Code Within Google Stadia App Reveals New User Sign-Ups, Family Sharing, and YouTube Live Streaming

  • Code within the latest Google Stadia app update has revealed features like YouTube Live streaming while also simplifying new user sign-ups.
  • Family Sharing was also revealed by the code, although this has some serious caveats in place.
  • Stadia is Google’s subscription-based streaming service which is currently available to a select few users.

Google Stadia built up a lot of hype before its launch but failed to deliver as the service lacked some features that were teased during the announcement. Further, the fact that the service was only available to a select few users also meant that not everyone could access it.

Now, some digging into the latest Stadia app done by 9to5Google has revealed the possible inclusions of a few new features, including the ability to let anybody sign up for the service. However, the code also revealed indications that there may be a limit to the number of users that can sign up with messages like “Sorry, Stadia is full in your area” potentially being displayed.

The code further talks about two features that were originally discussed during the Stadia launch event – Family Sharing and YouTube Live streaming. However, as far as Family Sharing is concerned, two members of the family cannot play the same title at the same time, and this will require your family to purchase another copy of the game.

YouTube Live streaming will offer users the ability to control what their viewers get to see, and even determine if the stream should be visible on YouTube. The addition of these features will no doubt make Stadia a much better service overall.

However, the discovery of code within the app is no indication of a feature’s imminent arrival. Google may just be testing the features for a much later release rather than the next update. We expect to learn more about the upgrades to Stadia at the annual Google I/O event in May.

Via: 9to5Google

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