How To Fix Poco M3 Pro that Won’t Download Apps via Play Store

Normally, you will get an error code when Poco M3 Pro won’t download apps via Play Store. These error codes determine what really the problem is and what fixes should be done to correct it. But let us say you are unable to download apps through Google Play Store and yet you get no error code at all. In this article, we will provide you the most effective solutions for Google related issues including unable to download apps.

Note that the result may vary and some solutions may not be able to resolve the issue, so it’s a matter of trial and error. If the first solution doesn’t correct the problem, move on to the next possible solution until you get the issue rectified. Continue reading.

Before you start troubleshooting your device, check if your phone is connected to a stable network and with an excellent internet connection to ensure that the problem is indeed with your smartphone. Check as well if there is no ongoing maintenance with Play Store as it might be the reason as to why downloads are unsuccessful. If possible, try downloading an app in the Play Store from a different device and see if it works. If you are still unable to download the app, Play Store might be down. Otherwise, start troubleshooting your device to rectify the problem. See solutions below.

Things to do if your Poco M3 Pro won’t download apps via Play Store

  1. Check your available phone storage and free it up when needed. Downloading an app will require sufficient memory space on your device. Thus, freeing up your phone storage might be able to fix the problem in no time. To verify, go to Settings > About phone > Storage. Then tap Clear. If you still run out of memory space, delete unwanted files or unused apps. 
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  1. Force Stop and Clear Google Play Store’s Cache and Data. The problem could be with the Play Store app. Cached data of the app can also affect its performance. Clearing them can also potentially fix the problem. Head to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps. Then search for the Google Play Store app. Tap Force Close, then Clear Data. Don’t forget to restart the phone afterwards.
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  1. Remove and Re-add your Google mail account. If you recently changed your email account login information but were not able to update the one used in your Poco device, this could have been the main reason why app download fails via Play Store. To rectify this, simply remove your Google account then add it again. Go to Settings > Accounts and sync > Google > Remove account.
  1. Factory reset your phone. This will restore the phone to factory default settings. Thus, dumping cached data and deleting misconfigured settings that may have hindered the phone to successfully download apps via Google Play Store. To do so, head to Settings > About phone > Factory reset > Erase all data.
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Once the phone has been restored to its original settings, you can set up the phone as new again or from a previous backup. Note as well that if you set up the phone as new, this will leave your Google account in sync mode. In this case, the phone is still downloading the apps linked with this Google account. Wait for the process to be completed, then try to download the apps of your choice via Play Store again. 

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I hope this simple yet effective troubleshooting guide is able to fix your Poco M3 Pro that won’t download apps via Play Store. If you find this information helpful, please feel free to share this post. Also check out our YouTube channel for more up-to-date video tutorials and troubleshooting guides for smartphones. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. Thank you for reading!

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