How to Copy and Move Files on Samsung Galaxy Note 20

This post demonstrates the process of copying and moving files on the Galaxy Note 20 from one folder to another. Read on to figure out the difference between copying and moving files on your new Samsung phablet.

Internal File Transfers

File management is among the key factors to optimizing mobile contents. There are many different ways to transfer files on every mobile device. That said, you can copy or move files from one folder to another or other target locations.

In computers, this is equivalent to the copy-paste and cut-paste command.

Copying files means duplicating the file from one folder to another. This method can be considered as creating backups. Moving files on the other hand means that you will transfer the content to a different location. When copying files, the original content remains on the previous location. When moving files, the original content is removed from the previous location.

When you create backup files, that is copying. When you transfer files, that’s moving. The latter is usually carried out when freeing up storage space in mobile devices.

If you’re wondering how to execute these commands on the Galaxy Note 20 without using any third-party apps, then you can refer to this quick demo.

Here’s how to copy and move multimedia files from one folder to another directory through the Note 20 storage menu.

Steps to Copy and Move Files between Folders

The following depicts the standard process of copying and moving multimedia contents on the Note 20 from one folder to another. These steps are likewise applicable when copying and moving files between different folders on other Samsung devices that are running the same Android version with the Note 20.

1. To get started, go to the Home screen and then swipe up to view and access the apps viewer.

The Apps viewer is where you can find all shortcut icons or controls to built-in and downloaded applications.

2. Tap the Settings icon to continue.

On the settings menu, you will see a list of all features of your phone.

3. Scroll down to view more items. Then, tap Device care.

A new window opens, highlighting the Device care menu. Here, you will see four main directories including battery, storage, memory and security.

4. Tap Storage to access the internal storage menu of your phablet.

General information on the current storage status of your phone will populate the next display.

5. Scroll down and then tap Advanced.

Advanced storage features and settings will show up next.

6. Tap Files to view all saved content on your phablet.

You will be routed to the internal storage menu with a list of all existing contents and directories.

Each of these folders stores relevant data and information.

7. Locate and then tap to open the folder that stores the file that you’d like to transfer.

Let’s just choose D C I M to proceed with this demo. So, tap on it.

All files saved in that folder will load up on the next display.

To proceed with this demo, we’ll use the Camera contents as an example. So tap Camera.

All files saved in the Camera will be displayed.

8. To select the files to copy, tap the Triple-dot figure on the upper-rightmost corner.

A pop-up menu opens.

9. Select Edit from the given items.

All files in the selected folder will switch to editable mode. An indication of this transition is the radio button showing before each of the listed items.

10. Simply tap on the radio button before the file that you’d like to copy. You may opt to select individual files or select all. Let’s just go for the latter to copy all files in the selected directory.

A checkmark will appear on the radio button before each file. This is an indication that the file is selected.

11. After selecting the files, tap Copy at the lower section of the screen. Specify the target location or folder you’d like to paste the copied files.

Simply tap the back key to return to the previous menu until you get to the internal storage.

Locate and then tap to select the folder that you’d like to set as the destination.

12. Then tap Copy here at the bottom right corner.

The selected files will then be pasted on the destination folder.

13. To move files from one folder to another, repeat the same steps to go back to the internal storage menu, open the source folder then select the files that you’d like to move. After selecting the files, tap Move at the bottom. Specify the target location or destination folder. Once you’ve reached the target location, tap the Move here command.

All selected files will then be transferred to the target location.

To see the difference between copying and moving, go back to the source folder. The original versions of the files you copied remain in the source folder and the duplicate files were created in the target folder.

On the other hand, the original versions of the moved files have disappeared from the source folder and transferred to the target folder. Thus, the source folder was emptied.

Common File Transfer Issues

There may be instances when you will encounter file transfer errors. This can happen due to many factors including data corruption, invalid source or destination as well as random system errors. Should you encounter any of these issues, you can do some basic troubleshooting on your end. Using a trusted third-party file transfer app can also be deemed as the last resort.

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