HBO and HBO Max coming to YouTube TV this Spring

  • YouTube TV has announced that it will offer HBO services starting spring 2020.
  • A separate report has indicated that a broader deal may also bring HBO Max to YouTube TV, making it the most comprehensive platform currently available.
  • There’s no information on pricing right now, but it’s likely to stay the same as standard HBO and HBO Max subscription costs.
  • HBO Max will officially break cover this spring.

In what has taken most of us by surprise, YouTube TV’s official Twitter account has announced that it will bring HBO services to its platform starting this spring. This will finally allow YouTube TV users to subscribe to HBO directly from the app rather than switching over to a service like HBO NOW. There will be no discounts on offer (probably), so you will still end up paying the same price as you currently do for HBO.

Separately, a report from Variety mentions that YouTube and WarnerMedia have come to an agreement to offer HBO Max on YouTube TV as well. HBO Max is launching this spring, so the timing seems to be right for the arrival of HBO services on YouTube TV.

In addition to the millions of hours of content you get with HBO Max, users should also get access to channels like CNN, Turner Classic Movies, TNT, Cartoon Network, HLN, TBS, Adult Swim, and truTV.

This is a pretty big deal as YouTube TV had everything but HBO on its platform. With the addition of HBO services this spring, YouTube TV may come across as a more attractive option for several customers, not to mention existing HBO subscribers.

What do you make of this deal between the two giants? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: @YouTubeTV, Variety

Via: Droid Life

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