Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is one of the most highly anticipated wearable devices that is expected to be launched at the Google I/O 2022 event this coming May 11 alongside the rumored Pixel 6A. A proper launch will follow on October to coincide with the release of the Pixel 7 devices.

The Google Pixel Watch is expected to rival some of the best smartwatch models in the market today such as the Apple Watch 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It will run on the latest Wear OS software, which should be Wear OS 3, and will have Google Assistant, basic fitness tracking features, Google Pay, health tracking features, and even cellular connectivity just to name a few.

Google Pixel Watch: Here’s everything we know so far

Google Pixel Watch: Here's everything we know so far

A lot of people are excited about the upcoming Google Pixel watch which is expected to hit the market this year. The first time rumors of the Pixel Watch was confirmed was way back in 2018 when Google’s director of engineering for Wear OS, Miles Barr, said that they were working on a wearable device but it wasn’t quite ready for primetime just yet.

Just recently a lot of leaked photos of the Google Pixel Watch have surfaced which is an indication that it’s going to hit the market soon.

Google Pixel Watch design

The Google Pixel Watch is said to be a partnership between Samsung and Google. Expect it’s design to be similar to the Galaxy Watch models. The initial leaks of photos of the watch show a rounded design with a crown located on the right side. It also appears that it will be using proprietary connected for the watch bands.

Leaked renders of a device called the Pixel watch shows a design that heavily borrows on the Watch 4 series of devices from Samsung. It has a circular face that should be customizable with watch faces.

A possible Pixel Watch image shown by Android Central as well as Android Police shows the leaked prototype having a round design . More images form other sites have also confirmed this. The watch face of the prototype is around an inch and a half in diameter, it is not a bezel less display , and about half an inch in thickness.

There are going to be three different models of different sizes. Each model will have at least 4 different colored bands.

Google Pixel Watch specs

The Google Pixel Watch is definitely going to run on the latest Wear OS version. We should see the vanilla version of Wear OS at work without the heavy customization done by Samsung in the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

This Pixel branded watch will have the same sensors as the Galaxy Watch 4 so expect it to have ECG, heart rate, and body fat measurement features.

The Google Pixel Watch is rumored to have a 300 mAh battery. This capacity will change depending on how the Pixel Watch models. When compared to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s battery capacity of 361mAh for the 46mm version and 247mAh for the 40mm version then this 300 mAh battery capacity for the Pixel Watch 4 is going to be standard.

The Pixel Watch could use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 or 4100 Plus chip which is being used in a few smartwatch models. It could also go with Samsung’s Exynos chips or its custom Tensor processor which is the same processor used in the latest Pixel devices.

Some features we would like to see on Google’s smartwatch

Rotating crown: This feature which is present in the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model is quite useful when navigating the smartwatch menu system. The physical crown is a great Pixel Watch fit as it is an innovative way of interacting with the watch.

In-display fingerprint scanner: Having an in-display fingerprint scanner would make the Google Watch more secure in terms of data protection or approving contactless payments.

Swimproof: We would love to see this Google branded smartwatch to have a high enough level of dust and water resistance to survive workouts in the pool.

Google Pixel Watch Cost

The Google Pixel Watch could cost not as high as the Apple Watch series but might be within the range of the Samsung Galaxy Watch models. There’s a strong possibility that it will fall within the $200-$350 price range depending on size and LTE variants.

It’s unlikely that the Pixel Watch could cost lower than $200 as the company already as the Fitbit model to target the $200 and under crowd.

Google Pixel Watch release date

We still don’t information on Google Pixel Watch release date however Google may finally announce it at the Google I/O 2022 event.

There is no official announcement yet from from Google regarding the Pixel Watch launch for this year. The current Google I/O rumor from leaker Jon Prosser is that the company will be “teasing” the Pixel Watch at the event on May 11, but won’t actually launch it until October 2022 alongside the Pixel 7.

Expect Google to make an announcement regarding this device as the Google I/O 2022 event approaches.