5 Best News Apps For Galaxy Note 9

The world we live in never really seems to slow down, and there is always a new “breaking news” story being released. With such a wide range of news outlets at our fingertips, it can be almost impossible to determine what is real, what is fake, what is accurate, what is most important to know about, etc. In numerous cases, it is a wise idea to narrow down your news sources to one or two apps that can keep you up to date throughout the day. Over the next few minutes, we will break down the top five news apps for the Galaxy Note 9. In analyzing the primary characteristics of each app, you will be able to decide which one or two of these apps may be the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Google News

For the first pick, we turn to an option that is very widely-known; Google News. Google News has gained popularity for a reason, mainly because it is highly effective in delivering all the top news headlines without overwhelming the reader. Here are some of the main features of Google News:

  • Ability to see the top five stories in the news currently
  • Expanded and full coverage of each story if you wish to have more information
  • Real time information added as the story develops and events unfold
  • Options to view customized local news displayed prominently
  • All news comes from verified and credible sources of information

Download it now: Google Play

BBC News

Next, we look at a source that clearly has a more international view of the news. Keeping an international perspective on current events can be a wonderful thing to do, and here are some of the other great features from BBC News:

  • Embedded videos often included in stories for a “rich” news experience
  • Multiple personalization options available for your news feed
  • Option for Breaking News alerts to let you know as soon as an event occurs
  • Highly intriguing stories and storylines
  • Larger emphasis on international news and current events

Download it now: Google Play

AP News

If you are searching for a news app that is streamlined and cuts straight to the core of the story, then AP news may be the right fit for you. Here are some of its features:

  • All stories come from credible sources
  • App has a very clean and modern design and layout
  • Style of journalism tends to be very fact-based and therefore unbiased
  • Events reported on are typically broad in scope and scale, and therefore very relevant to users
  • App is well-organized, making it simple to find the category and/ or story you are searching for

Download it now: Google Play

NPR News

As you drive in your car, you might be familiar with the sounds of NPR coming through your speakers. However, NPR can also be a great source for news and stories, even when you have turned off the ignition and left the vehicle. Here are some of the key features of the NPR News App:

  • Live stream of NPR Radio available
  • Provides alerts for breaking news stories and events
  • Known for high-quality journalism and accuracy in reporting
  • Produces a wide variety of material (more than just the news)
  • Allows customization options for your home screen

Download it now: Google Play


This fifth and final selection is quite different from the other apps described. Flipboard places a much greater emphasis on the visual and artistic aesthetic of the news, rather than just on the words of the stories themselves. It is certainly an app worth checking out if you have never done so. Here are some other features of Flipboard:

  • Provides a very clean and modern aesthetic
  • Places an emphasis on art and photos, not just the words of the story
  • Interesting articles that are likely to draw in the reader
  • Numerous personalization options for the user

Download it now: Google Play


Each of these news apps are certainly excellent in its own respect, and the real decision of which one you prefer will be completely up to you. Our recommendation would be to give each of them a shot and then start eliminating. Continue this process until you are left with only one or two news apps on your device. With so many sources of information available, it is important that you limit the number of news sources providing you with stories and ensure that you are getting information you enjoy and, more importantly, that you trust.

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