How To Download Music On Android

In just over a decade, our primary use of technology is primarily all on the go. We’re in a mobile world now, and everything that we do usually stems from our phones in some way. While there may be some that look at that as a bad thing, it has made entertainment mediums a whole lot easier to consume, including listening to music. Now, we can easily listen to any song in the world that we want while we’re on the go. You don’t even need a CD or a way to play a CD to do it! It all streams from your smartphone. Or, you can play music without streaming by downloading it.

But, if you’re new to technology or aren’t familiar with how to download music to your phone and play it, that might seem like a difficult task. That said, if you follow along below, we’ll show you multiple ways how you can download and play music on your smartphone.

From Google Play Music

You can download and play music from almost any music streaming app on Android; however, Google Play Music is installed on your phone by default, so we’ll show you how you can do it in this way first.

With Google Play Music, it’s fairly simple. Open the app and make sure that you’re logged into the proper Google account — this should be the email that you signed into Android with. From the left edge of your smartphone, swipe to the right of the screen. This will open the navigation bar, and here, you’ll want to select My Library. If you have any song in the Cloud, select the album or track that you want to download. Next to the album or song that you want to download, tap the three vertical dot menu, and tap the Download button. This will download the song or album to your phone and allow you to play it from anywhere.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to Google Play Music, search for an album or song that you don’t have, and add it to your library. You can then follow the above process to download that to your smartphone.

From Another App

Any music streaming app, with a corresponding subscription, will allow you to download music for offline listening. The process is different from app-to-app, but generally, again with a subscription, you add a song or album to your library, and then download it for offline listening.

Moving Local Tracks To Android

If you have tracks on your computer that you want to move to Android, you can do so fairly easily through a couple of different methods. First, you could simply take those tracks, and copy them into your Google Drive or Dropbox account from your computer. Then, you could go into the Google Drive or Dropbox app on your smartphone, and download all of those tracks right onto your smartphone or tablet.

Alternatively, you could upload them into Google Play Music. Open the Chrome browser on your computer, and add the Google Play Music extension to your browser. This will open a new, Play Music page in a new tab. Log in with the Google account you have on your smartphone, and then tap the menu button at the top left. Scroll down, select Add Music, and then you can drag and drop all of your local files into Play Music. The upload will begin, and you’ll just have to wait for it to finish. You could also just press the Browse button, which will open your computer’s File Explorer to navigate through your file system to find the music to upload.

Once the upload process is finished, just move over to your smartphone, open the Google Play Music app, and then you can download all that music to your smartphone from the Cloud.

With Music Files

You can easily download almost any song or album onto your smartphone. If you buy an album or song off of Amazon or from the Google Play Store, these services give you the option to download it all to your smartphone right after purchase. If not, you can usually go into your Orders section in most services and see an option to download those tracks and albums right to your phone or tablet.


As you can see, there are a lot of methods and ways to download music on Android, but all of them are quite easy and straight forward. If you follow our above steps, you’ll have music downloaded on your smartphone or tablet in just a couple of moments, all depending on your Internet speed.

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