How to fix your Google Pixel 2 if it stops charging

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Problem #1: How to fix your Google Pixel 2 if it stops charging

My Pixel 2, which is six months old, stopped charging. I have no battery left to reboot it to perform any of your suggestions. I bought it in Canada but I’m now living in Gijon, Spain. What should I do?

Solution: One of the reasons why charging has stopped may be your charging accessories. Try using another charging cable and/or adapter if that’s the case. If possible, use a known working official Pixel 2 USB cord and adapter for this task. If your Pixel 2 still won’t charge, or if you’ve already tried this troubleshooting step ahead of time, you probably have a hardware malfunction at hand. Let a professional check the phone so you get advice if repair is enough to resolve the issue.

Problem #2: Google Pixel 2 calls not working properly after Android 9 update

Pixel 2 running the latest version of Android 9. Phone freezes when answering or making calls. When calls do go through, I cannot be heard by the person I am calling. Headphone jack does not work. Sometimes, no sound will come from the device. Everything works for a limited time after restart. Issues began a few weeks after upgrading from Android 9 dev preview to official build. I Have factory reset and booted into safe mode multiple times. Problems still persist. I would like to reflash Android 8, but it’s a Verizon pixel so it can’t be rooted. Or can it… Please help! Thanks!

Solution: Getting the latest Android version is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can be one of the first people in the planet to experience the latest Android has to offer but it can also potentially make your device unstable. This is the tradeoff early adapters face all the time. New Android versions, especially the ones released ahead for Nexus and Pixel devices are notoriously unstable so you’re out of luck if you’re one of the users to get them. Unfortunately, the only way to resolve stability issues from new Android versions is a downgrade.

There’s already an XDA-Developers Forum  guide on how to unlock OEM unlocking for Verizon Pixel 2 devices. We can’t confirm if the steps are correct and still working though so you’ve got to try them. If you want to take the risks, we suggest that you follow that guide so you can then manually install the more stable older Android 8 version.

Problem #3: Pixel 2 crashes during calls, or when playing audio files

My phone app crashes when trying to make or answer calls, and will not play any video that has audio or any audio files. When I try to answer a call, usually the phone app crashes, but sometimes, the System UI crashes. When making calls, it will usually not crash, but freeze for several seconds, then jolt to saying the call has been going for 15 seconds. I cannot hear them, and they cannot hear me. When I try to play voicemails, it says “Cannot play voicemail.” In addition, when on bluetooth, I can play music or watch videos, but not when through the built in speakers. I can also listen to voicemail, but have not tried a test call. It’s strange to me that the system blocks videos from playing if the sound can’t be played. My honest guess is that there is something wrong hardware wise with my speakers, and there is something in Android that checks for that, and doesn’t allow things to go forward if there isn’t an audio device available. That seems dumb to me that that would be there, but that’s all I can think of. I’ve rebooted a dozen times, and tried in safe mode. Nothing works in safe mode, either. I reset the phone to factory, then restored using my most recent backup that was made while the issue was happening; I didn’t have any other backup options available. Any thoughts? I opened a ticket with Google, and they passed it off to developers.

Solution: We are yet to get similar reports from other Pixel 2 users regarding this issue. If factory reset did not change anything at all, that can be a sign that it’s either a firmware coding issue, or a hardware malfunction. Knowing which one is tricky and we doubt if Google will even investigate. If this issue only occurs in your device, they’ll most likely waive it as isolated and won’t look into it. Try reverting to an older Android version such as the more stable Android 8, if your Pixel is now running Android 9, and see if there’s any difference. If nothing works, you can assume the issue is not fixable on your level. Try to get a replacement if that’s the case.

Problem #4: Google Pixel 2 drops connection with in-vehicle Bluetooth system

Phone connects to my 2013 Ford focus via Bluetooth. If I make a call phone automatically drops Bluetooth and uses the phone speaker. This just started occurring in the last couple weeks.

Solution: Most Bluetooth issues can be fixed by doing the basics like unpairing, deleting of old pairings from both systems, factory reset, or installing updates. If you’ve already tried all of them before contacting us, incompatibility may be the reason. Smartphones receive more updates than in-vehicle Bluetooth systems so as time goes by, the latter may become out of sync with phones. This is often the reason why Bluetooth systems in cars suddenly stops working properly or at all after a phone updates its software. If possible, try to see if there’s a way for you to update your in-vehicle Bluetooth system. Some car makers may use upgradeable Bluetooth devices (most don’t) so if you’re in luck, an update may fix your issue. Otherwise, you’ll most likely have to contend with what you have, or consider getting a new in-vehicle Bluetooth system.


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