How to Fix YouTube Upload Stuck Processing At 0%, 95%, 99% [Solved]

Uploading videos on YouTube is very simple and easy, although recently there have been reports from users experiencing uploading issues on their YouTube channel such as Upload stuck processing at a certain percentage. Most of the time, upload stuck processing is either at 0%, 95% and other’s reported to get stucked even at 99% processing time. Waiting time for the upload to finish can be a frustrating experience. If you are one of the users experiencing this issue, we are here to help. In here, we have listed some of the possible solutions that you can try to fix YouTube video stuck processing issue.

YouTube Upload Stuck processing

Fix YouTube Upload Stuck Processing

There are several factors that needs to be considered when uploading a video on YouTube, factors such as the size of the video, the quality of the video that you are trying to upload, the speed of your internet connection as well as the traffic on the website at the time that you are trying to upload your video.

If the file size of the video that you are trying to upload is large, then the upload processing time will be longer as compared to smaller video size. Also, videos with high resolutions and high quality also takes time to upload and the processing time for the upload will usually take longer than usual.

Solution 1: Reload YouTube Website

The very first thing that you need to do if your YouTube upload is stuck at processing is to reload the YouTube website. It is possible that the upload process has frozen that is why it is stuck. Therefore performing a quick reboot of the website will help resolve YouTube upload stuck at processing.

Reloading the website will also restart the upload progress of your upload. As mentioned, large video file size usually takes time to upload, that is why only reload the website if the upload process is stuck for a very long time or if you are uploading a smaller size video but still stuck at the upload progress.

To reload the Webpage of YouTube, you can either click the reload button of the browser you are using, or you can press the F5 function key. If F5 key is not available, you can do the shortcut but simply pressing the CTRL + R keys to reload the page.

Solution 2: Delete the Video File and Re upload the same video File

There are instances the first upload is causing YouTube upload stuck at processing to occur while installing the video file. To fix this, try to delete the video file that is stuck at processing and then reupload the same video file.

But before that, try to upload the same file again without deleting the stuck at progress video file and see if there is a difference. If uploading the same video file did not work, you can then try to delete the video file that is stuck at progress and reupload a new one using the same video file.

To delete the YouTube video Upload that is stuck:

  1. Go to options by clicking on the 3 vertical dots of the video file you are trying to upload.
  2. Click Delete forever at the drop down menu.
  3. A prompt message appears if you want to permanently delete this draft video. Tick the option “I understand that deleting a draft video from YouTube is permanent and cannot be undone”.
  4. Click Delete Draft Video option.

Depending on the video size, it usually takes a while for the video to completely be deleted. Once the video is deleted, reload the YouTube page and then re uploading the same video file.

Solution 4: Upload YouTube Video visibility as “Private” or “Unlisted”

After a video file is uploaded to YouTube, most of the time High definition options is usually not available as of yet but will later appear after a several hours. A low resolution or usually a standard definition SD will be the first one to be processed on your video. Therefore, if you want a higher quality videos such as 1080p, 1440p, 2160p or 4k try to wait for a few hours after the upload.

It is then therefore recommended to put video file as Private or unlisted first so that the upload process will proceed and video will be uploaded completely.

Once the High Definition or HD option will then be available, that’s the time you set the video file to public (according to one’s preferences). Scheduling the visibility at a later date will somehow prevent YouTube upload stuck at processing issue.

Solution 3: Check Video Format and Quality of Video File

When publishing a video to YouTube, the video file should be recognized by YouTube. This means that the format and the encoding settings of the video file should adhere to YouTube’s video and audio recommended format specifications so that YouTube will accept the video file that you will be uploading.

Solution 4: Clear Cookies and Cache of Browser

Cache and cookies are very helpful in loading the previously visited website easily and quickly, however, too much cache and cookies can cause issues such as YouTube upload stuck at processing.

To clear browser’s cookies and cache to fix the stuck at processing issue, do this:

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots located at the upper right corner.
  3. At the drop down menu, click More Tools.
  4. Click Clear Browsing Data from the drop down menu. A new window opens.
  5. At new window, select the time range from when you first started to experience the problem or you can select All Time option.
  6. Make sure to check the option Cookies and other site data as well as option Cached images and files.
  7. Click Clear Data option to proceed.

Solution 5: Check your internet connection

For the video to be completely uploaded to YouTube, one must use a good and stable internet connection. Having a stable internet connection ensures that uploading of videos to YouTube will not be interrupted.

There are times when your Internet Service provider is experiencing a high upload traffic at the time you uploaded the video, then it is possible to take a long time for the upload to finish or often stuck at processing. Make sure you are using a stable internet connection for YouTube Video upload. You can also connect your computer directly to an Ethernet cable to prevent upload problems.

When in doubt of your internet connection, perform a quick internet speed test.

Solution 6: Use a different browser

Google Chrome is usually the default browser for YouTube. But, users are still experiencing YouTube upload stuck issues even when using Google Chrome browser. It is possible that Chrome has a temporary issue when processing video to YouTube.

Other web browsers that can also be used to upload videos on YouTube includes Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge for Windows and Safari browser for macOS.

Solution 7: Update Browser

An outdated browser can cause this particular problem and other related issues to occur that is why it is recommended to update browser to the latest version to prevent browser related issues in the future.

To do this:

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots located at the upper right corner.
  3. Click Help from the drop down menu
  4. Click About Chrome. A new windows open and Chrome will automatically check for updates. Wait for the update to complete.

Restart Google Chrome again and then check if the stuck at processing at a certain percentage of YouTube upload still occurs.

Solution 8: Disable Extensions

If there are too many extensions in your browser, the performance will be affected and possibly the reason why YouTube video stuck at processing occurs. To fix YouTube video stuck, try to disable the extensions one at a time while checking the problem after every extensions disabled.

To disable Chrome Extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Open Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the 3 vertical dots located at the upper right corner.
  3. Click Extensions from the drop down menu. A list of extensions will be displayed when new window opens.
  4. Slide the toggle of each extension one at a time to disable it. After disabling one extension, check if the issue is fix. If not, disable another extension. If after disabling an extension and the issue is resolved, then that particular extension may have caused the YouTube Upload stuck at processing issue to occur.

Solution 9: Compress Video File

As previously mentioned, the video size of the video file is a factor to consider when experiencing YouTube video stuck at processing issue. For example, uploading time for a 4k video file will usually take longer than uploading a 1080p video file.

Also, high quality and high resolution video files usually takes longer to upload on YouTube. One more thing, a longer video length and a large bitrate video file also takes longer to upload videos.

It is then recommended to compress the frame rate, the resolution of video file as well as the length and bitrate.

Solution 10: Allow permission for YouTube app

If you are experiencing YouTube upload stuck issue on a mobile device, there’s a possibility that YouTube app permissions is what’s causing the problem to occur. Mobile devices usually requires permission from applications.

When permissions are granted on YouTube app, it will allow access to the YouTube video you are trying to upload.

To enable app permissions on iPhone and iPad, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. At Settings, scroll down and tap YouTube.
  3. Move the slider on Microphone, Camera and Photos to enable access.

For Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Select and tap YouTube from the list of applications.
  4. Select Permissions
  5. Under not allowed, choose permissions for Camera, Files and Media and Microphone. Select either Allow or Allow only while using the app option.

Solution 11: Render and Export Video File again

There are instances when a video files get corrupted or was not completely or properly exported. If you are experiencing YouTube Upload stuck at processing, this is probably because the video was either poorly rendered and or it was not completely exported.

It is therefore recommended in this case to render and then export the same video again. However, if after performing this solution and YouTube upload error message still occurs, try using another video editing software to render and export the video again.

After using another software, try to check if the YouTube upload stuck at processing problem still occurs.

Solution 12: Upload in another time

If none of the solutions mentioned fix YouTube video stuck at processing, it is possible that the time you tried to upload the video is just a busy time or peak hours for the web traffic, specially upload traffic. During these times, uploading a video will take a long time.

You can decide to upload the video file in another time and just exit and quit the process of YouTube upload. YouTube normally continues to upload the video when the video file is not deleted. It will be saved as draft on your YouTube channel.

Then, at another time, try to resume the upload process again by simply uploading the same video to YouTube again and check if the problem is already resolved and your video will now be completely uploaded.

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