We’re getting a closer look at the Google Pixel 4 in newly leaked renders

We’ve seen a lot about the upcoming Google Pixel 4 already, but now we’re getting a look at both sides of the phone, all thanks to the guys over at iGeeksBlog.

The publication was able to get its hands on a set of renders for the phone, giving us a look at the back and front sides of the smaller Google Pixel 4.

It looks a lot like the Google Pixel 4 XL, as you might imagine, but smaller. We’ll say that the alleged camera bump on it looks just as ugly, though.

iGeeksBlog says we’re looking at a 5.6-inch display, as well as a larger top bezel on the front, which has two front-facing cameras, and a sensor that will probably help with facial recognition.

This is definitely the Google Pixel 4. Google has confirmed as much so far, but we’ll still no doubt see more leaks and rumors as we get closer to the launch this fall.

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