How to fix a Huawei P10 smartphone that is not charging? [Troubleshooting Guide and Charging Tips]

Charging problems can be due to a faulty hardware component or a system issue on the device. The first thing to do when dealing with such trouble is to determine the underlying cause. Did it started to stop charging properly after installing a new app or software update on your phone? Or, did it occur after you exposed your device or charger to any sort of liquid. If it’s the latter, then most likely the problem your dealing with is attributed to hardware damage. Otherwise, it’s tied to a software glitch that needs to be rectified by some workarounds. Highlighted below are applicable solutions to a problem on the Huawei P10 smartphone that is not charging. I’ve also mapped out some helpful thoughts to give you more inputs on the proper way of charging your phone. Feel free to refer to the walkthroughs demonstrated below whenever you need help in dealing with the same trouble on your Huawei P10 handset.

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Why does my Huawei P10 not charging?

Among the common reasons as to why a smartphone is not charging properly or not charging at all would include a bad battery, damaged connectors or damaged charging port as well as damaged connectors. That said, be sure to look into each of these factors beforehand so you would be able to pinpoint the root cause and then promptly work on the required solutions. Be sure to include these generic solutions when troubleshooting the same charging problem on your end.

First solution: Check and ensure no damage on any of your charging equipment.

Your phone won’t charge if the charger you are using is defective. The same thing happens if the power source is busted. With that said, scrutinize your charger, adapter, USB ports and power source. Make sure all are working properly. If you have an extra OEM charger, try to use your other charger to see if that would make a difference. If your phone charges using a different charger, then your charger is to blame. To check if the USB port in use is working, try to switch to a different port. If it works with the other port, then the previous port you’ve used was likely busted. Do the same with wall sockets or power outlets. For testing purposes, you may attempt to connect your phone to a different outlet or other power sources like a USB port on a computer, car charger, or power bank. Nonetheless, using wall sockets and power outlets is still highly recommended.

Second solution: Force your device to restart while plugged into charger.

This trick has already help many people who were plagued by a similar issue on their Android smartphones. Should you wish to take your chances in this workaround, then go ahead and give it a shot. So here’s what you should do then:

Connect your phone to the charger and power source.

Press and hold the Volume Up key and the Power key simultaneously for a few seconds until the device power cycles.

What to do if you are able to get your phone charge again?

Remove bad apps. If you managed to get your phone charge properly this time, allow the battery to become fully charged and then manage your apps. The problem may be attributed to a bad app installed on your device. To prevent having the same issue the next time you’ll need to recharge your phone, better remove the culprit right now. And to help  you figure out which from your downloaded apps needs to be removed, try to think of what apps you’ve recently downloaded and installed before the problem has instigated.

Factory reset/master reset. Alternatively, you can do a full system reset or factory reset your Huawei P10. While this will wipe out all your critical data and personal information, doing so will likewise give your device a clean fresh start. If  you wish to proceed, don’t forget to back up all your important data beforehand. Once you’re all set, you may go ahead and factory reset your Huawei P10 through settings or recovery mode menu.

How to factory reset Huawei P10 through Settings menu:

  1. Tap to open Menu from the Home screen.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Advanced settings.
  4. Select Backup & Reset from the given options.
  5. Tap on Factory data reset.
  6. Tap Reset phone twice to confirm factory reset.

How to factory reset Huawei P10 through Recovery Mode:

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. Release both keys when the Huawei logo appears.
  4. Press the Volume Down key several times to highlight or select Wipe data/factory reset from the given options.
  5. Then press the Power key to confirm selection.
  6. Use the Volume and Power keys to highlight and select Wipe data/factory reset option again.
  7. Use the Power key to select the Reboot system now option. Doing so will prompt your device to instigate system reset and restart.

Wait for the factory reset to finish and your phone to boot up successfully. Then you may proceed to the initial setup.

Other recommendations

Use only OEM chargers. As much as possible, do not use non-approved charging paraphernalia or third-party chargers. These chargers may not be fully compatible with your Huawei P10 especially when it comes to power input/output value. There is a higher chance that you’ll end up having trouble from using non-OEM charging equipment.

Repair options. In the case where the battery or charger is to blame, you can seek more recommendations from your device carrier or Huawei Support. Having said that, contact your carrier’s customer care for further assistance. Or you can also head straight to your nearest Huawei service center and ask a technician to assess your phone for any indications of hardware damage that might have prevented it from charging properly. If hardware problem is spotted, then your phone needs service.

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