How to Fix a Poco M3 Pro That Keeps Disconnecting from the Internet

The Internet has opened a lot of possibilities to smartphones. The Poco M3 Pro relies on the internet for most of its functionalities, including some apps. But what will you do if your device keeps on disconnecting from the internet? Check out our recommendations on how to fix a Poco M3 Pro that keeps disconnecting from the internet as you read further. 

The Poco M3 Pro offers 5G connectivity over cellular data connection and Wi-Fi internet. These connections allow the phone to access the internet seamlessly. Apps that rely heavily on the internet for their functionalities should work fine on the device, as long as it is connected to the internet properly. 

But like any other connectivity, internet connection on the Poco M3 Pro also suffers problems. One common concern that’s being experienced is a connection that keeps on dropping. That means the internet would disconnect on its own at any time while using the device. 

For a smartphone to experience an internet that keeps on dropping issues, that might be due to a server error. A lot of internet-related issues are caused by either a system enhancement or a server downtime on the internet service provider’s end. You can contact your internet service provider’s support and verify this matter.

If most of the devices are experiencing the same kind of problem with the internet connection, try to restart the modem/router of your internet. This procedure will help in ensuring that the cause of the internet that keeps disconnecting is not the internet hardware. 

For those who are using cellular data connection and are experiencing internet issues, try to remove the SIM card and reinsert it on the device. You can also contact the network provider to verify if they have ongoing service maintenance on their end. 

If the issue  is only experienced on your Poco M3 Pro, then maybe it’s time to perform some procedures that could help in fixing the constant disconnection of the internet on the smartphone. What you will find below are some solutions to help fixing connectivity problems caused by poor performance of the Poco M Pro. 

Fix a Poco M3 Pro That Keeps Disconnecting from the Internet: 

  1. Restart your Poco M3 Pro. 
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Restarting the device will not only refresh the system and improve its performance, but could also eradicate certain connection glitches, like the internet keeps disconnecting on Poco M3 Pro. 

Soft reset is a very simple procedure, yet being disregarded to be performed by a lot of users whenever the smartphone experiences a problem. If you haven’t tried it yet, then maybe it’s time to give it a shot. 

To perform a soft reset on your device, just press and hold the power button until you see the power options. Select Reboot and allow your device to complete the process. You can also turn it off, then turn on again as an alternative option for a reboot. After restarting the Poco M3, connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi or cellular data and monitor if it still keeps on disconnecting

  1.  Enable and Disable Airplane Mode on Poco M3 Pro. 
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‘A good way to ditch connectivity errors on the device is to enable airplane mode. Doing so will cut off all radio transmissions, paving the way to remove glitches that may have been causing the internet to constantly drop. 

Disabling the airplane mode will resume those connections, giving it a quick refresh. This might be the solution that could fix the internet glitch on your Poco M3 Pro. 

To enable airplane mode, just go to Settings > Connection & sharing. Then toggle the switch beside Aeroplane mode. You can also access the control centre by swiping down at the upper-right corner of the screen, then tap the airplane icon. You can also access Aeroplane mode by pressing and holding the power key. 

Once connections are restored, connect to the internet and monitor if it still keeps disconnecting. 

  1. Reset the Network Settings on Poco M3 Pro. 

A Poco M3 Pro that keeps dropping from the internet may have been due to invalid network configurations. That includes setting up VPN manually, or connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi networks. 

To remove these culprits, you need to revert all network configurations to their default values and options by performing a reset network settings procedure. This won’t affect your personal data, as it will only delete network configurations such as Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices and APN’s. 

Just go to Settings > Connection & sharing. Scroll to and select Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth. Tap on Reset settings and enter password/PIN when prompted. Tap on Next. Select OK on the prompt and wait for the phone to complete the process. 

After the procedure, set up your device and connect to the internet. Then monitor if the disconnecting issue is still experienced. 

  1. Factory Reset the Poco M3 Pro. 
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A complete phone restoration might be needed if your Poco M3 Pro still disconnects from the internet up to this point. Performing a factory reset will erase all contents on the device, including stubborn glitches. 

Since it will delete all contents and settings on your Poco M3 Pro, secure a backup of your important files. You can create a backup on a laptop/computer to ensure they are retrievable after the process.

To factory reset the device, just go to Settings > About phone. Select Factory reset. Tap on Erase all data at the bottom part of the screen. Enter password/PIN when prompted. Then, select Factory reset to confirm the action. 

Set up the device after the factory reset as it is reverted to the original configurations. Then check if you are able to fix the Poco M3 Pro that keeps disconnecting from the internet. 

Still Having an Internet that Keeps Disconnecting on Poco M3 Pro

If the Poco M3 Pro still keeps disconnecting from the internet after performing those recommendations above, then it is time to ask for proper help. Contact Poco support for further assistance. You can also visit their physical support center if you know one in your area. 

If you are experiencing a problem with the Poco M3 Pro that is not charging, you can also find support for that issue by clicking here

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