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AT&T Could Bring Live Sports and News to HBO Max

In an investor’s call today, AT&T has talked about its plans for HBO Max, the company’s new streaming service which is set to debut in 2020. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson told the investors that the company “ultimately” plans to include live TV like sports and some news channels to HBO Max over the course of


HBO Now finally gains Chromecast support

Google Chromecast owners were a little disappointed when it was revealed that the recently launched HBO Now streaming service wasn’t compatible. The folks at HBO seem to have heard their complaints as a new update to the app on Android finally enables support for the Google Chromecast. There’s no Android TV support in sight though, but

Which is the Most Pirated TV Show of 2012?

Piracy of digital content is a large scale affair, and most people on the internet succumb to piracy with the temptation of not having to pay a penny to any sort of content at any given time of the day. TV Shows is also one of the most pirated things on the internet, as you

Netflix First Produced Show Lilyhammer Now Available

Last year Netflix announced that they were going to add their own Netflix produced content to the thousands and thousands of shows and movies available on the Netflix platform. Their first show, Lilyhammer, is now available. Lilyhammer is a story about a former mob guy, played by Steve Van Zandt, from Sopranos and Bruce Springsteen’s

HBO Releases Max Go For Cinemax Subscribers

After a successful spring launch of HBO’s signature app, HBO Go, the fine folks at HBO are back at it again. This time they are expanding the Go concept to Cinemax subscribers. HBO Go actually made it to Android before NetFlix did and allowed a superior streaming performance to any HBO subscriber who accessed the

HBO GO Android App Finally Here!!!

Remember awhile back when we reported on the upcoming HBO application for Android? Well the day has finally arrived and you can now get your fill of all your favorite HBO Shows, as long as you are a subscriber of  course.

HBO GO Headed To Android And More

It looks like current HBO subscribers that have an Android device or iPhone device will be able to take advantage of HBO GO, which launched back in February of last year.