How to fix a Nokia 6 2019 smartphone that is not charging (easy steps)

The new Nokia 2018 smartphone is claimed to last longer than its predecessor handset as it comes with a 3000mAh non-removable battery. Nonetheless, it’s not a guarantee that this new smart Nokia will not succumb into power or charging issues in the long run. Several factors can hinder your new Nokia 6 from charging properly  as what has occurred to other high-powered smart devices. Read on to find out what these factors are and what workarounds to perform to deal with such trouble.

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Common factors that can cause charging problems on your Nokia 6 2018 smartphone

Charging issues like slow charging or not charging at all can be tied to a software glitch or hardware damage. There are times when the phone refuses to charge because something is halting or ruining its charging system. This usually occurs when a certain app goes rogue, consumes massive amount of power, and drains the battery in just a short span of time.  The same thing can happen when a buggy update is installed. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have ended up having a device that is charging very slowly or not charging at all after installing a new firmware update including the latest version of Android OS. Typically, a follow-up minor update would be rolled out to address the problem but this can also denote the need for end-users to wait until the fix patch becomes available to the public. This is when affected users would resort to any applicable workarounds as temporary solutions.

Other possible culprits aside from software issues would include the following:

  • Bad battery. It is also possible that the battery couldn’t hold a charge simply because it’s not seated properly.
  • Defective or damaged charger. The same thing can happen if the charging cable or USB cable is not connected securely or has some type of damage.
  • Busted charging port or power supply is not fully connected or being blocked.
  • Use of non-OEM charger may also be regarded among the possible cause especially if it’s not compatible with your device.

What to do if your Nokia 6 2018 smartphone still won’t charge or charging but very slowly?

Before you begin troubleshooting, verify and ensure that you are using an OEM charger or the supplied USB or charging cable and not third-party accessories. Also make sure that the USB/charging cable is securely connected and is not being blocked by a phone casing or cover.

If you see a No Charging prompt, try to use a different power source. It is possible that the power supply is busted so it’s unable to supply any amount of power to your device. As much as possible use a wall outlet as power source. You may also try charging your phone to a computer or a power bank but expect that the charging time for it to become fully charged is longer than when charging through a wall socket or power outlet.  Most USB ports cannot supply the right amount power needed to charge the device within the specified charging time.

Force your phone to reboot while charging.

Forcing your device to reboot while connected to the charger can help rectify software glitches that might have prevented the charging system on your phone from carrying out its main task. Your device is made up of interrelated sub-programs that carry out specific functions. One of these subprograms/modules is the charging system, which is tasked to initiate recharge the moment it detects that the battery percentage has gone down to a certain level. If the charging system fails, then that’s when you will have trouble charging your phone. Bad apps and corrupt data on the phone are the usual triggers. So for the charging problem to be fixed, you need to deal with the bad apps or corrupted data first. Performing a forced restart while the phone is connected to the charger would be a potential solution.

Check for signs of hardware damage

If your Nokia 6 2018 is still charging very slowly or not charging at all after applying all prior recommendations, then check for any visible signs of hardware damage. Verify and ensure that your device, USB port, charging cable, and power adapter have no visible signs of physical or liquid damage. If your device is no longer eligible for warranty, then you can do a physical inspection on the battery to ensure the connectors are not corroded, bent, broken, or pushed in. To determine if the device has experienced liquid damage, try to check the liquid damage indicator or LDI, which is usually found inside the battery slot or battery itself.

Try other charging cable or ports

If you have a spare USB or charging cable that is compatible with your Nokia 6 2018 handset, then try to use it to charge your device. Doing so will help you isolate whether or not the problem is with the current charging cable in use. Also try to plug your device into a different charging port or wall socket. If your device charges properly using another USB/charging cable or power source, then you’ll know what causes the problem.

Reset your phone (if applicable).

If you can get your phone to charge through any of the prior workarounds, troubleshoot any software-related issue which you suspect is inflicting charging errors like bad apps or faulty updates. You may even resort to a factory reset to wipe everything from your phone system including bugs, corrupted data and bad apps. Doing so will give your phone a fresh and bug-free restart.

If the problem started to occur after installing a new software update like a new Android version on your phone, then you may consider resorting to some Android Recovery/Repair tools to fix your phone system that’s wrecked by a buggy update.

Avail for warranty

If your Nokia 6 2018 still won’t charge or charging very slowly and that is still eligible for warranty, contact your device carrier or the store where you purchase your phone and avail for warranty instead — either for a unit replacement or service. Otherwise, take your phone to a service center and have it diagnosed and/or repaired by a technician instead.

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