How To Fix Poco M3 Pro That Keeps Lagging

Poco M3 Pro that keeps lagging issue is usually caused by a buggy app or a random software glitch which can be corrected by some basic troubleshooting workarounds. This article will provide you with potential fixes that you can refer to in case your Poco device becomes extremely laggy. 

When you phone performance becomes slower, this is an indication that its system has been inflicted by either a software bug or a buggy app running on the device. Phone navigation becomes annoying as you need to wait for some time for the device to follow swipe or tap commands. Random software glitches and malwares are just among the many triggers. Whatever the possible cause is, the solutions we have listed below should be able to eliminate these causes and restore the phone to its working state again. Should you need assistance with your Poco M3 Pro device, read on.

How To Fix Poco M3 Pro Keeps Lagging

  1. Close running apps in the background. Background apps will consume the phone’s resources making its operating system slow and laggy. Thus, dumping cached data from these apps should help fix the problem. From the Home screen, simply press the square icon, tap X to close the individual app.
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  1. Reboot your Poco M3 Pro. The process will refresh your phone’s system as well as automatically close running apps in the background. (In case you don’t want to individually close running background apps, you can directly restart your device).
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  1. Restart the phone is Safe Mode. This is to check if a third-party app is causing the phone to become slow. Turn off your phone. While the phone is off, immediately press the Power key. Then press and hold the Volume Down button when the Redmi logo appears on the screen. Then release all buttons to enter Safe Mode. Navigate your phone to check if the performance has improved while on Safe Mode. If so, check which app is the main culprit. Force close the app or better have it uninstalled if it is no longer in use. 
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  1. Restore the phone to factory default settings. Restoring the phone to its original settings can effectively fix the lagging issue on your device. Not only will it revert misconfigured settings, but as well as delete configurations that made the phone’s system slower. This will also delete all downloaded apps from your phone’s internal memory. Therefore, creating a backup for your important files and data is necessary. If you wish to give this option a try, go to Settings > About phone > Factory reset > Erase all data. Then follow the onscreen prompts to confirm.
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If the phone does not automatically restart after the factory reset, turn the phone off and on again. Once it is back on, set up the phone as new again or from a backup. Then check if the issue has been corrected. You can also try updating the phone to the latest software available. This should be manually done if you haven’t set the phone to auto-update. Software update will provide bug fixes that can eliminate random bugs which may have triggered the phone to keep on lagging and freezing.

Your phone should be working properly after performing either of the above-mentioned tweaks as long as the lagging issue is software-related. Should the problem persist, you might need to take the phone to a local repair shop to check the phone as a faulty hardware component might have caused the phone to keep on freezing or lagging.

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