How to Fix Galaxy S23 Getting Hot While Charging

It can be concerning when your Galaxy S23 feels unusually warm or hot while charging. Excessive heat is often caused by fast charging, bulky phone cases, overworking the device, or even just warm surroundings. With some adjustments, you can keep your S23 operating at normal temperatures.

Galaxy S23 Getting Hot While Charging

We rely on our phones daily, so it’s understandable to worry when yours starts getting hot frequently. Try not to stress too much about minor heating issues. With a few small tweaks to your charging habits and settings, you can prevent your Galaxy S23 from overheating and enjoy consistent cool charging.

Common Causes

Some common reasons the Galaxy S23 may get hot while charging include:

  • Using faster 25W wired charging generates more heat.
  • Thick phone case obstructing internal heat dissipation.
  • High ambient temperature around the charging environment.
  • Continuing gaming or intense usage while charging.
  • Poor internal ventilation due to accumulated dust.
  • Issues with the latest software updates need troubleshooting.
  • Near-dead battery causing the phone to work harder while charging.

Troubleshooting Procedures

Here are effective ways to troubleshoot and fix overheating issues when charging your Galaxy S23:

Remove Phone Case

Take off any bulky phone case to improve airflow and cooling.

Thick cases can trap heat generated during charging and cause overheating, removing them allows better ventilation.

How to do it:

  1. If using a phone case, remove it before charging.
  2. Allow your device to charge fully case-free.
  3. Monitor temperature – it should remain cooler without the case.
galaxy s23 case

Switch to Slower Charger

Use a lower-wattage charger for reduced heat generation while charging.

Fast 25W+ charging adds more heat. Slower 15W charging stays cooler if overheating is an issue.

How to do it:

  1. Connect an older 15W or 10W charger from a previous phone.
  2. Monitor if the device temperature is lower while charging slower.
  3. If so, use slower charging when you can’t actively cool the phone.
galaxy s23 charger

Close Power-Intensive Apps

Avoid gaming or intensive apps while charging, which causes more heat generation.

Power-hungry apps make the processor work harder, adding heat while charging. Close them for cooler charging.

How to do it:

  1. Swipe up to view open apps and stop any gaming or video streaming.
  2. Disable syncing and background processes temporarily if feasible.
  3. Let your phone charge at rest without adding processor heat.

Adjust Charging Environment

Move your phone to a cooler spot and point a fan at it while charging if needed.

Warm ambient temperatures contribute to overheating. Charging in a cool room with airflow prevents this.

How to do it:

  1. Avoid charging in hot enclosed areas like under blankets or in direct sunlight.
  2. Position the phone to receive maximum airflow from a desk fan if needed.
  3. Monitor phone temperature and adjust positioning as needed.
galaxy s23 charging

Update Software

Install software updates that may address overheating issues.

Updates often contain thermal management improvements to prevent overheating. Keeping firmware updated ensures optimal control.

How to do it:

  1. Go to Settings > Software update.
  2. Download and install available updates.
  3. Monitor phone temperature after updating.

Following these tips should help prevent excessive heating when charging your Galaxy S23. Contact Samsung support if overheating persists after troubleshooting.


Why does my Galaxy S23 sometimes get hot when it’s charging?

Normal charging generates some heat, but excessive heat is often caused by fast charging, bulky phone cases trapping heat, continuing heavy usage during charging, warm environments, clogged air vents, software bugs, and worn batteries having to work harder.

What should I do if my Galaxy S23 is getting uncomfortably hot while charging?

If your S23 is getting too hot while charging, stop usage, remove any case, switch to a slower charger, position it in a cooler spot, point a fan at it, close power-hungry apps, update software, inspect vents for dust, and consider replacing an aging battery if overheating persists.

How can I prevent my Galaxy S23 from heating up when using a fast charger?

To keep the heat down with fast charging, avoid heavy usage during charging, remove thick cases, position the phone for maximum airflow, use a cooling pad beneath it, enable Airplane mode to limit radio use, charge in a cooler environment, and switch to a slower charger if it gets too warm.

Why does my Galaxy S23 case make the phone hotter when charging?

Phone cases can obstruct airflow and cause more internal heat buildup during charging. Use thinner cases or remove cases temporarily when charging. Cases that disperse heat, like those with integrated vents or thermally conductive materials, also help prevent overheating issues.

How can I tell if overheating when charging could damage my Galaxy S23 battery?

As long as your S23 doesn’t exceed 113°F (45°C) while charging, the heat is not damaging the battery. You can monitor the temperature with an app. Consistent high heat over 115°F when charging can degrade battery lifespan, though, so address the root cause.

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