How to Fix a Poco M3 Pro with Battery Draining Quickly

Battery drain is normal for smartphones, like the Poco M3 Pro. This is due to the constant background processes, which includes email fetch, app refresh and a lot more. But your device battery could drain quickly, even without touching it. Let us check on how you can fix a Poco M3 Pro with battery draining quickly as you read further. 

There are few factors to consider on the Poco M3 Pro with battery draining quickly. One of these reasons is the app processes. Even after closing an app, some of their background processes will still function, and consume a battery portion on the device. 

Playing intensive games on high graphic settings could also contribute to a quick battery drain on the smartphone. Too much heat will also cause quick battery drain. Using the device in warm temperatures could also affect its battery life. 

If you have many third-party apps installed on the Poco M3 Pro, they could also be the main culprit for the quick battery drain issue. Make sure to check these things prior to performing the solutions below. If you have done that and the Poco M3 Pro still drains the battery quickly, then perform the quick and easy steps. 

Fix Quick Battery Draining on Poco M3 Pro: 

  1. Clean Up your Poco M3 Pro. 
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As we use the smartphone, bits of information are stored in the system. Some apps and processes are also kept in the background. However, these things could contribute greatly to battery consumption. To make sure that they are not the main culprit on why your phone’s battery is draining quickly, clean up the memory and other things on your device. 

Poco M3 Pro has a built-in cleaner app that helps in improving performance and battery life on the device. It removes cache files, closes background processes, clears memory and scans the files on the system for possible threats. To do that, simply look for the app called Cleaner on the device. Wait for it to scan and tap on Clean up. 

  1. Perform Battery Optimization. 

Battery consumption is determined by the overall device usage. Constant app usage, screen on time, and other stuff contributes to the draining of the battery. Optimizing it would fix certain bugs and glitches caused by constantly used apps. 

To optimize the battery performance on your Poco M3 Pro, go to Settings. Then select Battery & performance. Tap on the Fix battery issue option. Select the Add * min to start the battery optimization process. 

This procedure should help in extending the battery life and may avoid the quick battery drain issue. Use the device as normal and check if the battery is still draining faster than usual. 

  1. Enable Battery Saver on Poco M3 Pro. 
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Smartphones nowadays also come with battery saving options. This feature allows the user to extend the device battery life by limiting background processes on the device. It is great for those who are constantly on the move and use the device throughout the day, but needs that extra power. 

Enabling the battery saver would also help in curing the quick battery drain on the Poco M3 Pro. To do this, just go to Settings > Battery & performance. Tap on Battery saver to enable the toggle switch. You also have the option to turn on the Ultra battery saver to get more battery life on your Poco M3 Pro device. 

  1. Turn off the Poco M3 Pro. 
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Turning off the device, or simply rebooting it closes all background processes. This procedure allows the device to get some rest and refresh the system upon restarting it. Powering off the Poco M3 Pro should be done if the battery still drains quickly. 

To reset your phone, just press and hold the Power button until you see the power options. Select Reboot or Turn off. If you have turned it off, press and hold the power button again to turn the device on. Then monitor the battery life if it is still draining quickly. 

  1. Erase All Data on Poco M3 Pro. 
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Installing third-party apps could either bring the best of the device, or cause a few glitches like the quick battery draining. These third-party apps, along with the built-in google services on the Poco M3 Pro may have been the reason why the smartphone is experiencing a battery draining issue. 

To address this matter, you may need to erase all data and settings on the smartphone. Doing so allows you to restart the device like a new one. Since it will delete all contents, make sure to backup your important files prior to proceeding with the procedure. 

If you are ready to perform a factory reset, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Set up your Poco M3 Pro like a new one. Install the needed apps for your device and check if the quick battery draining problem has been resolved. 

Still Having a Poco M3 Pro with Battery Draining Quickly

If your Poco M3 Pro still drains the battery quickly, then you might need to have it checked by an authorized technician. This problem might be due to a bad battery connector or the battery itself is defective. 

You can contact Poco through their official website or visit the nearest authorized service center in your area to fix the Poco M3 Pro with battery draining quickly. 

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