5 Replies to “Galaxy S7 Active speaker keeps cutting out when playing videos, other issues”

  1. i have the same problem on my s7 active and i found a working fix for this… remove all paired bluetooth devices (Bluetooth on/off doesnt matter) then go to settings>connections>more connection settings>nearby device scanning then turn off… worked for me…

  2. I am having the same problem with my GalaxyS7. When I do anything on speaker phone (voicemail, live call, play videos) the sound stops playing through the speaker randomly. Is there any fix for this or did I buy a lemon?

  3. My phone has been having problems.When i watch a video or music the volume turns on and then off and it is really frustrating because i cant hear the the volume


  4. I have had this issue since I purchased my S7 ACTIVE a couple months ago and have ran out of options to try and fix this issue.
    Any audio including speaker phone will mute itself. Sometimes return and other times stay muted.
    I’ve noticed I can pause the audio, hit the volume up button and mute then unite it several times, hit play on the audio and it comes back until it cuts out again.

  5. I have problem samsung s 7 loosing sounds every day suddenly .after phone restart sounds gets back..

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