How to Hide Files on Samsung Galaxy S21 without using Secure Folder

This post shows how to hide files on the Galaxy S21 without using the preinstalled secure folder. Read on if you need help moving confidential files and documents to a hidden folder or directory on your new Samsung smartphone.

Hiding Files using Hidden Folders

A common way to secure confidential information in computers and smartphones is through hidden folders. By hiding files, any unauthorized access to sensitive data is barred. 

There are many different ways to hide files on a smartphone. You can use the preloaded features, third-party apps or custom folders.

In Samsung smartphones and tablets, files can be hidden in the preinstalled hidden directory called Secure Folder. To use this folder, it has to be activated and set up on the device beforehand. 

Another option is by placing confidential files into a secret or hidden folder. Hidden folders in Android and Samsung devices can be created using the built-in File Manager. Once they’re created, you’re all set to move private files and data. 

Depicted in this walkthrough is the standard process of hiding files on the Galaxy S21 using a custom hidden folder.

Easy Steps to Hide Files on the Galaxy S21 through Hidden Folders

Before you proceed, be sure to get your hidden folder ready. If you haven’t already, then you should create one first. If you need help doing so, then you can even refer to this tutorial video.

1. Once you’ve got everything set, go to your Home screen and swipe up from the bottom to access the Apps viewer.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 hmscrn

Different app icons and shortcut controls will populate the next display.

2. Locate and then tap the Settings icon to proceed.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 settings

The main settings menu opens with a list of all the built-in features and settings for you to use and manage.

3. Scroll up or down to view more items. Then, tap Battery and device care.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 bdc

The Device care menu will load up next. Here,  you will see four major directories including Battery, Storage, Memory and Device protection.

4. Tap Storage to continue.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 storage

The Internal storage menu opens, highlighting a list of different content categories.

5. Tap the triple-dot icon on the upper-rightmost corner and then tap Advanced.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 advanced

Advanced storage settings and features will show  up next.

6. To continue, tap Files to access the folder that stores the file that you’d like to hide. Let’s just use the DCIM folder as an example, so tap on it.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 dcim

7. From the DCIM folder, tap Camera.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 camera

8. To select a file, tap the triple dot icon on the top-rightmost corner of the Camera screen, tap Edit to enable edit mode and then tap to mark the radio button before the desired file.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 rbutton

You can mark or select multiple files or even select all files if you want.

9. After selecting files, tap Move or Copy at the bottom of the screen and then tap the Back key to return or get back to the internal storage menu.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 movcopy

10. While on the internal storage menu, tap the triple-dot icon on the upper-rightmost corner. If you haven’t created a hidden folder yet, tap Create folder. Type in the folder name that starts with a period or dot. Then, tap Create. Please note that the period before the folder name makes it hidden so don’t forget to put it.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 create

11. Once you’re done creating a hidden folder, tap the triple dot figure again and then tap Settings to view more advanced storage settings.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 settings3

12. Scroll down and then tap to turn on the switch next to Show hidden system files. Doing so will make all hidden folders in the internal storage menu visible.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 switchON

13. After enabling the switch, go back to the internal storage menu and then locate the hidden folder where you want to place the private files in. Just look for the folder name with a dot before it.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 hdfname

14. Tap to open the target hidden folder and then tap Move Here or Copy Here beneath the display.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 copyhere

The select files will then be placed in the hidden folder.

15. To hide the hidden folder containing your private files, just go back to the advanced storage settings and then toggle to turn off the Show hidden system files switch.

hide files in hidden folder galaxys21 switchOFF

All hidden folders will then disappear from the internal storage menu including the one that contains your private documents.

Just repeat the same steps to hide other files inside a hidden folder on your phone. You can also create another hidden folder that’s dedicated to store specific files that you’d like to hide.

Hope this helps!

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