How to Assign a Ringtone to a Contact on Galaxy S20

Typically, your Galaxy S20 ringtones are all set to defaults. This means that your phone will play the default ringtone for all incoming calls. If you don’t want your phone to work this way, then you can always customize the settings and make necessary changes according to your preferences. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to assign a ringtone to a contact on your galaxy s20.

Before you proceed, make sure that your phone is set to ring mode, so that you can hear it play the selected ringtone before assigning it to a contact. Also, if you want to use a music file as a ringtone, make sure that the file is already downloaded on your phone. Once you’ve got everything set, you can go ahead and follow these subsequent procedures.

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Easy steps to Assign a Ringtone to a Contact on your Galaxy S20

Time Needed : 5 minutes

The following steps depict the standard process of assigning a unique ringtone to a contact on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. Feel free to refer to this illustrative tutorial if you need help in doing so. Individual screenshots are also provided as visual representations, just in case you’re having trouble following the given instructions.

  1. Access the Apps screen.

    The main Apps screen will show up with various app shortcuts.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - open apps screen

  2. From the Apps screen, tap Contacts.

    Doing so will open the Contacts app.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - open contacts app

  3. Select the Contact that you'd like to assign a ringtone to.

    More details of the selected contact will be displayed.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - select contact

  4. Scroll down and tap Edit.

    On the next screen, you can view editable information of the contact.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - edit contact

  5. Tap View more to see more options.

    Other information about the contact will populate.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - view more contact details

  6. Scroll down and tap on Ringtone.

    This will open a list of ringtones you can choose from.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - ringtone

  7. Scroll and tap to select the desired ringtone.

    You can let it play for a few seconds and decide whether you like it or not.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - select a new ringtone

  8. After choosing the desired ringtone, tap the Back icon.

    Doing so will load up the previous screen with contact details.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - back to contacts icon

  9. Scroll down and tap Save at the bottom right corner.

    The recent changes you've made to the contact's ringtone will then be saved and applied.

    assign ringtone to a contact on galaxy s20 - save new ringtone

  • Android 10, One UI 2.0 and up
  • Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, Galaxy S20 Ultra

Just follow the same steps if you wish to do the same to any of your other contacts. Aside from built-in ringtones, you can also use a customized audio clip or downloaded music to set it as a unique ringtone for a specific contact.

If you’re having trouble changing the ringtone to a specific contact, try to end all apps and services then reboot your phone. This should help clear and refresh the system and internal memory. After the phone reboots, open the Contacts app and retry changing the ringtone assigned to the contact.

Hope this helps!

And that covers everything in this tutorial. Please keep posted for more comprehensive tutorials, tips and tricks that will help you make the most of your new Samsung galaxy s20 smartphone. 

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