5 Best Word Games For Kids On Android

Parents have so much that they need to be responsible for these days.  Where children often waited until kindergarten or first grade to learn their numbers, letters and colors, today’s children often enter grade school having already learned these concepts.  And parents are expected to find ways to supplement their child’s education to assist them in growing further and faster than children even one or two decades ago. Thankfully, and likely because of, technology can help our children to learn these concepts far sooner than they ever used to.  Computers that never bore of the constant repeating that toddler and young children’s minds crave, help kids learn words faster and in a much more enjoyable way than the school rooms of yore. So here are 5 of the best word game apps that you can find on your Android device to help your child become a wiz in the classroom.

Kids Word Games by RamkyS Tech

This is a fun game that will allow your child to practice learning new words or recognizing them as they are bored waiting for you to do the tasks of life.  Kids Word Games has simple word searches focused towards those early elementary children as well as more advanced searches. They also have beginner crosswords that allow children to see pictures and then come up with those 3 to 4 letter words might be as well as much longer words for those upper elementary children.  And lastly there are missing letter puzzles again containing a picture clue to help your child on their way to verbal eloquence. It has a surprising variety of words to discover.

Download it now: Google Play

Word Bath – Learn to Spell

What a fun way for your elementary school child to learn to spell.  This fun little dog named Monty needs a bath. As he is in the tub, he realizes a word that he needs to spell though a picture.  Bubbles come up from the tub each containing a letter. Your child must catch the right letters in order to spell the word Monty has thought of.  There are several levels of difficulty in this game. You can choose between 3 letter words, 4, 5 or 6 letters. This app also is not only in English but can be used to learn to spell Spanish vocabulary as well.  So try giving this dog a bone and see your child learn to spell as well.

Download it now: Google Play

Word Beach: Connect Letters, Fun Word Search Games

Word Beach is a simple version of Wordscapes.  You are given a wheel with letters on it and from there you use those letters to find as many words as your imagination can find.  This game also has other challenges with word lists and hidden words. There are 4 different modes. Create Words where you find and unscramble letters.  Find Words where you unscramble letters to find the secret word. Word search where you look for a specific list of words to win. And Hidden Words, where the words you find feed your games pet bird.  There are hours of fun to be found in this game and all to the background of those beautiful Caribbean beaches.

Download it now: Google Play

Guess the Word – Fun Word Trivia

This is a great family game with multiple levels of complexity.  The game shows you two pictures and you need to combine the pictures to guess the work.  An example is a dog and a house is doghouse. It is a great way to increase your young ones vocabulary and help them to enjoy the complexity of language.  You can set up the game so that it gives easy words to your child and more complex ones to you, so that you can truly enjoy playing the game with your child.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Learning Preschool: Tracing & Phonics

An app focused towards your toddlers just learning the basics of words.  Children will learn numbers and alphabets. They will learn not only the names of the letters, but also the phonics of them.  They will learn not just the Arabic numerals, but also the spelling of each number. This app also includes things like Fruits, Months, Days of the week, and other learning vocab words.  Colors and Animals will also be a popular set of words to learn. The animated images make it fun to learn and the interactivity will keep them wanting to play more.

Download it now: Google Play


There are lots of great learning games out there for your kids to learn more words or start their journey towards a better use of the English language.  And there is a chance for you to have fun with your child as they learn.

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