How to fix a Samsung Galaxy A8 2019 smartphone that went completely dead and won’t turn on [Troubleshooting Guide]

An issue on smartphones that suddenly went dead and won’t turn on usually indicates complex system errors, if not a damaged hardware. The latter factor is most likely to blame if the symptoms emerge after the phone was dropped or got wet. In this case, service is needed. Nevertheless, you still can try performing some workarounds and attempt to fix the problem on your end before taking a trip to a service center. You can refer to the procedures I lay out below, if ever you need some more inputs on what to do.

The following procedures are specifically used to address a pertinent issue on the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 smartphone that suddenly went dead and won’t turn on. Any of these methods can be a potential solution unless the device is totally damaged and dysfunctional. Read on for more information.

But before anything else, if you have another issue with your phone, drop by our troubleshooting page as we have already addressed hundreds of issues reported by the owners. Odds are that there are already existing solutions on our website or at least, there are similar problems we already fixed. So, try to find ones that are similar or related to your problem. If you need further assistance, however, feel free to contact us by filling up our Android issues questionnaire.

First solution: Force restart

Forcing your Galaxy A8 smartphone to restart can possibly fix the problem if errant apps are to blame. Any of your recent apps running in the background might have crashed or get corrupted and that has eventually affected the core system functions. As a result, the device is unable to carry out or complete its usual routine and the system crashes. A simple way to clear bad apps is a force restart. It’s a simulated battery removal procedure that’s equivalent to a soft reset but done using the hardware keys because the device screen is stuck or not responding. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Press and hold the Volume down button first and don’t let it go.
  2. Now, press and hold the Power button while holding down the volume down button.
  3. Keep both buttons held down together for 10 seconds or until the device power cycles.

This won’t affect any data saved on the phone’s internal memory, hence won’t result to data loss. If this won’t work, try the next workaround.

Second solution: Plug into the power source and allow to charge

There are times when a device would just shut down and refuses to power on simply because it completely ran out of power. This usually happens when any of your apps go rogue and triggers massive battery draining on your device. So your device might still have 10 percent battery but because of the errant app, that amount of power left couldn’t get the device to operate in an expected duration.

To rule this out, plug your phone into a power source and then let it charge for about an hour or two. That should be enough time for your device to recharge the battery and power up.

Also ensure that your phone is charging. If it doesn’t charge, then you will have to deal with charging problem first. You can try to switch between power sources and charging ports, or even try other compatible charger for your phone. If you couldn’t get your device to charge, then you need a technician’s aid.

Third solution: Use Android recovery/repair tools to recover data and restore your device

Given the rising number of users having serious problems with their Android devices, app developers are aggressively creating solutions by designing apps like Samsung data recovery to help users recover and restore data from their malfunctioning devices. These tools can be downloaded on a Windows PC or Mac computer and once installed, you can connect your device to your computer to instigate data recovery and system repair.

This can be considered among the last resorts your Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 smartphone still won’t power on after exhausting all applicable solutions.

What to do if your phone turns on again?

If you’ve managed to get your phone back to life, remove any third-party app you suspect is causing the problem. You can uninstall individual apps starting from the most recent download you’ve made, before your phone went dead.

Booting your Galaxy A8 2018 into safe mode can help you diagnose apps and determine if the problem is attributed to a third-party app or not. All third-party apps are disabled while in safe mode, leaving only stock or pre-installed apps running. If your phone does not crash or shut down while in safe mode, then it means that a third-party app is the culprit. In that case, you will need to identify and delete the culprit to prevent the problem from recurring.

You can also check for any available software update for your device. Installing a new firmware update, particularly those that bring in bug fixes, can help clear any malicious software and system bugs that might have triggered your phone to crash and malfunction. New updates are periodically roll out to keep devices at their optimum performance. If you haven’t set your device to auto-update, then you’ll need to update software manually when available. You can update your phone over the air or wirelessly through the Settings menu or use a computer with Samsung Kies.

Wiping the cache partition can also help, if corrupted cache and data from the system folders are to blame. System cache clearing is usually recommended after installing new updates to prevent the device or any apps from going rogue.

Finally, you can reset your Galaxy A8 2018 to its factory defaults if you suspect that the problem is due to invalid settings caused by installing a new firmware update. This however will delete all your saved data, downloaded apps, customized settings and personal information from your device. If necessary, back up all your files before you proceed with a master reset or factory data reset. You can back up to cloud or move critical data from your phone to a computer.

Service options

Most device issues are easily dealt with by specific workarounds or a series of troubleshooting procedures. But for stubborn issues that could not be remedied at home, service would be your last best hope. In that case, you have no choice but to take your Galaxy A8 2018 smartphone to the nearest Samsung service center for hardware assessment and/or repair. If your device is still covered by warranty, then you should avail for one — be it for service or new unit replacement.

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