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How To Download Flash Games

Flash games back in the day used to be a huge thing. Kids would get home from school and load up their favorite flash games from sites like Addicting Games and others. It would be the thing to do, for adults and kids alike. However, flash games quickly died as smartphones came into prominence and flash developers began developing apps for those platforms.

But what if you cannot find your favorite flash games on Android? What do you do then? Well, chances are, your favorite flash games are probably already on Android, though it may take a little digging, as it’s likely under a different name. However, if you really cannot find your favorite flash game and you just want to be able to download it to your phone, be sure to follow along below, and we’ll show you how.

Hold on…

While it’s most certainly possible to download your favorite flash games to your Android phone and play them, you might not want to. Flash games largely had their downfall and drop in popularity because of smartphones, but also because of the massive security risks that Flash software poses to computers.

You can read just how much of a huge risk Flash is here, but the gist is that Adobe has never been able to get rid of the necessary bugs and glitches in the software that opens up a gateway or exploit for hackers to ruin computers and smartphones. Adobe Shockwave has a similar problem as well.

And while the problem seems like an easy fix, it isn’t. You might think that it’d be as simple as patching up those bugs and glitches, but because of the nature of the Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave framework, bugs and glitches are way too frequent that they can hardly be llocked down permanently.

That said, we don’t recommend downloading a flash game to your smartphone at all. But, if you know the risks and want to proceed anyway, be sure to follow along below.

Download Flash games

You cannot directly download flash games on Android anymore, and this is because the Android mobile operating system is owned by Google. Google has declared a war on Adobe Flash Player by getting rid of it and replacing it with the much more secure HTML5 as well as better security practices inside Android itself.

That said, you’ll have to download a separate app/browser on your phone to get around this and play Flash Games. That said, the first step is to head to the Google Play Store and download the Puffin web browser for free. You can grab it here.

Once downloaded, open the app and make your way through the setup process. Once you complete that, we need to tweak some settings in Puffin so that we can play Flash games.

Open a new tab in Puffin, and then click on the Gear icon. Tap the Data Savings section, and then under Advanced, you can adjust the quality of the Flash playback. The higher you adjust it, the more data that Flash items will take. Lower the adjustment, and your data won’t be absolutely wrecked by Flash playback.

Next, just go to any website that serves Flash games and play the Flash games that you want. They will load effortlessly in the Puffin browser, allowing you to play games like it’s 2006 again! Here’s just a couple of games that you can play to give your new Flash browser a try:

Again, we just want to remind you of the security risk that’s posed with Flash player. If you start experiencing slowdowns or are noticing some strange activity, then you might want to consider running some anti-virus software on your device and possibly remove the Puffin browser from your phone altogether.


Like we mentioned earlier, Flash games have essentially been replaced by Android games. With almost any Flash game that you find, you can find a close replacement to it on the Google Play Store. That said, give the Google Play Store a look, and even search Google for Android replacements of your favorite flash games.

Either way, if you insist on sticking with your favorite Flash games, you can play almost any of them with the Puffin browser.

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