How to fix Galaxy J5 Prime stuck in Google screen asking to verify account

Hello Android fans! In this troubleshooting episode for the Galaxy J5 Prime, we touch on a common issue: stuck in Factory Reset Protection screen. Many Samsung users still don’t know how FRP works and how to deal with it once they’re stuck with it. We hope you’ll find this post helpful.

Problem: Galaxy J5 Prime stuck in Factory Reset Protection screen

I live in The Bahamas. I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 prime. I picked up my phone to send a text message and realize it just froze. A few minutes later the screen went black with a notification saying restore to factory default. Since there was no other option, I press the indicated button. All my files were deleted.  I tried to turn it back on but it is stuck on a Google screen that says “verify your account” I keep putting in my gmail account, it acknowledges my account but keeps going back to the same page. I was told by some one to wait 72 hours and try again. I did that, but it is still stuck on that google screen. I have been without phone for a whole week. What should I do?

Solution: Samsung devices have anti-theft protection called Factory Reset Protection or FRP. What it does is ask for Google account username and password associated or registered with the device after a factory reset. While this is effective in bricking the phone and protecting data when a device falls into the wrong hands, it can also be equally frustrating for a legitimate owner if he or she forgets what Google account was added to the device.

The best thing that you can do right now is remember the Google account you used on this phone. Then, after 72 hours, you can enter the correct credentials.

If you can’t remember your Google account password, you can try to change the password using another device then use it on your locked J5 Prime. This only works though if the phone is currently connected to wifi. Internet connection is needed so the device can check with Google servers if the new password is correct or not.

If a password change won’t help, your only other option is to let Samsung wipe the phone so it can be unlocked using their own flashing tool. Just bring the proof of purchase (receipt) of the device and a valid ID when going to their store.


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