How to fix your Huawei Mate 10 Pro that won’t charge or charging but very slowly [Troubleshooting Guide]

Charging problems in mobile devices particularly no charging issues are usually due to a bad charging equipment, defective/damaged battery or other relevant components. Slow charging on the other hand are usually attributed to software-related problems like errant apps, faulty updates, and misconfigured system settings. There are also some cases of slow charging that are tied to the use of incompatible or non-OEM chargers. Charging problem seldom occurs to new devices but this does not denote that they’re totally free from such flaws given that software-related factors are among the underlying causes.

This post highlights a few generic solutions to charging problems affecting the new octa-core Huawei Mate 10 Pro handset. If you own this phone and suddenly have trouble charging it, then feel free to refer to the subsequent walkthroughs and charging tips I’ve mapped out below. Keep reading for more information.

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What to do if your Mate 10 Pro is charging very slowly?

If your phone is able to charge and has at least 50 percent of battery life, then try these workarounds to troubleshoot and clear out software errors from the underlying causes.

First workaround: Clear all background apps then reboot the phone.

Background apps that have gone rogue can cause conflict to the charging system and thereby results to slow charging. Background apps consist of apps you’ve recently opened or used but not closed. They’re in standby mode and remain running in the background. Keeping background apps for long may increase the chance for any of them to crash or become corrupted. When this happens, there’s a tendency for other apps to become adversely affected. To clear this out, clear out or kill background apps on your Mate 10 Pro with these steps:

  1. Press the Recent apps key to get started.
  2. Tap the Active apps button to view all running apps.
  3. Select the option to close individual apps or tap End All to close all running apps at once.
  4. If prompted, tap OK to confirm.

After clearing all background apps, restart your phone to clear its internal memory and refresh the operating system for smoother and faster performance. This likewise clears minor software glitches and errors including those that caused conflict on the phone’s charging system.

Second workaround: Update apps and phone software to the latest version available.

Keeping the device software up-to-date helps make it free from major flaws. This can potentially fix charging problems on the phone, particularly those inflicted by system bugs and flawed apps. To check for and manually download software update on your Mate 10 Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap System.
  3. Select System Update.
  4. Tap the option to Check for Updates.

A notification will show up if a new software version is available for your phone. Before updating, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, ample storage space, and at least 50% battery. Also make sure to back up your files for safekeeping.

If your phone has pre-installed Google Play Store, launch the app and check for any pending app updates to install. Keeping apps updated also helps prevent them from acting up or causing conflict to the phone’s charging system.

Third workaround: Reset all settings on the phone.

Resetting all settings on the phone may also be the key to resolving the issue if it’s afflicted by misconfigured or incorrect settings on the phone. This will erase current system settings on the phone and restore the defaults without affecting internal data. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Tap to open the Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Select Advanced settings.
  3. Scroll to and tap Backup & reset.
  4. Select the option to Reset all settings. Doing so will reset all settings without affecting data or saved files on the phone.
  5. Tap Reset all Settings again to confirm.

Reboot your phone after the settings reset and configure necessary options and individual features.

Fourth workaround: Wipe cache partition on the phone.

Wiping cache partition is recommended after installing updates on the phone. Doing so will clear minor software errors and glitches inflicted by errant cache from the system folders or cache partition that may have corrupted the charging system and thereby yielded charging problems on the phone. Here’s how to wipe cache partition on Mate 10 Pro:

  1. With your phone turned off, press and hold both the Volume Up and Power buttons simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.
  2. Let go of the buttons when the Honor logo appears.
  3. Shortly after seeing the logo, the EMUI screen shows up with the recovery mode options.
  4. Press the Volume Down button to scroll to and highlight Wipe cache partition option.
  5. Then press the Power button to confirm selection.
  6. Use the Volume buttons to scroll to and highlight the next options and Power button to confirm selection.

Try charging your phone afterwards and see if there are any improvements.

Fifth workaround: Reset and restore factory default settings on the phone.

Among the last possible solutions to try on if slow charging continues after exhausting prior methods is a master reset or factory data reset. This however wipes everything from the phone including saved data, thus creating backups is highly recommended beforehand. If you wish to continue, then follow these steps to master reset your Mate 10 Pro:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll to the System section.
  3. Tap Backup & Reset.
  4. Select Factory Data Reset from the given options.
  5. Tap Reset Phone if prompted twice.
  6. Then tap Erase Everything to confirm.

Your phone will then instigate a full system reset and then restores the factory settings and default configurations. Software-related issues including those afflicting the charging system are usually cleared after performing a factory data reset/master reset. To find out, try to charge your phone and see if it’s already charging properly.

What to do if your Mate 10 Pro won’t charge at all?

If your phone is not charging at all, check and ensure that the charger you’re using is working or functional. You can use other spare charge that’s compatible with your device to determine if the problem is attributed to a bad charger. If your phone is able to charge with other chargers, then the problem is on the charger and therefore it needs some replacement.

Aside from the charger, also check the phone’s charging port and the power source. Remove any casing or third-party phone accessories that may block contact between the charger circuit and charging port. To ensure that the problem isn’t with the power source, try to charge from different sources like computer, car charger, or other portable power banks. If that won’t work either, then your device needs service.

Other options

If your phone is under warranty, then availing warranty for service or unit replacement should be considered among the last resorts if all else failed to fix the problem and that your Huawei Mate 10 Pro smartphone is still charging very slowly or not charging at all. For more details on how to avail for warranty, contact your device carrier or Huawei Support for recommendations. Alternatively, you can visit the nearest Huawei-authorized service center in your place and ask a technician to conduct further hardware assessments. To find out and confirm if the problem is due to a faulty charger, bring the charger too.

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