when it died. Tried charging but nothing happened.

    Seems like everyone else’s phone died today or this weekend. What’s goin on?

  114. My little notification light still works and the vibration works, the but screen stays black. I don’t understand what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried taking the battery out and the SD car. Nothing is working.

  115. I post my died G4 message. then I give up. I am going to store to buy a phone. Before I leave, I tried again. the G4 suddenly show the LG logo. It shows 0% battery. I charge it. the charging light flash. after minutes, I try to start the phone. It started! I keep it charge. however, the phone died again. no luck!

  116. Another one on the list. Only 1 Year and 3 months old G4. I can still turn it on when I replace the battery but it interrups while showing the turn on screen.

  117. Mine died 2 days ago too.. no warnings, no issues , nothing! It is 23 month from I brought it. Can not turn on. No charging light. Just died.

  118. Ok mine died 2 days ago.. no warnings, no issues , nothing!

    I think we have a quorum to commence the filing of a class action suit. Who is with me?

    No time to waste!

  119. Same here. Phone was fully charged and viewing a photo. Screen went black. Would not restart, does not show charging. Removed battery, SIM, SD, etc. Replaced and nothing. Hard Reset – Nothing, 30 Second Power Long Press – Nothing. Phone committed suicide. Absolutely unacceptable – especially when you’re at the airport trying to show your tickets…

  120. Mine died 2 days ago. I think it’s quite strange that there are so many others reporting the same within this time frame. I’ll never buy LG again because their phones seem to commit suicide before they are three years old. Going back to the Galaxy Nexus as it still works. Even though it was made in 2011…

  121. Add another one to the list. Mine was working no problem today, had battery life when i walked away. when i came back black screen of death. nothing above worked. Can pay LG’s warranty coverage of $150+tax and shipping, but might as well just get another phone. Will not be buying another LG that’s for sure. I could see if I dropped it or it had water damage or something but nope it’s pristine.

  122. Yeah so it happened to me last night, I cannot believe how many people had this issue in the last few weeks. I got the phone 2 years ago and never had any problem with it. Now I don’t know what to do.

  123. Wow really people – My G4 suddenly died on me after 2 1/2 yrs. – I think that is a pretty good life for a phone considering how much we all use them!!

    Personally I NEVER had one single issue with my phone or LG.
    I went and bought a G6 today and as much as I miss my leather back – this phone is awesome.
    Don’t get mad just move on and life will be no different.

  124. My LG G4 Verizon die yesterday morning. Same as what everyone below has stated, it just won’t power on. Took it to Verizon store, rep said this was a known issue for LG G4. He urged me to get a new phone and I owe them $150 for my two year contract on the phone. I am so Maaaaad!!!!

  125. my lg g4 just died too, if anyone has information on taking this to lg can they post a forum link?
    if ppl are going to war for this i want in, only had my phone just over a year, they wont warranty repair it.

  126. No ways guys, the LG manufacturer must know something about this issue. My LG G4 died last night and I got the phone about 8 months ago. Its just so suspicious that all our LG phones die at pretty must the same time. I am actually shocked to see how many other people also experienced the same problem. LG must compensate.

  127. I feel a trend here. Mine did the same as everyone else LGG4 won’t start after initial hanging. No fault in consumer, the phone looks new.

  128. these phones are JUNK!! I got a G4 last year for my birthday. It worked for About two days then all of the sudden it would boot up so i had to factory reset it then the same thing happened. So I return the G4 and get a different one thinking it was just a bad phone and that they are not always like this so now it is almost a year later and my phone wont turn on. Im getting sick of LG

  129. I was a fan of LG phones, But it is the third time that my G4 ran into a problem without any reason. This time main board defected and I am unable to use it anymore. I am no more an LG fan. RIP LG.

  130. I reported below that my phone died in June while I am on an extended stay in Cambodia.
    Well I found an LG Service Centre in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. They sent the phone to the LG technical centre in Phnom Penh. One week later was told it was the touch screen and it would cost USD105 to repair. I said No and asked for the phone back. It came back in perfect working order and they charged me USD10 – said it was the moisture detector (phone had got wet back in April!). Go figure!!

  131. Our family bought 4 LG G4s.All died within 1 week of each other!! To me this is pretty pathetic. Some people(and I agree) think LG did something intentional so that their phones would not last as long, to encourage sales of new phones,but just didn’t do a good job and phones started to break earlier. Makes sense. How can so many phones die at the same time!!!!??!?!?

    PS. I was able to back up my data(only 1 phone) by placing it in a freezer for 20 minutes. Then holding the upper button with a cable connected to my computer. That allowed for the phone to boot and I downloaded almost all the data. A few files failed to download at the end as the phone froze and went to bootloop again.

    Shame on LG! Will never buy any of their junk phones again. Aside from that, the touch screen is also an issue on all of our phones as well.

  132. Was watching youtube yesterday, the phone froze and then turned off. I removed and replaced the battery, it started to turn on then froze on the LG screen. Did that a few times and now does not even start.

  133. +1 more phone, mine. Yesterday rturned off by itself and does not start anymore. Are we all fkd by lg?

  134. Wow is this odd all of us lg g4 won’t turn on. I’m in the same boat. Maybe we all need to contact lg

  135. Happy 4th of July …..not my LG4 is dead. Tried EVERYTHING it will boot up on it’s own, then shuts down again. I don’t want to loose all my pics. Very frustrated.

  136. As someone suggested earlier I went to then to mobile support and then live chat. I gave them my model number and IMEI Number. They said I was still under warranty. They are sending me a shipping label so they can repair my phone. Problem is it will take around two weeks. It’s my only phone.

  137. I thought I was alone in this boat. It was, for me, an administrative mess-up. Although I have so much on my LG-G4, the worst was that I used my phone’s voice recorder to take down minutes of a meeting. And at the point of transcribing, the phone just rebelled and shutoff. I have tried all tricks I know, it failed. Now I have put it in the fridge as someone suggested. It is true, I did that, in my desperation. If it fails to work, Ill let you know the name of the undertaker.

  138. Add me to the list my phone died today while I was updating everyone on status of heart patient. I don’t have their numbers memorized, this is awful. Is there any remedy. My phone is LGG4. My 2nd one. The first died because I dropped it In The toilet but this one has worked fine until now. Totally blacked out and will not come back on.

  139. Can’t believe it….my LG G4 won’t stay on. It turns on when i take the battery out but only stays on for a few seconds. Very stressed…..we should all be compensated if it means a recall on this model!

  140. I’ve had the phone for 17-18 months, mine just doesnt want to turn on, first saw it on the loop

  141. My phone died while I was on a holiday In Montreal July 1st. Had all my intinerary on phone so it left me stranded leaving everything to memory and other family members in group. I have tried the trouble shooting above and still nothing. What should I do? And is there anything I can do?

  142. What is going on? My phone died as well and will not reboot . I can see that this has happened to several people any answers?????

  143. My LG4 failed tonight while using skype. No heat issues, tried redundant chargers and additional batteries. Worked perfectly until tonight, and I’m unable to bring it out of full dark screen. Sure hope Verizon honors their warranty. This sounds like some sort of shutoff command initiated from an external source.

  144. Had mine about 15 months, was working fine this morning, now is bricked with no warning and no apparent reason.

  145. Add me to the list my t mobile G4 just died. It has been stuck on the main LG screen for about 4 mins then it goes black and comes back up just to keep doing it. My phone did load up twice but it was running super slow and eventually went back out. This sucks because I have owned pretty much LG and Samsung and went running back to LG because of the camera and more functionality but I do believe this is my last LG purchase

  146. Mine just died today after a security update. I have lost data that I can not recover. Most goes to dropbox but this critical app did not play well with DB… I am so ticked…

  147. Same problem. Mine restarted itself for no reason, and now won’t go past the initial splash screen. I tried removing the battery and re-installing. It will start, but again, it stays stuck at the boot screen.

  148. Another one to add to the growing list. My G4 died last night while I was using an app. Tried the spare battery. Won’t get past the AT&T splash screen if it event gets that far. Won’t turn on now. I have 5 more payments left on this phone.

  149. My LG4 just died as well…this is weird that all these LG4s are dying around the same time!
    I’m in Canada

  150. Mine is died today too. And I see a lot of people with the same problem and I own this smartphone since 18 mounth. So it seems that the problem is not really random to me…

  151. My LG G4 phone got me last night. Same issue everybody else has had with this phone. And apparently my pics and vids didn’t backup to google photos, so I’m screwed! Does anybody have a way they’ve found to recover their pics? I will never own another LG phone!

  152. Mine also died yesterday. Was working fine up to 9pm (UK time). Picked it up at 9:30 and it had died can’t get it past LG splash screen. Had to revert to my old Samsung. The fact that is happening to us a within same couple of days suggests this is not random to me.

  153. Same thing happen with my LG G4 on 27th jun. Now its not booting up. any one is having idea how I can fix it? it bought it 18 month back. first time i bought LG phone and its very bad exp.

  154. Hey, whatever action you are going to take, sign me in. My phone just died and I wouldn’t let them get away with it.

  155. Since so many have died at once, and yes, mine too yesterday, could it be the latest update causing these problems?

  156. On June 28th 2017 I had the exact same thing others have described happen. I did a battery removal because an app had cash. when i turned it on its would show the LG logo for about 10 seconds and then shut off. i have tried everything but get the same results. i was just about to pull the trigger and buy the G6 however after reading all of this i think i will be a Samsung customer.

  157. My LG4 died yesterday while sitting in my drawer at work. I tried to reboot it and it would come onto the LG screen then the Verizon screen, then shut down. I took it to Verizon was there for almost an hour and they said the mother board on the LG just quits sometimes and there is nothing you can do. I’m so upset I am losing my daughters graduation pics and videos and my son’s baseball pics and videos. I have so much on this phone and I’m so frustrated they handed me phone back and said… just happens.

  158. My husband’s died on 6/25/17….won’t power on…..local store was not helpful at all….they wanted us to buy a completely different phone. They had no equipment in the store to help figure out what the problem is….does anyone know what the problem is and why this is happening or how to fix?!?!?!? would a new battery work?? help!!!

  159. Same here, today my LG G4 died and not booting at all. All happened suddenly. This is in UAE. Something fishy from LG company…

  160. Same thing happened to me. I bought my LG G4 last January and it died today (June 260 without any symptoms. The phone won’t boot up. I had to remove the battery to make it boot but it only booted to the LG logo screen and then the screen went black. No restart works after that by pressing the power button. I took it to local T-Mobile store and they did a factory reset but it didn’t fix anything. I certainly will avoid any LG products in the future.

  161. My phone died the exact same way yesterday. I did the factory reset and nada. I have spare batteries and extra chargers, case etc… so I decided to just buy a new G4 from ebay. After reading this, I know now that I made a mistake. I should have went with a different phone. Weird that all the phones dying all seem to be around 1.5 years old and they all just refuse to boot up with no real warning.

  162. Add mine to the list, just shut down and died a few days ago, around June 20. Another tech company I will avoid.

  163. i have same problem, it was showing lg logo and then blank, i tried to hard set it, and now it is totally dead

  164. My Verizon VS986 model died on 6/19. I used LG’s support chat, and they said it was still under warranty (purchased July 2015), and gave me a prepaid shipping label. It’s being repaired now, with a 6 business day estimated arrival time.

  165. Mine and my wife’s died in the same week! We purchased it in Nov 2015. Mine was from eGlobal and hers was from an ebay seller in Italy. LG has refused to repair both of ours. Mine because eGlobal bought out the warranty and hers apparently had ‘moisture’ indicator triggered but work fine until dead.

    Eglobal and LG – Never again.

    Have 2 expensive bricks now that just refused to turn on. Bootdead and not even a bootloop.

    Is there anything we can do in the UK? LG don’t want to know.

    I know there’s a legal suit in US but is there anything similar in the UK?

  166. Mine is dead too! :-/ Turned off without any warning and it’s stuck on LG logo. Not restarting. Just stuck. God dammit, it’s massive problem from what I see. Dozens of sites like this!

    Korea version, F500. I live in UK. Any change LG UK take care of that? They should without making ANY problem. Anyway I think they’re done as a smartphone’s manufacturer.

  167. Phone just shut off and will not fully boot. I can get into safe mode but it will freeze when I try to select factory reset.

  168. My 18 month old G4 died two days ago. Battery is fine. A couple of times it showed the Android screen, but quickly went black again. Power light does not come on. Let me know about the class action lawsuit.

  169. Mine died on the 16th
    I have just finished an online chat with LG Support (in Australia) – they claim there is no known problem with the G4 screen
    Does anyone have any further news (I’ve had to revert to my ancient iPhone 3!! And I’m currently travelling in Cambodia so cannot get to an LG service centre)

  170. Isn’t it funny that all these LG4s are having the same exact problem at about the same age. Kinda looks like ‘built in obsolesce’. Nothing I tried with the suggestions worked. it is dead dead dead

  171. Took mine back to provider. They are aware of issue and have sent it for repair.I’ve had it 17 months but they are honoring the warranties

  172. Mine too….tried a couple of suggestions from the internet and got to the safe mode but then failed again. Now it won’t even get to the boot loop and not sure if it is taking any charge. Had the phone for 16 months, not too worried about the phone itself, the most important thing for me is my data….hadn’t backed up for a while and have probably lost all recent pictures and work stuff. Had LG phones for many years and this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem.
    Need some help please…..

  173. Hello, I have had my LG G4 for just a little over a year now and it died on me a couple days ago. it wont do anything. it wont even turn on. please help. i took apart my phone the other day and the inside LDI is completely red but I dont understand cause my phone is never around moisture or water. please help. i really want my phone back up and running and I dont want to spend money on a new one

  174. After 18 months, screen froze and was not able to shut it down. Took the battery out temporarily. Phone started to boot up and then it died for good. Will not respond to anything. Battery is not charging.

  175. my lg g4 f500s died today.i can not open my phone.when i press power button then just show lg ,,powerd by androide.otherwise nothing to disply,and can’t open.please advise how can i solve my phone

  176. My LG phone died today it turns on but that is it. Won’t turn off unless I take the battery out. Only have had it 6 months battery has a 100% charge. By looking at all the post we all have same problem. I bought the extended warranty but I want a new phone.

  177. My LG G4 died today, seems like a true pathology with the phone – over 300 complaints on this board alone. Class action suit anyone?

    LG: I doubt that you’re reading this, but if you are – do something about it. Don’t pull a Samsung on us, it will not go well for you.

  178. Had my LG4 for 22 months…worked great until today when it froze. The LG screen is displayed and I can’t turn it off, short of removing the battery. I leave the battery out for about 30 minutes, then reinstall — the LG screen comes back on, but that’s where it stays. All this right after an automatic system update.

  179. June 12/17 my year and a half old LG G4 just stopped working. Took it off the charger and next thing I know it turns itself off and won’t charge or boot. Frustrating!

  180. hi
    I had the same problem ,my lg4 died suddenly with no power on ,it occurred 18 month after purchase
    it happened when I went to a vacation to usa and I lost all my photos and videos from .never will by again Lg products .

  181. 13 month old lg g4 same issue everyone else is having. for no reason phone locked up and will not boot. finally got it to do a factory reset. got half way thru the reset and then it shut off again.

  182. My LG 4 also broke after just 12 months. It had the boot loop issue, I sent it off to be repaired to Futuretel & have just received it back but it is still not working. My sim card Is not recognized & it says emergency calls only. I also cannot reboot it as there is no option. I can only turn it on & off. I have had other issues with it where it freezes or the screen goes black. I will never buy an LG product again. Terrible phones & my partner had the same boot loop issues with his. Does anyone have any experience in actually getting a new phone from LG, not a fake repair?

  183. Extremely upset and sad that my LG4 crashed. Lost all my pics and irreplaceable pics/videos from my Japan trip and pictures over the past 2 years with family. I can’t believe that LG knowingly knew there were issues with this model and did not take action and replace phones immediately with existing customers. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!! I wish there was a way to seek compensation . I hate when big companies turn a blind eye to the very consumers that support their paychecks.

  184. Same…does anyone know how to go forward with resolving it? It’s been 1.5 years since the purchase and it died couple of days ago. Can has anyone contacted LG and tried to resolve it?

  185. I bought 3 LG G4’s in September of 2015. Mine worked great until the start of this year and it got stuck in a boot loop. LG replaced it through Verizon free of charge(thanks to no physical damage being present) only to replace it with a refurbished one. The most recent update installed on Friday(June, 9th) and today(June, 11th) my phone mysteriously turns off and won’t turn back on. What in the Sam Hill is going on with these phones?

  186. When I bought my phone, I used it for just two weeks. Then it went dead. When I remove battery and put on again, only the First LG Screen appears. And that’s where it ends

  187. My G4 died, too. From comments here I can imagine it’s kind of a universal issue 🙁
    Mine was on with more than 50% battery, then I checked it and it was off. Couldn’t turn it on, so I removed the battery, tried to boot again, ONLY the first logo appears and then the screen is BLACK. Tried several times, still the same.

  188. My LGG4 just crapped the bed yesterday tooo! I was on snapchat when the screen just went black. It then turned back on by itself and would not get past the LG boot screen. I took the battery out for a full 30mins and put it back in and still stuck in a boot loop. The battery at that point was at 94%. I’ve only owned my phone for 1 year and 4 months..

  189. my LG g4 just died without warning while searching the web and won’t bootup past the LG screen, tried everything… it wont work… I tried to factory reset, it dies before the LG screen is done

  190. MY LG4 also just died. Battery was more than 50%. Phone is just over two years old. Sent a picture to friend and it died. Won’t reboot. Won’t take a new battery. Dead.

  191. Same issue as everybody else. Updates were being installed 6/8, phone was slow and sluggish, and today screen froze, went black. Tried everything even factory reset, but won’t start.

  192. I bought my lg g4 in Apr and had it for less than 2 montts .One night I set the alarm on in the morning it let me down and never came on. Ludicrous! !!

  193. I bought my lg g4 on april 20 of 2017 and received it on May 5th and used it for like a month until TOA update came up and automatically it installed it self and i didn’t noticed i was sleep ,on next day i tried to make a phone call it acted strange restarted and get stock and restart again and then screen goes black and that was it the last time i was able to use the phone ! this is ridiculous just after 1 month of use and because of forced security update from LG !

  194. My LG G4 just died last night. Had 70% charge, was using a couple apps then the screen got stuck or like the Android OS bugged out. Couldn’t do anything so had to turn it off. Wouldn’t turn back on. Removed the battery, put it back in, it turned on again but then bugged out part way through loading. Now it won’t even turn on at all. Won’t even light up when I plug in the charger. Had it a year and a half and it’s worked near flawlessly up until now.

  195. I paid $600 for this phone only 16 months ago. Was watching a video, it started making a loud buzzing noise, froze the screen then went black. Tried everything, removed battery, hold power button. NOTHING ! I am so mad !!!

  196. Well I never comment on most issues but yes its very aggravating to say least and having all my contacts for business and cant start it up. It has been going on for ever but I thought it was they battery and the battery would say it was charged but would die in moments. After twenty four hrs LOOSING BUSINESS AND DOLLARS and hrs for some reason my LG 4G decided to ramp up. I thought it was something I down loaded on FB because as soon as I clicked FB it shut down. I went to the computer and my FB was not coming up. So I went directly to on line pull up FB and deleted the post/and weather satellite app. worked for an hr and bam down again. Obviously there is an issue with the LG 4g phones but ATT wont warranty because they tell me the phone has to be up and running. WTH! Its broke and LG has problems. Yep I m in a purchase contract with ATT and no warranty. But they say I can by a new phone hundreds of dollars to cancel exiting contract. I SMELL A SHUNK, SNAKE, AND RAT IN THE SAME BARREL. FIX THIS LG OR YOUR LOOKING A T A MAJOR LAW SUIT. “LG” IT IS YOUR YOUR TURN! FIX YOUR CRAP!

  197. mine turned off today and will not turn back on, literally dead, it wont charge it was on about 70% charge when i was last on it.

  198. Update from my previous post by “Blair May 4, 2017 at 1:39 pm”:

    About two weeks ago I’ve called the LG Canada’s support line. I told them about the boot-loop issue I was having with the phone. I was asked for the IMEI number from the mobile phone & to my surprise (considering I had the phone for 16+ months) they said that the phone was covered. I was given pretty vague packing instruction via. e-mail to send the phone to “Futuretel”. It took exactly a week from the time I’ve sent the phone in & when I received it back via. courier.

    In short, the phone’s main-board was replaced. After using it for around 5 days the phone is rock solid (so far).

  199. My LG G4 is also about a year old. It died without warning about an hour ago and won’t turn back on. Super strange how this is happening all over.

  200. mine too! what the? it is way off that so many people are having issues with this, right now….

  201. Mine has been doing the same thing for the last two weeks. I, also, overslept for work because it shut off on its own in the middle of the night so my alarm didn’t go off. I just take about the battery and it turns back on but I don’t like the fact that it just shuts down on it’s own.

  202. Same here…put phone on charger last night, I’m almost 100% sure my alarm went off this morning, I set it to snooze, next thing I know my daughter comes in the room to wake me up and I notice my phone is off and won’t turn back on, also doesn’t turn red when on any of our chargers. Going to attempt to go to ATT store at lunch

  203. I am also a club member; last night my phone froze mid text. held the power button down hoping to restart it but it died….and I have gotten nothing since. I did try the soft reset, removed the battery, the sim card…nada. I am US Cellular and have never had problems with the phone. I have seen some posts about a bootloop crash, but I wondered about a dead battery – anyone know of indications for that? Just curious – trying to explore some options – thank you.

  204. Mine died after receiving and sending a text was about 50% charged. Just logo screen. took out battery. tried holding power and down released then again got a reset screen twice could not scroll down.

  205. Mine just up and died 6/3/17, I’m a sprint as well. Seems odd we all are having issues. I’m without a phone for 3 to 5 days waiting for a fix or replacement phone… Not very happy

  206. Same problem here. Mine died the night of 6/2 in the same way. If I pop the battery out and back in, I get one go at boot up, but after that it remains dead (until I pop the battery again). My carrier (Sprint) told me to take it to a repair store before they’ll honor an insurance claim. This many of us having the same problem DOES seem fishy.

  207. Wife’s phone just died in the exact same way.
    Will not reset will not boot up.
    LG hosed the big one here.

  208. I had been ignoring the reminder to update my phone to the newest software for weeks now. I finally took the time to update yesterday and then my phone died today. A little less than 24 hours from new software to a phone that cannot successfully start up. It just shows me the LG logo for a few seconds, looks like it’s trying to start, and then fade to black. It tries this a few times before it remains black. I really wish there was some way to fix this, none of the recommended steps have done anything.

  209. Ok folks, my LG G4 is a year and a half old and just died last night too. No warning, did not get hot. Just went black! Something strange is going on!

  210. this is very strange to see all the phones dying probably after the update
    add me to the list aswell mine just stopped working last night , after the update it started being strange i noticed it would turn off by itself out of nowhere and then last night suddenly it goes off and never turned on again, i tried to remove the battery several times but never succeeded to get it back to life .. tho after removing my sim cards and memory i managed to get it started only UNTIL then logo and then blank .. very very strange that this is happening to a lot of LGs

  211. My LG,G4 gets hot whenever i plug in the charger,and wouldn’t open. I tried taking out the battery a couple of times,but it refuse to come on. What can i do to fix this problem?

  212. Has anyone tried taking the sim out and restarting? It worked on mine and has given me a fighting chance to back up photos etc .

  213. Mine stopped charging at 51%. Took battery out, put it back in again and now nothing, completely dead. Strange thing is if I put the battery back in and leave it, the phone starts warming up. Unaware if I had an update recently, but may well have done, I noticed a couple of icons had changed design

  214. Add me to the list as well. Died on May 27 about 10 AM. Caught in the LG bootup loop. Very frustrating!

  215. I have the same problem as people before me, everything was perfect but today my phone just turn off, when I try to turn it on it will only go to the LG logo for 20 second then goes black again…

  216. Mine died yesterday as well, will go to LG home screen, and then goes black. Everything was fine until about 3:00 pm yesterday (May 27th)

  217. my LG4 died yesterday while starting up WjhatApp. I’ve tried all of the steps mentioned above without success.

  218. and another. Phone was at 47% -died in the middle of a call. Took battery out put back in will only go to the LG logo for 20 second then goes black. wow. I’ve always had an LG phone. I have loved them. This is freaky!

  219. Yep add me to the list, because mine shut down on the charger overnight last night, will not boot up or show any signs of life have tried everything. Going to Verizon today to see if they can fix the problem. Meanwhile my job requires access to a cell and I am screwed. Desktop bound for a social media manager is not cool!

  220. yup, last night I was installing updates on my phone and then it restarted and turned off and now I cant get it to turn back on at all no matter what I try.

  221. Mine died on May 19. So strange that so many suddenly stopped working. If anyone figures out how to fix it, please post. Mine is out of warranty.

  222. LG just agreed to fix my 21 month old G4 with “bootloop” issue. Shipping it to them tomorrow. I may should have checked with TMobile and posibly recieved a loaner phone, but I have a back up. Just go to the LG site and find the mobile repair page. After entering the info online I ended up having to call. Gave them the IEME number and was told warranty will cover.

  223. Add me to this growing list too. I was online today when it froze and shut off. I have tried to no avail and it just won’t turn back on. it did come back on by a miracle but only for a few minutes then shut off again. LG!! This has the best tech in phones. but this issue sucks. Please roll out a fix or upgrade us all to the G5!!

  224. My phone locked up and I had no choice but to power off.. and that wouldn’t work. Had no choice but to remove the battery and when I put it back in, it won’t power on. This really sucks !!!

  225. My LG started to turn off and on, then finally just turned all the way off and can’t get past LG reboot symbol. Add another G4 to the list

  226. So, I was playing Piano Tiles on my LG G4 when it started slowing down and eventually my phone turned off. I tried to restart, but it would show the LG logo and won’t go further. It had plenty of charge at the time this happened, but still I thought charging the phone might resolve the problem. The phone charges, but stops at the LG Logo Screen. What to do?

    It’s the T-Mobile version, H811.

  227. Just 3 comments in this thread for over 6 months. Nobody complaining about the phone. And then at the end of february “BOOOM!” there are hundreds of messages!

    Add me to the list. My phone died on my today, too. I wasn’t even using it. It looks like LG did something really wrong. I opened a “repair service” request on LG site. Knowing that I’m not the only one gives me hope. I really hope they fix it…

  228. My phone was fully charged then decided to stop working and went dead. Phone is barely a year old. Don’t want to wipe it clean….need the data backed up first.

    I am going to try all the solutions posted first before I wipe it.

    So sad 🙁

  229. My phone just died, I have tried everything. I don’t want to hit reset as it will erase everything. I would hate to lose my pictures?

  230. same add me to list my lg went black after lg screen on may 18 2017 at 7 pm i don’t know any more i will never ever buy lg products they install time bomb in these mobiles.

  231. Folks, my G4 died yesterday (17-May). This was the 3rd out of 3 my family bought – the prior 2 were repaired by LG. Called LG yesterday, they created the Repair Authorization for me and I’m shipping it back today (estimate is 2 weeks).

    Prior 2 phones came back and have been fine after repair.

    So… LG has a known defect on these phones and appear to be willing to fix it even beyond the standard 1-year warranty.

  232. LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components. Customers who are experiencing booting issues with their LG G4s should contact their local carrier from where the G4 was purchased or a nearby LG Service Center ( for repair under full warranty.

  233. May 17th, LG G4 just went black, same as everyone else. I think LG sent a kill command to all G4s

  234. My 15 month old G4 just bricked itself. was using it, it had plenty of charge, it hung and after several minutes doing nothing I tried to force it off by holding the power switch, still nothing. Pulled the battery, then it wouldn’t restart. Now after plugging in a charger for a few minutes it will sometimes boot loop, sometimes just black screen. Looks like new phone time.

  235. Fixed. Solution.
    On Youtube look for: Fix LG G4 Stuck on Boot Screen or LG Logo | Bootloop Repair with cheapest price.

    You have to iron the board for 5 minutes. I can’t belive it, first try and it’s working!
    I wish the best luck for you too guys.
    I measured my iron’s temperature with a infrared thermo meter, I had a shiny surface on the iron, so it’s said 50 degrees but on the LG circuit board it was around 150 C degrees. Don’t go too high, and don’t use a hair dryier, the iron works better.

  236. My phone died today…suddenly turned off in the middle of my texting…when to TMobile..their solution buys a new one…I am so upset

  237. 06/05/2017 It happened with my LG G4 tonight. It is a brick now. Switched itself off, and not switching back like others mentioned. I found out a class-action lawsuit filed against LG for allegedly failing to resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner they knew about a bootloop issue during manufacturing, but they kept making and selling these faulty phones. For the article search on Google for: Trustedreviews LG G4 Bootloop Problem: Class-action lawsuit filed. There are also solutions to save your date from the phone in the article.
    I’m goint to fix my phone but no more LG for me.

  238. Wow same thing with me. What is going on with all these LGG4 phones? Mine’s not even a year old yet. Was at 10%. Charged it and then it was black. No hard boot will work. Won’t charge, won’t turn on. Tried all the above suggestions. Argh…

  239. May 15 – using the Facebook app, phone froze, then nothing. No response. Can’t charge it, can’t restart it. I’ve tried taking the battery out and rebooting but there’s no response from this. It was fully charged when it died.

    Solutions??? Phone is barely a year old. LGG4

  240. Same story. woke up to a dead phone. Looping, hoping some one find a fix for it. RIP (5-15-2017).

  241. yesterday, it was like someone just took over my phone and it shut down and will not start. I took the battery out and spun it….it’s not spinning, so, battery is fine and still will not start?

  242. LG G4 died on 5/12/2017
    I see many posts like my case…
    what happened?
    my husband talked that there was a big cyber attack yesterday(5/12/17)
    Is that it? or just LG G4?

  243. Transferred a number to a refurbished LG G4. Went through the setup process everything checked out. My son went to the settings apps to get his apps back and tapped the “Update all” button. The phone went to a screen that said “Optimizing apps x of 55” In the morning the phone was still on the same screen. Took out the battery to reset the phone because he needed to use the phone, now it won’t turn on at all.
    Any suggestions?

  244. **** the battery got VERY hot! Take it out!!!

    It happened just a few hours ago! My LG won’t leave the LG home screen. It is odd that so many phones are doing the same thing at the same time.

  245. It happened just a few hours ago! My LG won’t leave the LG home screen. It is odd that so many phones are doing the same thing at the same time.

  246. Has anyone had any updates? My phone just froze so I took out the battery and now it keeps getting stuck on the lg start up screen…. please tell me I did not just lose all my 9 month olds photos…

  247. Add another LGG4 to the boot loop killer. Mine just went kaput an hour ago. T-mobile cust serv is telling me i’ll need to wait 3-5 days for another phone as replacements are on back order. bumped up to a mgr who now says i can go to their store and get a loaner phone until the replacement LGg4 comes in. So…i get to spend a couple of days and hours of my life waiting at the Tmobile store for loaner and replacement phones over the next few days..i love how cell phones make our lives so much easier.

  248. same problem….went to att store twice, costco, repair shop, etc. and all they want is to sell a new phone! tried iron fix and it worked for 24 hrs then died again. phone 2yrs old…piece of crap!

  249. Mine won’t boot after trying to charge it this after noon. Seems odd to me that this has all happened to us on the same day.

  250. My G4 caught the boot loop bug after an android update. My wife’s today – after an unsolicited android update. No more LG phones for us!

  251. My LG G4 suddenly started to boot loop a week ago (on the afternoon of April 30, 2017) as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed.

    Luckily, my insurance plan replaced my 15-month old phone with a new LG G5 within 2 days BUT I would love to retrieve my contacts and text history from my old phone however I can’t get it out of the boot loop…nor can I do the hard factory reset that is required for me to send the LG G4 back to insurance.

    I have scoured web sources but cannot find any instructions for doing the factory reset that do not involve the use of the power and volume buttons (which are completely nonresponsive at this juncture). Any tips on how to get my data & follow the insurance instructions?

  252. Mine froze this morning. I had to remove the battery to turn it off. Now it won’t turn on again. Battery was fully charged. So frustrating!

  253. OK, folks. I think I have two potential solutions for some of you on here for retrieving your data. One is kinda pricey, and the other is kinda risky. I posted on here 3 weeks ago about my G4 doing the same thing as everyone else’s. Since then, I have done copious amounts of research to find a solution. Like most of us, we could care less about the phone, we just want the data that was on it. LG nor the carrier (Verizon) could help. Here are the best two options I found. Like I said, this is just to get the data back. The phone is garbage to me without the data.

    1. Pricey option – there is a company in New Hampshire (US) called You can send your phone to them and they extract your data, put it on a CD/DVD, and then send it back to you. The cost is $300. I decided not to go this route first. I wanted to try the option below beforehand.

    2. Risky option – This is only if you are somewhat mechanically inclined and don’t mind trying this. There are multiple youtube videos out there showing how to disassemble your phone, pull out the board, and apply heat directly to the processor. I didn’t like the heat options they showed (multiple attempts with a hair dryer, a specialty heat gun, baking in the oven, etc), so I used a hair straightening iron. I had a precision digital food thermometer to pre-set the temp to around 375 degrees F. Do not trust the temperature settings on the iron! The videos said not to exceed 400.
    My next option would have been the pointed tip of a regular clothes iron.

    After removing the back cover and the battery, there are 11 small, Phillips head screws that have to be removed before you can gently removed the back casing, lift the 3 camera connections, take out the board, and then remove the heat shield. Be sure to pay close attention to exactly how the heat shield is positioned. After you watch the videos, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to do all of this. You just have to be careful. I took the processor chip in the middle of the board and carefully held it to one side of the straightening iron for about a minute. I let it cool for just a couple of minutes and then repeated the process just to be sure. After letting it cool enough to handle for another minute or so, I reassembled the phone. Re-installing the heat shield and the camera wire clips are the hardest part. After putting all of the pieces back, I didn’t replace the screws in case I had to repeat the process. I put in the battery and it booted right up! I have to admit, I was really stoked when it did because I was skeptical.

    The next day I took the G4 to Verizon so they could pull the data out quickly and transfer to another phone. Guess what, it wouldn’t boot up. I came back the next day (yesterday), with a straightening iron and repeated the procedure above. Unfortunately, I had to do it twice. As soon as I got it back together the second time, it booted up and worked for over two hours before going back into boot-loop. They were able to transfer most of my data into another phone before that happened. I am going back on Monday (tomorrow) or Tuesday to try it again. They should have been able to get it all the first time, but ran into multiple roadblocks with their software and hardware.

    I know this is risky, but like I read on here – entire business files, pictures of loved ones, etc -important data is on our phones. Mine had contacts, texts, pictures, notes, memos – plus my personal life. I rarely, if ever, post on any website, but this was too big of an issue for many people not to (well over 250 just on this one thread). I wanted to give a glimmer of hope to all of you who think all is lost. You may want to go with the first option instead. I would have, if the second option hadn’t worked yesterday.

    FWIW, I had to pay off my G4 at Verizon, as well ($175).

  254. My phone died too on May 6. This is my second LG phone. No problems with the G2- just switched phone carriers and got an upgrade. I liked LG phones until I researched this recurring problem. My next phone will be a Samsung.

  255. Mine died 2 days ago. =( I’ve tried all the rebooting tricks and nothing. I’m so upset. I really like this phone and the camera is phenominal. I was considering buying another on Ebay but if this is bound to happen again I’ll have to go with a different phone. I hate that all the latest phones leave you incapable of replacing your own battery. Ugh. Curse you, LG!

  256. My husbands G4 stopped on the 4th. The Verizon store said that it is a common problem with the G4. The boot stops working. They said our best bet was to just make our last 2 payments and buy a new phone. I refused as the phone stopped working before it was even paid. Ended up doing a refurbished replacement and losing everything. Now my phone and my mothers phones both turned off within an hour of each other only 2 days after my husbands…. I hope they replace them all 🙁

  257. I just experienced the infamous bootloop issue with my LG G4 last night on May 3rd. My battery was drained after being stuck during bootup. Now my phone may power up on occasion after removing and re-inserting the battery but it will try to boot for a few seconds & then the screen will shut down. I cannot tell if the battery is charging as the battery icon with even ‘hang’ and the LED indicator which would normally be red during charging is absent.

    After being aware of this issue for quite some time, I thought I would be in the clear as I had this phone for about 16 months – not anymore. It’s crazy to see how many others are having similar issues at this time. My phone received an update last week as well.

  258. Add me to the list. LG G4 just totally died. Won’t power on or anything. Was at about 60% charge, put it on the charger for an hour or so, then took it off to go to SBUX. Tried to get it to start…nothing. Went to VZ Store where I bought it…no help there. Getting me a replacement phone…cost me the monthly insurance of $11. That’s b.s. after reading all the others here with the same problem.

  259. Same here! Happened this afternoon. Anyone with Verizon, have you talked to them about this issue?

  260. Sprint Users FYI… if you brought your LG G4 from sprint retail store in the USA go get your phone replace I just got a refurbish unit but I hope last longer than my original LG G4 …I will keep you posted on this one. I guess LG is repairing the old g4s when you exchange it at sprint for recondition G4s

  261. Was using Chrome, froze, and now it wont turn on. I’ve tried the whole “hold down the power button thing” to no avail. Seemed the G4 got an update a week or two ago (Verizon) and now it has died. Might be a bug with the update. We shall see.

  262. I was soooo livered when my ph was fine this am, I sent 2 whatsapps and bang the ph just died. We battled to get it started but to no avail. Went to MTN and i was ready to just across the table and throttle the consultant. Now she has logged the complaint with some email and we are trying to bring my upgrade a few months forward. I have just started my own business yesterday and ALL MY INFO ETC is on my phone. NOw what the hell do i do? Photos of my prods / emails of clients……………..this is sooooo not friggen funny. I held onto the “help desk” no for 30mins then 40 mins and then 35 mins to no avail. I need a new ph asap. Who can help me?

  263. My LG G4 officially died on the May 3rd of 2017. After having experienced the boot loop issue, it just froze, crash and died. Why is everyone here having this issue this few days?! Coincidence perhaps?? I’ve been doing long rsearch to fix the issue but to no avail. Should I just dig a grave stone for this piece of scrap? Have it fix? Or just buy a new one? Honestly, I don’t know anymore and I’m getting frustrated as this damn phone gives me problems one after another.

  264. mines dead pulled sim an battery put back hold the button 30 secounds lg shows then nothing going to get it replaced wtf

  265. Exactly the same issue.

    The phone was in my pocket this morning with 39% battery.
    After a few minutes when I checked it was already in a powered down state and refused to boot up.
    Changed a couple of batteries with decent charge level, no luck.

    Is this something like a Y2K for LG G4 this week? Crazy stuff!

  266. Noooooooooo 🙁 I guess I’m the latest victim of this bug. The phone froze and I had to pull out the battery. Now………it’s dead…. Just dead.

  267. Mine just died while playing Pokemon last night 2nd March 2017…. Just froze, shut down & went into boot loop mode… Brought “APPARANTLY” Brand New Off E-Bay in Australia September 2016… Once unpacked & fired up for 1st time i found out it was an (Ex US T-Mobile)

  268. Add me to the List! Started last night…. now I cannot turn it on at all. Can’t even reboot…WTF!

  269. Same Story – New York, Sent a text put the phone down for a minute. Battery was at 60%. Phone screen timed out and never came back on. Hard reset doesnt work. Replaced the battery, also nothing. I didnt know LG was so inferior.

  270. Well I guess we are on the sinking boat of lg g4 crash and burn bootloop bug.
    Mine died 04/27/17…Lg USA needs to step up to the plate on this one. way too many failure rate from Jan 17 until now this is unacceptable..whats funny here is that after the last update it took a turn for worse..LG SEND ME MY MONEY BACK!!!

  271. this is really weird that so many of us are having the same problem. Mine just died. Won’t turn on. Passed couple of days my battery was hot with the usage of my games though.

  272. Found out that the problem is cold solder on the main board heated board up with a blow dryer and the phone comes right back on and last for a couple days, the phone should be replaced by Lg of the Carrier.

  273. My lg 4 died yesterday April 30th. I just read all the customer reviews who have had the same problem. Why doesn’t the company fix the booting and non starting problem at no charge to the consumer. Its a great phone but unless there is some effort from the company to repair it I will never own another lg product.

  274. add me as well. worked fine last night, i out it on the charger and went to sleep. woke up and its completely unresponsive, wont boot up or charge at all

  275. Hello everyone.
    Had the same problem last week. My phone froze and since then, it won’t turn on / charge or anything else… If anyone has a solution?

  276. I’m in the same boat as you guys. I was messing around at home and it looked like it was rebooting for no reason. I didn’t think anything of it until I tried using it several hours later. At first it was a black screen with the charge light flashing red slowly. At that time I couldn’t get it to respond at all when pressing the power button, so I pulled the battery out. Now it simply won’t do anything at all. Won’t charge; won’t power; won’t go into recovery mode. Held the power button for 2 minutes even and nothing. How is it we all had this happen this weekend?

  277. Wow it’s incredible to see the number of people that got the same problem at the same time… mine passed away yesterday (the 30th of april), I’m going to try these steps but yeah same things than other users, would just like to recover photos… and I bought it much less than 2 years ago (maybe around one and a half).

  278. This just happened to me about 5 hours ago. My LG G4 is 15 month old. I was taking a picture of the inside of our trailer when the pic froze and the phone went dead. I tried ALL the suggestions given but nothing works. I went to Metro PCS they couldn’t fix it either. I needed to retrieve all the pics because my husband past away in January and all of our pics are on this device..I am heartbroken. Twice now. I don’t care about anything else on the phone, just the pics of my husband..Can anybody help??Thank you.

  279. hi, Same issue with my mobile LG g4 H810. This mobile was bought in UAE, device had AT and T app, it was working fine with uae sim. then i started using it in india, then there was no network in the begining with indian sim airtel, I did master reset then completely switched off. Now no charging and switching on. kindly help

  280. My Lg4 worked for a 18 months and died. They sent me a replacement phone that worked. 2 weeks and it blacked out on me 4/29/17. I think it’s time to call consumer protection.

  281. Add me to the list. Clearing open apps then it just turns off. Swapped battery with good spare. Tried hard reset. To much of a coincidence that all these phones die at basically the same time..

  282. Same thing happened to me. I FOUND THE SOLUTION! Simply hold the power button down for over a minute. It will turn on recovery mode. Keep holding it. Not sure what happened but it rebooted and started working

  283. Happened to me as well just this morning. It was charging at around 70% or so. Went to use it and you guessed it, unresponsive black screen. Swapping out batteries did nothing.

  284. same here. happened yesterday. will try get it replaced by a care plan that came with phone contract. but i wonder if LG should be contacted first

  285. mine happened yesterday as well!! what the hell is going on?! I tried everything but it still could not work . rip

  286. It happened to me too! I was using my phone when suddenly it just turned off and wouldn’t turned off anymore, and I can see many people are having the same problem. What’s going on??

  287. Add me to the list. Just happened a couple of hours ago. Worked fine one minute, unresponsive the next. Just the LG android screen then back to power off. This looks very fishy.

  288. This just happened to me tonight. Went to enter my PIN to unlock my phone. It froze, then went black. I’ve attempted every method of getting it to power back up. Removing the battery, cycling it, factory reset, all of the suggestions and nothing. No power at all. Battery was around 65% went it crashed. It just updated the software this past week. No more LG for me!

  289. Add me to the list …used my phone came back 20 mins later and BOOM! Black screen no power nothing! I think we got ripped off…phone replacement coming in 3-5 days but all of my “stuff” is not retrievable this id BS

  290. Same hear, my LG 4 while updating some apps, just died, and now will not restart at all. Any suggestions? Thanks

  291. My LG G4 also just died while fully charged. It had been working fine until it kicked off. It was pretty warm, so I unplugged it, let it cool, took out the battery, tried a new battery as well as the original. It gave a short moment’s promise of starting up with the new battery, but kicked right back off before it fully got going. Does anyone have a clue about what to do next?

  292. Yup, same here. 27th April 2017 at 9:45pm. Using my phone as normal to scroll through twitter with 82% battery remaining, no other processes occurring when it suddenly freezes, and turns off. No indication when connected to the charger, and no response when pressing or pressing and holding the power button. It now looks bricked. What the hell is going on?

  293. My LG G4 was fine last night, left it charging and went to bed. This morning (April 27th, 2017) all I see is the black screen of death and nothing else. I tried removing the battery and putting it back in several times. Most of the time pressing the power key does nothing. Sometimes phone starts with the familiar vibration but I can not get any further than “LG Life’s Good” screen. Seeing most people here having the same issue in past couple of days seems really… interesting. WTH is going on with our phones?

  294. My LG G4 just died after 1,5 years of use. Battery was well charged. Simply can not get the phone to start, it’s very strange. My previous phones usually became a bit slow after a while but this is a new one for me. Wont by from LG again that’s for sure.

  295. My LG G4 Red leather edition on Vodafone happened to stop working on the 23rd. Doesn’t charge, no LED notification, replace the battery and still issues booting up. Won’t even get to the LG logo. I’m stuck using an old lg4xhd which is driving me crazy!!

  296. So I am in the same boat as everyone else. My phone just randomly froze and then turned off. I got it to turn on once for about a minute by taking the battery out but then it shut off again and now I can’t get it past the LG life’s good start up screen

  297. Okay, so my phone literally just did the same thing. I was using it just fine one minute, and then the next it froze and then powered off! The charge was at 74% so it wasn’t the battery. No matter how many times I’ve tried, all it does it power on to the LG screen and then shuts off! Why are so many people experiencing the same issue?

    If someone finds a solution, please let us know.

  298. LG G4 died on 25/04/17 at around 4:30. Sounds exactly the same how everyone else has mentioned; Phone shuts off automatically then it only powers up to the LG Logo screen. (Blue light keeps flashing) does that for some time, then shuts down again.
    No matter how many times, I try, it only goes to the LG Logo screen then shuts down.
    Luckily all my photos and videos were on the SD card, rather than in the phone memory.
    But I never expected this from an LG phone.

  299. My LG V10 did it last night. I have been trying the various software fixes I’ve found on the web, but no luck so far.

  300. My wife’s just did exactly the same thing, fine one minute, dead the next.

    The fact that so many seem to have had a similar problem in the last 24/48 hours suggests something fishy to me…

  301. Mine did the exact same thing. One minute I was mapping my route home from grocery shopping and the next my phone has frozen, shut off, and started showing the LG Life’s Good screen over and over again. I did all the normal reset shit. The only thing that worked (and it has actually just died again) was leaving it plugged into my computer for a while. About 10 minutes. Then it turned on for a little while (maybe 5 minutes) before freezing, and shutting down again. This is ridiculous!

  302. Mine just died mied. Back button doing nothing. Have to take out & replaced the battery to get it turn on but only goes to LG screen. Have to remove battery to turn it off again. Help!

  303. LG G4 is a crap eventhough I really liked it when it worked… I bought my LG G4 dual sim H818P in November 2015, the same month I had to send it back due to bootloop issue. Got my brand new replacement in February 2016 and around 2 weeks ago it died:/ It got stuck on the screen while browsing the net so I took the battery out and turned it off, after that it turned on just once for few seconds. Later never went further the “LG Life’s Good” logo. It is not possible to go back to factory settings or do anything. It gets stuck even while charging and to make it react at all I have to take the battery out every time.

    I searched the web for different solutions and nothing helped for me:/ Maybe for somebody this link will be useful:
    In my case computer detected the phone, soft was being downloaded but the phone kept on hanging after few seconds and it was not possible to install factory software.

    Right now my LG G4 went back to service. I wish it was possible to get money back somehow insetad of fix or replacement. I would definitely buy different brand now as LG gives me no certanity that such situation will not happen again. Waiting for info from service, recovering data, losing smses or apps is verry irritating. If anybody has idea how to make LG to give money back I would be grateful to find it out:)

  304. Mine just died and wont turn on? It was connected to the charger, and it was fine like half an hour ago, but I just went to use and?? nothing??? and nothing is helping

  305. Same here My verizon LG G4 just crashed and won’t turn on anymore. I did the software update 2 days ago. lol.

  306. I never had a problem with my LG G4 Until today 4/25/2017. my phone will only turn to the LG log screen and turn off. I believe its because of a software issue because after the last one my phone started slowing down. Now it completely will not turn on.

  307. Are the timestamps on these comments real? Because my phone just crashed while I was playing a game and won’t turn on or charge. If I can get it on it just gets to the LG logo and shuts off. The G6 is just now dropping are they shutting off G4s?

  308. Another LG G4 death to report as of 4/23/2017. My phone won’t progress past the LG logo, if it even does anything at all when I attempt to power it on. I’ve tried all the restart/reboot/reset combos; nothing works. Sad.

  309. My phone just did this. I did the hard reboot and nothing 🙁 I had so so so many pictures, most of them of my daughter that are now lost. Im with AT&T has anyone got theirs replaced for free from them?

  310. my LG G4 did the same thing 2 days ago i have tried everything but after reading all these comments i see its happening to a lot of G4 users!~this is terrible,they should be helping people get replacements!!

  311. After reading all these posts, the coincidence of the same thing issue is crazy outrageous. My LG G4 just died as I was playing a game. Tried all the troubleshooting options, yet nothing. Recourse?

  312. A few hours after I did a “recommended factory upgrade” my phone died. I removed the battery, which showed 100% charge, and attempted to reboot, then forced a reboot. I get stuck on the black ” life’s good/powered by android screen”. Looks pretty similar to several posts here. WTF!?!?!

  313. My LG G4 phone just died at 5pm today. I tried the hard restart and it would not work. I also tried the factory reset and it would also not work. It was about 80% charged when this happened; therefore, I know it was not the battery. I see this is happening to lots of people. If anyone is successful in fixing their phone, please post on this site how they were able to do it. Thank you.
    There is a class action lawsuit against LG for this issue. I think it is ridiculous that they are not offering a fix. I am going to get a replacement, but I would rather have my phone with my photos. Plus, I the replacement is another G4. So, how long until this happens to me again?

  314. my LG G4 died on 04/23 morning when I was reading article on the internet. it froze so I pressed power button to try to restart it, it died. tried all the booting sequences others have mentioned. even worst is that I am traveling abroad. sounds like a global thing?

  315. My LG G4 phone just died at 5pm today. I tried the hard restart and it would not work. I also tried the factory reset and it would also not work. It was about 80% charged when this happened; therefore, I know it was not the battery. I see this is happening to lots of people. If anyone is successful in fixing their phone, please post on this site how they were able to do it. Thank you.

  316. hi..i flshed .tot file on my g4 sprint ls991 by sending it to download mode and using lgup..the problem is after sucessful flash,mobile is not turning on and have become dead but laptop produces sound if it is attached with it.

  317. My G4 T-Mobile not rooted phone died at around 11am 4/23/17 what’s going on?
    It was about 70% charged, I plugged it in,checked about 30 mins later and it was dead

    Tried many combinations of power button and volume keys,remove battery

  318. My phone died on 04/22 at 5pm. I was in a videocall when it suddenly froze. I tried to turn it off but I couldn’t (I had to remove the battery to do so). Then I tried to turn it on again but it won’t, it just shows the LG logo. I tried to charge it just in case but it overheats too much.

    My device is 15-16 months old. Isn’t it suspicious that they are all dying at the same time?? The worst part, it was my birthday yesterday and I couldn’t get any calls or messages for most part of the evening…

  319. My LG4 went black last night! Was sending an email & all of a sudden, the LG Life is Good screen came on! HA…well Life isn’t good!! Took out the battery & sim card & held down on the power button for 60 seconds like someone suggested….still the same screen. NOTHING! My phone is 15 months old. Just had an update 3 days ago…hmmmmmm

  320. My LG4 phone quit working today at 2:30 pm It was working fine with no problems, then just went to “powered by android” black screen and then turned off, I tried to restart, I removed the battery, no luck at all, I had to purchase another phone, I wish I had seen all of these reviews before getting another LG

  321. There are 199 comments on this thread (this will make 200). It looks like over 175 phones that were working perfectly fine have had this issue since the last week in February 2017. So, 175+ of the identical issue for the same model phone in 8 weeks posted on just one website is an epidemic. No wonder there is a class action lawsuit. Like I hypothesized before, sounds like an automatic update that actually acted like a virus to our phones.

  322. I chatted with the online assistant from Verizon. They walked me through a scripted process to try and get my phone back. When it did not work. They immediately offered to send me a replacement without me even asking. My phone was approximately 16 mos. old. It died on 4/14.

  323. My LG4 phone quit working this morning at 9:00AM. It was working fine with no problems, then just went to “powered by android” black screen and then turned off. I did a forced restart, but stuck on red “Verizon” screen and does nothing. So aggravating!

  324. 04/21/2017 My G4 died today at 1:50 pm Pacific time all of a sudden. It had been working just fine as it normally did. In the middle of composing a Line message, it froze then went dark, cannot start. I swapped a different genuine LG battery, sometimes the LG logo showed but never got to the home screen. The USB connector seems not connecting either.

  325. Same problem here. My phone installed an update and about an hour later it froze while I was sending a text. Took the battery out to reset the phone and now it won’t turn on again.

  326. My phone died on 4/19/17 @ 0730p.m. It was working fine and suddenly died. I removed the battery, replace the battery, tried the manufacturer restore and nothing works. This is ridicule and Verizon is no help. If you don’t have insurance you are out of luck.

  327. My phone died today. The phone was in my pocket while I was driving. Got out of the car and the phone would not turn on. Sometimes it will try to boot up but then just a blank screen.

    This is really odd looking at the comments and tons of other people reporting the same thing.

  328. Will, I feel your pain. LG G4 crapped out. Verizon gave us another phone, BUT my wife’s life is on the phone. Verizon couldn’t recover the data. Been doing the freeze thing and got to the home page a couple of times…then fade to black. Any other tricks? My wife is in tears about this

  329. 4/21 at about noon , my phone started to boot cycle and kept repeating …to my surprise i am looking at the time stamps on these comments. how weird is that !!! these are all VERY recent post

  330. YUP… fantastic… and on a Friday of course… LG G4 dead af. LG screen cycles several times, won’t boot, red Verizon screen may show up but not every time… did factory reset (holding power and vol. down still works to get bios), tried safe mode… nothing gets past the LG screen. NOTHING… I switched from Samsung because of stupid crap like this but I guess only the logo is different with these cheap Chinese POSs, and i’m screwed… THANKD LG!!!

  331. Well, to add to the bulk: My LG G4 went black today at 8pm on April 20. Due to travel I was without wifi for a couple of days, got online just now, was running some apps when it suddenly went black. Only very shortly a LG screen flashed with the notice ‘running app update’ but that was the very last sign of life.
    I’m from The Netherlands and currently on a roadtrip in the USA. This is rather upsetting – i use my phone for so much. Hope to retrieve my data, notes and photo’s…

  332. My LG G4 died right after sending a text about 4pm-ish (EST) on Tuesday, 4/18. I had put it back in my pocket after the text and pulled it back out to send another one. The text screen was still on, but frozen. I tried touching the screen and then pressing the power button. It was still locked on the text screen. Then it just went black while I was looking at it. Nothing would work to turn it back on. I had around 20-25% battery left. Have already been to 3 Verizon stores and also a Batteries & Bulbs (formerly Batteries+). No one has a clue as to what happened. The B&B guy said that it could’ve been caused by an automatic update. Based on the timing of everyone’s responses below and how different service providers send updates at different intervals, this could easily be the issue. Especially since my phone has worked great since I purchased it in Nov 2015. I think I read below where someone talked to an LG agent and they mentioned a faulty update. Definitely seems plausible based on the volume of comments on here. If this is true, there are probably many more who aren’t posting on this site. Mine is 17-ish months old and was purchased from Verizon. I am currently trying the refrigerator trick and then the ‘cycling’ trick that I read on here. I don’t care 2 cents about the phone, but the pictures and data are priceless. It does make me more than a little salty that I still owe $150 for this brick because I use the Edge program by Verizon.

  333. My phone just died today; It was stuck on the LG Logo last night. I was trying to do a hard reset but it does not allow me to. It stays on the ‘Do you want to delete….’ page but when I press the power button to confirm, it does not push through. I plugged it in to make sure it will not run out of batt while on the process.

    The phone just turned off. No longer turns on, does not even charge.

  334. Mine went black on 19 April, 6pm local time. (eastern U.S.) Battery out and in…got to the LG screen after pressing the ON/OFF button, then it went black, and no response at all to further attempts. Battery out and in (after 30 sec); ON/OFF; the same boot to LG screen, then black and no further responses.

    I then took both the battery and micro-SD card out — as suggested in another comment — and held the ON/OFF button for a full 60 seconds. I put the micro-SD and battery back in. Pressed ON/OFF; this time it got to the LG screen and stayed there. Worrying that I might expend what little battery power I have left, I’ve tried it again. Instead of trying to boot it, I simply plugged it in. Unlike other times (when plugging it in to power gave me nothing), it now has the normal “off but charging” look…so I’m hopeful it’ll work. However, it indicates an 88% charge, and I know it was down to about 30% or so when it failed….

    Will update this comment page in 30 minutes if it works ….

    Good luck to all.

  335. Well, I can see I am not alone in this adventure. LG G4 just took a wicked dump on me and did the same thing most everyone is saying. I went to open up my text messages and boom – screen froze, phone shut off, and all I have been able to do so far is get the LG logo screen to pop back up but won’t get past there. Correction – I can’t even get that to pop up anymore. I got an update yesterday from Verizon, not sure if there is a correlation there, but it seems odd that most people having the same problem all at the same time all of a sudden.

    (not a bot)

  336. Mine died on the 15/4. Looking at facebook the charging message came up it froze then died. Have a second G4 so swapped batteries nothing, wont boot now managed to get to the lg logo once then nothing. Was faultless till this point

  337. Mine died on 4/17/17. Just finished charging my LG G4. Went online to check my fb page. Screen just went off. Tried powering up it won’t start it just stuck at the LG logo screen waiting then it turns off. Did a reboot as article stated nothing still the same. Did some research on line…LG G4 is aware of this an there is a lawsuit regarding this phone “bootloop”. I called my phone carrier T-Mobile & told them about my issue regarding this and luckly my phone is still in warranty, so I need to bring it to this place to exchange it just to keep it for my son to play with. Never again will I buy a LG. I already pre-ordered my next phone the Samsung8 brand I know last longer. I’m using the SG4 that’s an old phone in storage as backup so that tells you that its still going with quality. – Honolulu, Hawaii.

  338. Phone died today 18.04.2017 after I bought it not even 2 years ago. I was using an app and it just went black. I removed the batery but I only get to the LG logo and it turns black again. I tried rebooting, doing a hard reset – nothing works. Will go to the service today to see if it can be saved at all..

  339. My LG G4 died on 4-17-17 fully charged while reading the news online. It just turned off. Tried turning it on but after LG logo goes on it just shuts off. Did everything even a factory reset. Doesn’t work F [email protected]# lost all my photos that werent in the SD card. Same thing haopened to my previous LG phone a few years back, it just dies out. Never again im buy an LG phone!

  340. Completely dead LG G4 on 04/17/17, is today a special day? I did the CNET recommended restart and everyone other restart I could think of and I got nothing.

  341. My LG G4 went black on 14 April 2017. It is 16 1/2 mos old. Can only get back to the Logo and then it goes black again. Verizon phone purchased at Best Buy.

  342. From all of the comments I can truly come to a conclusion and say my LG G4 is a Piece of shit. Once bitten twice shy and will never buy any LG again.

  343. Same thing is happening to me as well.
    one of my friend warned me that I shouldn’t buy LG G4, and yet this happened.
    My Mobile was 7 percent charged while I was using it, after that mobile got auto-restart and till then there is no chance that device get started.
    It remains on LG logo screen or T-Mobile..nothing happens. I tried factory reset, everything..but nothing happened.

  344. Mine also stopped dead yesterday. Took advice from CNET to remove battery simply and sd card and hold down power button for 60 secs and then put back together and powered up and it worked! Still seems ok today.

  345. Mine died a few hours ago, with about 20% battery. I’ve tried all four replaceable batteries. Odd coincidence.

  346. mine just died while i was using it and nothing is happening…seems like a lot of people are having this issue.

  347. My LG G4 died this morning. It had over 80% battery left after the night. I had alarms set, and they went off as usual. I got up and wanted to check the notifications, but was called to another room. When I came back after 5 – 10 minutes my phone was just dead. No LED light when I try to charge it. I took out the battery, waited 10 minutes or so, and tried to turn it on again. Nothing. It did cheer me up that it isn’t really my fault reading back all of the comments here, but I’m unsure what to do with it. It’s going to be a solid couple of days before I’ll be anywhere near any service point.


  348. My LG G4 died on April 12, and just like most of you I bought the phone about a year and a half ago. The battery heated up like it was going to explode, so I took the battery out to try to cool it down. It cooled down after a couple minutes, and since that happened the phone won’t go past the LG screen. I tried to do a master reboot, but nothing has worked yet. Any advice?

  349. *My lg g4 die to day it won`t start.I put the battery in out and still nothing. That`s weird happned the same with my lg g3. This will be my last lg phones
    one of the world best sold on the market, it`s a shame that lg pop out when useing.
    thank lg

  350. Mine began doing this last Sunday. Just grabbed it to play Solitaire and the screen went blank, pulled the battery, put it back in, and it began booting and then shut down. Called AT&T on monday and they said I probably need a battery. I’ve had my phone for about 15-16 months too and am wondering if they put an expiration date on these. Got a new battery today, charged up the battery, at least it eventually said and showed it was fully charged, then went to turn on the phone and got nothing, pulled and reinstalled battery and it went to the AT&T screen, then went blank again. Figure I’ll keep the thing on the charger overnight just to see what that does. LG is really about to lose a LOT of customers with crap like this. Sorry to all my fellow LG users who are getting shafted, especially after shelling out all that money for one of these.

  351. Reading the comments, I’ve realised I’ve also had my phone around the same time, 14-15 months. Are they hard wired to expire after a year or something?

  352. My G4 is doing the same thing now; stuck on the LG boot screen; sometimes looping, sometimes turning off completely. Happened out of the blue while in normal use. Haven’t had any prior issues with it.

    I have a spare phone so I’m not totally screwed but this is disappointing; the G4 is great and was easily my favorite phone.

    (not a bot btw)

  353. Count me in as well. I live in Maple Ridge, British Columbia and the phone is my life line.
    Going to retailer today where I purchased phone but they may redirect me.
    Very annoying….why didn’t they test first before implementing any update?

  354. Mine died last night. Just randomly went off in my hand and wouldn’t turn back on. Took the battery out and put it back it, won’t charge, won’t register in my PC. Spoke to the kind lady at LG and she said they would replace the motherboard under their warranty as it is an issue on their part. A motherboard issue triggered by an incompatible update apparently. Though she wouldn’t clarify until I told her I had found out online. They don’t want the bad publicity, of course. Now wtf am I to do about all my data on the internal storage being erased? Why didn’t I back it up when I had the chance? I had the SD card in the phone! Foolish me.

    West Yorkshire, UK.

  355. My lg G4 was working fine and was on a call and popped my headphones in and the phone went blank…. I tried several troubleshoot but none worked it was on 60% charge. Tried to charge it but it doesn’t even show the charging led as well. This happened on the 11th of April.i don’t know wha to do …?

  356. Mine also died, the 17th of March 2017. Off course my service provider sent the phone back without explanation, say it is outward damage. Only had the phone 14 months. From South Africa.

  357. I wasn’t even on my phone just using the mobile hot spot. Now it is stuck in the LG mode and won’t go any further

  358. My phone also just died. Was on the Kindle app, and the screen just goes black. I’ve tried a bunch of troubleshooting and nothing is working. WTF is going on?!?

  359. My phone also did ththe s today. I’m in Houston TX. Tried pushing the power button for 30 seconds and the logo screen came up briefly then went to black. Very odd we all have this issue around the same time

  360. i’m in Alabama and my phone is doing the same thing. It was sitting on my desk, fully charged and when i picked it up, it just shut off and now it won’t come back on. I’ve tried the master reset and nothing happened. The logo won’t even come on the screen. I just purchased the phone in August and there is no water damage to so i don’t understand what’s going on.

  361. Me too! Me phone decided to take a crap yesterday the 8th. It happened previously before too! This is just ridiculous! I loved all LG products, but this will be the last time I purchase anything LG. The worse part is that I have memories on the phone. I am a single mother of two which I take pictures of all the time. A hard reset will delete those memories not on a SIM card 🙁 Thanks LG!

  362. This is BS. My phone was placed down on the table. I went to unlock it and it shut down. I have tried all but a hard reset. I still unfortunately have photos and movies etc on my phone I don’t want to lose. I am finding it strange that we are all experiencing this same issue all around the same time…. I’m in Australia btw. So it’s world wide by what I am reading…

  363. Yep. Happened to me too today. NEVER getting an LG phone again. This happened to me in November and now again today. And….LG will repair it but it’s another 2 weeks without a phone. Furious. At least SPRINT is letting me get out of my lease and allowing me an early upgrade. Why? Because they said their phones are ringing off the hook about this POS phone. Way to ruin my Saturday, LG.

  364. My lg g4 stopped yesterday , some program freezed first and then no responce and shut down , didnt even boot up , battery away few hours and tryed to boot but stopped and shutted down , no my phone is in freezer and ill try afterwards is that fix working..

  365. My G4 died on the 19th of February, whilst out of the country. I sent it off to LG to be repaired. On the 8th of March I received notification that the unit had been repaired and dispatched to me. It never arrived. LG confirmed it went missing at a “mail depot on the 9th March. It’s been a struggle to get LG to do anything but this week they offered me £250. Trouble is a new unit costs £300. I’m not a happy bunny. Their customer service is possibly the worst I have ever experienced, with multiple promises that “a supervisor will call you within 24 hours” never materialising.

  366. LG G4 died today after 14 months. Started to loop boot or/and freeze a few days ago so I uninstall all my apps and it still froze while in safe mode. Was working well this morning, but now it’s just black and won’t even power on. Not dropped/water or any other reasons. Hope I can get my data back before sending it to get fixed. And out of the 1yr warranty obviously!

  367. LG admitted a soft ware problem that caused the phones to crash. Class action lawsuits against LG are available
    Attorney Girard Gibbs 866-981-4800

  368. Today mine LG G4 actually died, black screen can’t turn on. Someone know the solution for fix it !!??

  369. I had my Lg G4 replaced about 3 months ago for rebooting and cutting off. My phone died again yesterday about 10am. My battery was fully charged and I opened my FB app and it shut off and never cut back on. I HATE THIS PHONE NOW

  370. Mine just died today while I was at Facebook. From what I reading there is no real solution but sending it back…

  371. Mine died today. I tried every suggestion I’ve read, but no success. I went to LG’s Live chat to see if they had anything to offer, but after 30 minutes no one picked up my request, even though I sat at number 1 in the queue for over 20 minutes.

  372. Mines died Saturday 4/1. They are sending me another tomorrow but I wish I had saw these posts 1st. I would’ve gotten another shipped to me. I hope I don’t have the same issue again..ugh!!!

  373. Mine died today (R.I.P LG G4). I tried several remedies I’ve read but still it’s unresponsive. 🙁

  374. Your phone needs to cycle.
    To cycle it:
    – Have Charger in the wall socket ready to go (but don’t plug into phone yet)
    – Hold in the power button on the phone for at least 60 seconds (don’t lose contact, this is important).
    – While still holding in the power button (after 60 seconds) plug in the charger to your phone and continue holding until you see the phone begin to power up. (should only be a couple seconds.
    – Have someone help you by plugging in the phone while you hold the power button in if you can’t keep you finger on it and plug it in at the same time. This won’t work if you can’t do both together.
    – Sometimes I have to let my device “rest” for 2 days before it works 🙁 sorry but that’s the sad truth. but that’s only some devices that are that finicky.
    – This works on desktop computers, tablets (so likely any electronic device). I have personal experience with those and it works, so I am confident this will work for many of you.
    – Try it a few times over the course of a few days. Don’t leave your phone with the store. Keep it and try until it works. You will recover your photos and info and can likely return the new phone they conveniently sold you or at least have this one as a back up for emergencies when you lose / break your new one.
    Hope this helps!

  375. Awesome – This happened to me also yesterday the 31/3/2017. The phone was on the car charger at about 60%. I had just put the phone down after a work call and it went dead. We had just had a massive storm which disrupted the power and phone networks and up until I started reading these posts I thought it was related to the storm but obviously not. Straight off to by a Samsung. Even if they fix this phone who is to say that these problems wont arise again. I had no idea this kind of thing could happen to a phone. EPIC FAIL LG!!!!!

  376. My LG G4 also stopped working. I’m able to turn the LG recovery system on, appearing on the screen but then it doesnt show the ATT and just black screen.

  377. my lg g4 died today, can anyone find a solution? I have important stuff on it, It just turned off and now can’t get it past the boot up screen 🙁

  378. Bought it from B&H US, live in Argentina. It’s been 15 months since I got it. Yesterday it just bricked the hell out. LG Argentina does not wanna recognize what LG International said about the G4 and now I have to send it to the local Tech support because “If it was purchased outside of the country it is not covered”. Absolute BS, I won’t give this company a single dime from now on

  379. Mine just died last night. It had about 60% battery. I was calling my wife and it just died on me. It went black and unresponsive. I tried taking the battery out and put it back in, and it started, but then went black and unresponsive again, and now nothing seems to work. Replacing the battery, charging it, holding the power button for 30+ seconds, holding the power button and the volume down button at the same time, NONE OF IT WORKS. This was last night (March 30, 2017). Something weird is going on.

  380. Sad times. I have loved my LG phones. This is such a huge let down. I was on my phone messaging with my hubby when my G4 went to the black LG screen and stayed there. I left it like that for twenty plus minutes then pulled the battery. Now it won’t turn on. We own five LG phones – different models – I’m praying the G4 is the only one that is screwed.

  381. Happened to me as well this morning. What is going on with LG!? I cant afford to have my phone randomly shut down on me. It was working just fine right up to the point of failure.

  382. March 29, 2017…..WTH?? I woke up and my phone was warm and on the boot screen. I took the battery out and let it cool down. About 30 minutes later I tried to turn it on again. My phone will not go past the boot screen either. it will stay on the boot screen for 30 seconds and flash back to the same thing. the battery is at 100%.

  383. Same thing happened to my phone … Won’t turn on at all, can’t even get it into recovery mode to
    re-install it’s software.. funny how everyone’s G4’s are doing this … had mine for 10 months, never dropped it nor let it get wet. Starting to doubt LG’s build quality.

  384. mine died also is this a joke phone was working perfect all day and then left it down and came back to it and puss lg logo on screen and wont turn on

  385. My LG G4 died today 29/03/2017, little more than a year since it was purchased.
    And no, I’m not a bot

  386. Happened to me aswell… how crazy is this really? Unless you all are intelligent bots whom just posted “me too” “Mine is bricked” etc… Cuz it is quite unbelievable that this happens to us all in this time frame

  387. Hello, my phone LG G4 just stopped working from one moment to the other, I’ve tryed the full reset, and now doesn’t even turn on! Is there an other possible way to turn it on, or, to reset it without the phone being with the Power On? The odd part of the story is that the Guarantee just expired (coincidence I try to believe!). Thank you for the support provided if/when possible.

  388. phone died last night , first the screen froze then i removed the battery to restart the unit but it never recovered. Is there a chance to bring life back into this LG G4 ?

  389. My LG G4 died on 21-Mar-2017. I talked with LG support, they are not aware of this being a systemic manufacturing defect or are refusing to acknowledge it.
    I have mailed in my unit, awaiting repair estimate, since my unit is out of warranty.
    The news about the class-action lawsuit can be found at:
    as well as other news sites.
    Not sure how to join in on the class-action lawsuit.
    I’ll post what estimate I receive. Brian Ingram reported the repair estimate of $70 to $80.

  390. My LG phone just died this afternoon. the battery was about 70% at the time. I could not get it to reboot. I tried charging it and calling it from my landline but could not get through. The Verizon store service was just awful, not very helpful but they ordered another one, same model. I hope I do not have the same issues that I have with this one when it comes in but after reading some of these reviews, I haven’t got much hope.

  391. My phone just did the same thing last evening. My husband had the boot loop issue this seems different. I just called verizon to see if the company is accepting responsibility for the phone issue this time. Saturday is not a good day to call them. I was sent to I-phone tech support then who knows where from that. I have used Verizon for years because of CS but it certainly is not what it used to be. If they cannot assist me in a resolution I am going to try new cell service. ATT possibly

  392. Same issue happened yesterday. It was working fine, no warnings and then just shut off. It won’t turn on, nor does it appear to charge. One month out of warranty. My first pricey phone and this shit happens. Will also never buy LG products.

  393. I was listening to my phone in the car yesterday evening and all of a sudden it just failed. I take the battery out and put it back in; it acts as if it wants to start then shuts down. I have the original charger; it charged all night, still no screen. Had this phone only one year, still like new. Just paid it off and out of nowhere it just stops working, no overheating, damage, anything!!

  394. Ok, mine too went South. Called LG they told me that it is a software update that they rolled out that was not compatible with the motherboard. They offered to fix it at no cost.
    So there is a major issue with the LG G4 Smartphone. As of 2 weeks ago LG pushed out a update that was not compatible with the LG G4 Main Board and it shuts the phone down completely. Bricked! Mine went down 20 minutes ago. I called LG and they are aware of the problem and offered to repair it for free. Unfortunately I have to ship it to them and will be without a phone for upwards of a week.

    Hi Mr. Courrier,

    We apologize for the inconveniences you are currently experiencing with your LG Mobile Phone. Please send the phone for repair to our service center without any charges, below are the important details needed for the repair.

    >In a box/package, please include your name, contact number, email address, home address, IMEI#, carrier, code for bootloop (G4BOOT), case number (CNN17032xxxxxxxx), approval number (APNxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and if you can find your proof of purchase just include it in the package as well.

    >Send it to : FutureTel ON
    570 Alden Road Unit 12
    Markham, ON, L3R 8N5

    >Please use this Purolator account 167-xxx-xxx to send it in at no cost.

    >Please use a bubble wrap to avoid any damages during shipment and remove the sim card, memory/sd card, battery(if removable) and back cover

    Thank you and God bless!

    LG Canada

  395. Did all this just happen in March 2017? Mine did the same thing. I even went and bought a new battery thinking it would help. Nothing! Not even the LED indicator lights up when I plug it in. Phone worked great, finished a call. put the phone down, picked it up and thought the battery died. Nope. The phone just died. out of nowhere. No damage, no water, never dropped and always in a case. so frustrating.

  396. My phone just did the same thing! LG customer support was extremely not helpful. FYI they extended the warranty from 12 months to 15 months (how nice of them right) for this phone for this reason i was told… anyone else is own their own. The service rep. kept telling me to do a factory reset, which obviously won’t fix the problem, then to return it but i will be charged the repair cost. .. another person on this forum stated 70$$. Looks like LG just lost another customer seeing as i’m a month out of warranty. Shame on LG for not standing by their faulty (and well known about) product. I plan on contacting the BBB about this experience, I recommend others do the same.

  397. My LG G4 just did this today. Out of the blue went to the black screen with logo…. I’ve tried to factor reset and it gets stuck on yes… This is frustrating! One year into this phone….

  398. I too have had the same problem with my phone, it happened at the end of February, i felt the phone was getting ridiculously hot in my bag so turned it off then when i tried to start it up again it just froze on the lg screen and wont come back on. Gutted as cant access all of my pictures.

  399. My LG died Friday, March 17th. I received a replacement phone on the 21st and it promptly died today, Wednesday, March 22nd.

  400. Just saw that there was a lawsuit filed today against LG in California .
    Everyone needs to look at story we all have the same problems.

  401. I am having the same problem with my LG G4 phone. Today the phone screen suddenly froze and didn’t turn on. I tried all the mentioned techniques to get it started but none of them work. Please LG do something and help us to save our beautiful memories which are save in the phone.

  402. Life’s not good after my Lg went totally blank on 18th March 2017.
    Still trying Hard to revive it, by reading on different sites and by visiting the Lg service center here. I have been a proud owner of this phone and enjoyed capturing beautiful moments with my Lg G4 for the past one and a half year, without any issues at all. Very sorry to be stuck like this, need to save and back up stuff from my phone. After reading all the comments here, am more shocked as to how come So many of us are stuck with the same problem, same time. Lg pls do something and help us come out with a solution to save our phones along with all the important pics and data stored in it.

  403. Another one that has died, black screen only, can the LG logo if you hold the power button for 30sec but nothing else. This is crap, First and LAST LG phone!

  404. Same happened to me yesterday. The phone was keep on rebooting itself and at once finally it got turned off and never came back. I tried all the possibilities provided online to get to the hard factory reset. Changed batteries, tried hard reset, tried to get in to safe mode. Nothing worked out. Did LG sent out any update yesterday to all G4’s ? Please post the solution if one was able to get back to the screen.

  405. Left the phone charging one night, woke up and found it dead. Subsequent attempts to boot it up have not gone beyond the “LG Life is good” screen. A little ironic I would think. I saw below that LG has has accepted that there is a manufacturing defect.

  406. Guys…it happened to me too….infact just today! my phone had about 40 percent battery left, I was just about to check the text from my employer….it turned off and wouldn’t start, even after taking the battery out….if any of you guys know the quick fix, please let me know!! :(, it is really sad on LG’s part #wtf !

  407. Mines was on charge about 13% i was standing up with it on charge texting my friends i took a screenshot it froze and turned off !!!!!!!!!!! t_T whats happening with LGs?????? Im on youtube trying ot find a problem…im googling suggestions….im even trying Phone Companion on my laptop still nothing..

  408. Mine just died as well… I’m so sad!!! All my pictures and videos! 🙁
    Surely, this must be a problem with LG

  409. I went online to LG registered the fault. Lg rang me the next day (I gave my mums number online.) giving me a registration number. They arranged a pick up of my broken phone with no questions asked They did need the receipt This was ok for me because I bought it from amazon. They repaired my phone and it’s working fine again. It took less than a week. So contact them and get your phone fixed.

  410. Mine died yesterday! I tried to charge it overnight but it still won’t open, also whenever I open it without the battery and just a charger it shows an battery image with a blinking “?” mark and if I put the battery the “LG life is good” logo shows up once or twice then just poof nothing happens just back to black screen.

    – My Phone still has a space on it.
    – It has a battery.
    – The Charger is newly bought.
    – My phone is almost 1 year!

    Now, I don’t know if I back it up or not!!!

  411. My lg g4 just died today at sbout 2:30pm while I was online. Whats the deal with this happening, and happening to everyone the past 3 days?

    too crazy, or is LG doing something.

  412. Mine just did it as I was texting a friend. Froze up then just died. And cannot get it to boot up either. Is this an LG problem all of a sudden?

  413. I’ve looked into this a bit, and for my problem in particular it looks like it’s a boot looping issue, mainly to do with the motherboard with the most speculation being the heat sensors on the main chip / the main chips connection to the motherboard. LG formally recognised the issue with the G4 models January 2016.
    If it’s under warranty then LG will replace the phone for you. Contact your service provider or the place you bought the phone from. There is no fix for saving data though.
    If it’s not under warranty any more, there are some temporary ‘fixes’ on youtube involving putting the phone in the fridge (with moisture protection) and putting a hairdryer to the main chip for 7 minutes and tutorials on how to get to the main chip. I DO NOT endorse either of these actions. If you choose try these things it is completely at your own risk. You should not try these things until you are ready to throw the phone in the bin as you can do serious damage to the phone. It is a last resort.
    Some people have said they have gotten between 60 seconds to 6 hours life out of the phone before it has died again but this has allowed them to recover data.
    It looks pretty terminal and I’ll be expecting big things from LG’s customer service or I wont be buying from them again and will be recommending that nobody else does too.
    Good luck!

  414. Mine died sometime last night while I was sleeping. I left it on the bedside table next to me, unplugged. When I awoke this morning it was dead. Thought the battery died so I plugged it in. Nothing. Tried another charger. Nothing. Pulled the back off to inspect the battery and nothing visually appears to be wrong with it. Tried all the booting methods with it plugged in and nothing.

    I will be headed to my provider store when it opens. I hope the insurance I’ve paid for the past 18 months will be put to good use today! Damn.

  415. The same happened with my LG G4 two hours ago, stopped working suddenly and not responding to turn on or hard rests and not charging, completely dead !!!

  416. Mine died tonight on the 11th of March at around 18:00 GMT.
    Anyone know of a resolution for this? I’m going to have to go back to using my old phone just so I have an alarm to wake up for work.
    Tried resets, recharging multiple ways, plugging into the PC, nothing is working.

  417. Mine died March 11. Was using it at full charge and set it down. A minute later it wouldn’t turn on and none of the suggestions have worked to turn it on.

  418. Mine died on March 11 2017, I was trying to use google maps when it went dead. I bought a new battery and still won’t go pass the boot logo screen. All i get is a black screen.

  419. same thing here… the screen glitched, went black, and now won’t turn on. this happened to me a few months ago and it apparently is a problem with this model. they replaced it but this is BS!!!

  420. Mine’s been having minor screen issues for a few months now, but on March 10th (yesterday) it froze and won’t turn on for more than a few seconds after booting it up, and that requires a battery removal and replacement.

  421. my died on mar 10 2017 also whats up with this? was checking my facebook the thing frooze took out the battery now it wont turn on

  422. what’s going on? Curious as to why all of our LG G4s literally stopped working like all at the same time?

  423. I am having the same problem. My LG4 refused to come back to life. I have tried everything. It just powered off right in front of me about an hour ago.

  424. This same thing happened to me at work yesterday where I was in the middle of a text and the LG screen flashed and then froze, I took the battery out and put it back in and same thing. Now it won’t even turn on, I have been trying to get my pictures off my phone and now I worry I won’t be able to retrieve them. I can’t believe this happened to so many people this week.

  425. I have the same problem and purchased my phone through ebay making me completely screwed for any repairs. I have had so many problems with this phone already both when I got it through at&t nd ebay

  426. What the heck!! So all of our phones just stop working never heard of a phone to not come back on I am heated!

  427. Same issue here just last night. Tried the factory reboot and everything, but it only manages 1 optimized app at a time, and keeps resetting, then dies. So frustrating. I bought my phone 15 months ago almost to the day, so no warranty coverage or manufacturing coverage for me. At&T can do nothing for me, and in order to get a new smart phone I’m required to pay off the remainder in full. I don’t have $300 to drop on that, so I’m pretty s.o.l. rn.

  428. Yep, same issue here. I just physically witness my phone die on my desk right in front me just now and now it won’t start up. If I take the battery out and put it back in, LG splash will come up, but then it just dies again. How is it possible that so many people are all having this issue JUST this week?

  429. Same thing with me. My LG G4 entered the “bootloop” thing on March 3rd, now it won’t turn on at all or take a charge. It’s just dead.

    I’m filing a claim with Asurion (Verizon) and see what happens. Hopefully they waive the deductible because this is a known issue? I was going to get a replacement through the “certified-like-new” program, but my phone has a small crack and they said I’d be charged a $299 fee, so I’m scared to do that. We’ll see what Asurion says.

  430. Phone bricked Monday March 6. Got home Tuesday put a new battery in then it did the same thing. this looks like a software issue. The phone will not move past the LG screen and reset will not work.

  431. LG G4 has completely shut off. It started turning on and off two days ago. Now it will not even turn back on. I tried removing the battery and sd card…still no luck. I’ve only had this phone for almost 4 months as I purchased it new from a certified Amazon store. A similar action occurred with my LG G3 about 4 and a half months ago. I don’t know if I’d recommend anyone to get an LG phone!!!

  432. My LG stopped working today. I was texting my son and it went black. Nothing I have tried has worked. Ugh! So frustrated with this phone. I will NEVER buy another LG phone again. The battery is at 60% so it is charged enough to turn on. Now, without a phone really makes me mad……

  433. My phone entered into a boot loop issue on March 3, 2017 while I was heading to the beach and just listening to music on Spotify. Unfortunately for me, my phone was a trooper for 18 months, so I am outside even the extended warranty period. Leaving a reply here to memorialize my issue in case it gets to class action status (which it totally should) and going to sign petitions to make LG pay for this known issue. I am sending it in for a repair, estimated $70-80 cost to replace the motherboard. Cheers to you all, you’re not alone in this frustrating issue.

    P.S. Once you get it repaired, you have a 90-day limited warranty.

  434. Same problem here had phone charging in the car , and when i got to work it was dead. I have tried changing batteries , plugging in different chargers etc. The most i can get out of it is first a 0 % charge screen then it shows the true charge and seems to start booting : after a few seconds it just goes off again.
    If you want to get this far 1. take the battery out , 2. unplug the charger from the wall , 3. plug in the charger to the wall , 4. place battery back in , 5. plug the charger to the phone.
    Once it goes off repeat. I will try to get in by the computer after work. does not seem like a hardware problem if so many are having the same problem at the same time.

  435. My phone got really hot Friday night. I powered off, let it cool down and thought it was the battery. Purchased a new OEM battery but the phone won’t do a factory reset, power up in safe mode or any of the other options. Tried the new battery and that doesn’t work either.

  436. My LG G4 Died on the 1rst as well. Was using it it turned off and wont turn on no charging light nothing its a brick. Since I have the extended warranty I got a replacement but will probably use my jump program with T mobile to switch phones. Really like the LG V20 but very skeptical about owning another LG phone after seeing not only what happend to me but alot of people on the same day I dont believe its coincidence. Im thinking of purchasing a Samsung my husband has had his note 4 going on 3 yrs and its been a great device.

  437. Bought my LGG4 almost 2 years ago, and this morning my phone would not turn on. Went to Best Buy (Canada) and the guy told me my phone was dead. Called LG (available 24 hours 7 days a week) and the customer service agent said it was a Bootloop problem and that LG would cover the hardware repair at no cost. If you are having same issues, give them a call. good luck.

  438. Mine just died about an hour ago. went downstairs to get cereal and came back up to a phone that won’t turn on. Sometimes after I take the battery out it will go to the lg screen but nothing else. This sucks lmao

  439. Same thing happened to me, black screen of death. Contacted LG customer service, if you have a new g4 that you bought less than 1 yr ago or it was manufactured less then 15 months ago contact and fill out the form. They are sending me a new phone at no cost. Good luck.

  440. I found this statement from LG. but I don’t know who to contact because I bought mine from Amazon. Anyone know?

    Here’s the full statement LG made to Android Authority:

    LG Electronics has been made aware of a booting issue with the LG G4 smartphone that has now been identified as resulting from a loose contact between components. Customers who are experiencing booting issues with their LG G4s should contact their local carrier from where the G4 was purchased or a nearby LG Service Center ( for repair under full warranty.

    Customers who purchased their G4 devices from non-carrier retailers should contact an LG Service Center with the understanding that warranty conditions will differ. LG Electronics is committed to providing the highest standards of product quality and customer service and apologizes for the inconvenience caused to some of our customers who initially received incorrect diagnoses.

    If you have a LG G4 with bootloop problems, you should now be able to get the troublesome connector repaired and get your phone back in working condition. LG confirmed that earlier attempts to fix the problem were misdiagnoses which led to the wrong parts being replaced. With the problem properly identified, it should be smooth sailing for repairs from here on in.

  441. Do you have insurance on your phone? I just sent a claim and guess what — this problem was covered! I still gotta pay the deductible and the replacement is an upgrade. Hmmmm.. known issue, eh.

  442. my phone also died today… just went to blank screen. had most of a charge. tried everything. It simply will not turn back on. I was using google maps to get to a meeting and the screen simply went to black.. now its just a door stop.

  443. Add me to the list. There was an update from Verizon a few days ago, but it ran perfectly afterwards…but yesterday, it was out of my pocket sitting on a table and it just powered off…it hasn’t been back up since.

  444. Just gonna add to this as mine is also experiencing issues. Like everyone else, I can’t get past the lg logo no matter what I do.

  445. what is happening? my Lg G4 just froze up. tried everything but it will not pass the start up logo 🙁 barely 1 year old.

  446. Like everyone else, mine also died (but it actually died today)! I was charging it (up to 99%), and when I went to check on it, the screen froze, and I shut it down, but when I turned it back on, it wouldn’t move pass the LG screen. It would occasionally go black, then back to the screen, black then back to the screen, and it repeats itself until I lose patience and pull the battery out, or if I wait, it eventually turns off. What the heck is happening? It seems everyone on the comment section is going through the same thing. Why haven’t LG done anything yet?

  447. My LG G4 froze this afternoon. It came on for a couple of minutes and showed it had a 99% charge, then completely froze and is sitting on the black LG screen. Have tried doing a forced restart, have taken the battery out to make sure not dust/dirt and put back in, but it will not restart. This has been a great phone up to this point.

  448. Add my LG on the list. Mine shut off two nights ago and I haven’t been able to turn it back on.

  449. This is the second time my G4 has done this. The first time I did everything it said to try and nothing worked, then I tried it again a little over 12 hours later and it magically turned back on with a nearly full battery. This time all I was doing was texting and no matter what I do it won’t turn back on. WTF??

  450. I just did a “chat” with LG. I finally resorted to doing a “reset”. Now it doesn’t even go to the LG screen. It is completely dead. I will be happy to call them (from a Verizon Store). Then maybe I can get a new one too. Clearly, this is not because everyone, everywhere, has a spent battery, need to charge phones, dirt, this that or the other. Clearly there is something going on with LG. It sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened. It’s a real money maker for LG. I loved this phone but I will not be buying another one. I will also not be telling any more people what a great phone it is. That’s for sure.

  451. UPDATE: I spoke with LG support and they are sending me a replacement phone even though mine is out of warranty by several months. Everything on the phone is lost but at least they’re sending me a new one.

  452. My phone died last night. First it froze on the screen I was looking at. Then it went dark and would no longer turn on. This morning I followed trouble shooting procedures. After taking out my battery to look for debris or damage, I was able to get the phone to vibrate like it does when it is turning on. It went to the LG screen and died soon after that. Obviously it is an issue with LG since there are so many people having the same experience at the same time. These are only the comments from people on this site!!

  453. I called TMobile and they said that LG does software updates and they don’t realize that some of that damages the core of the phone, if you have not backed up any ifo; it’s gone forever and a you must get a new phone.. THANKS a lot LG

  454. what is going on? my phone was charging and it died .. I have done everything that has been suggested and now it won’t go on for nothing.. it’s dead. I have too many things to lose.

  455. I am in Namibia and my LG (brought with me here from America) just froze and then won’t move past the LG start-up screen either! Since Monday evening (27th Feb). Crazy!

  456. mine too.. shut off on the 27th of Feb 2017. wont restart, repair person is finding it hard even after rebooting the OS… weird that most LG G4 are shutting off

  457. And another one bites the dust… bout 9:50pm CST tonight… froze up and then shut off. Cannot get it to reboot… would power on but not move past the LG screen… but now cannot even get it to do that. Tried both of my batteries (one which was still brand new) but nothing. No charging light while plugged in anymore either (however my spare battery charging dock is working). Kind of ironic that so many people have had problems just within the last 24-48 hrs. Will head to US Cell store tomorrow but based off of others posts- it’s not looking like it’s going to be a good trip 🙁

  458. mine just quit.nothing.tried everything .march 1st 2017.not even a year old.will never buy another one.

  459. I dnt know why the g4 has that issue of dieing , mine is also dead just after using it for less than a month , its just a waste of money ..

  460. Hello. Mine died today 3/1/2017 around 7.50 am. shortly after unplugging the phone from the charger. Battery fully charged. So many phones dying today appears to be no coincidence. I tried to factory reboot and all the steps above and nothing works. The phone is not charging either. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

  461. Mine vibrated a lot before turning off, it was on 33% so there’s really no reason for it to shut down. Guess I won’t be buying LG again

  462. Add another one to the list. Went to check it today and it was dead, cannot get it to turn on. Tried swapping batteries with a friend who had a known good, charged battery, did not help. No charging light when plugged in. I did notice it seemed to act sluggish yesterday, and several apps would not run correctly, or at all.

  463. Mine has just died 27 Feb 2017. What’s going on!!!!!!!!
    Tried it all to get it back working and I got nothing

  464. Mine just turned off on me 6hrs ago, wont turn on, can’t get to the recovery screen, both options didn’t work for me. Need help.

  465. Mine froze today and now of course won’t boot after a battery pull… Why are so many peoples’ phones dying today?!?!? Anyone have any info on this from another site?

  466. Mine just crashed completely too. It stays locked on the power screen and does nothing. I took it to my cellphone carrier and they said there was nothing they could do. I see quite a few all in one day with the same problem. This is pretty peculiar.

  467. another LG G4, same issue – just turned itself off, not turning on. Feb 27
    I was walking inside the store, puled my phone out to check the time, and it was off……

  468. My LG G4 died last night too. I managed to get it on by removing the battery & holding down the power button for 30 seconds. After replacing the battery it started & everything looked good for a minute now its trying to start, then dies again.

  469. Mine just died on me. I can see I’m not the only person that had the lg g4 crash on me, any idea if there was an update last night?

  470. My lg g4 has automatically shut off of a sudden and there is no way I can figure out out why ? … and it wont turn on !

  471. my lg 4 crashed today and it wont power up longer than 30 seconds even when loading the facorty reset anything else i can do myself there are no repair stores within 100 miles of me

  472. Big problem with g4 and no support moved back to Samsung more reliable and reliability is the most important thing

  473. In most cases, the logic board needs to be replaced. This is not difficult to do, but logic boards are fairly expensive. If you can get another LG G4 cheap because the screen is broken, you can transfer its logic board into the phone experiencing the boot loop, and the problem is solved.

  474. I had this issue and could not even get it to do the factory reset. Took it in to sprint and was told it is a known issue, it is a lease phone so they will replace it at no cost. I was told that while LG is aware of this problem they are not fixing it.

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