How to fix Xiaomi Mi 6 that cannot send text (SMS) messages [Troubleshooting Guide]

Aside from mobile entertainment, smartphones are tagged among other daily requisites by many people especially when it comes to the purpose of communication. With smartphones, anyone can do business and other personal transactions anytime and anywhere for as long as network signal is available. But then again, regardless of how advanced mobile communication technology is, the system is still susceptible to problems.

In fact, relevant complaints have been raised by a number of smartphone users including Xiaomi Mi 6 about an issue in which the phone cannot send text messages or SMS. For some reasons, the device is prompting them with certain errors and is not able to send SMS. What causes this problem to occur and how to fix it? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.

But before we go to our troubleshooting, if you happen to be looking for a solution to a different problem, then I suggest you visit our Xiaomi Mi 6 troubleshooting page for we may have already addressed concerns that are similar with yours. Feel free to use our solutions and workarounds. If they don’t work and you need further assistance, you can always contact us by completing our Android issues questionnaire and hitting submit.

Possible reasons why your Xiaomi Mi 6 cannot send text messages or SMS

Majority of texting issues in mobile devices are software-related. In some cases, the problem is isolated to an application like the messaging app in use gets corrupted or acting weird after installing an update. There are also other instances wherein the problem lies within the network system like when the network is currently unavailable and other signal issues. Note that messaging services rely on the network system so if something goes wrong with the network, outgoing services including SMS and MMS messaging are likewise affected. Account issues are also among other factors to consider when dealing with similar issues. Service providers usually implement a soft disconnection to problematic or delinquent accounts. During this state, outgoing services like calling and texting are temporarily become unavailable. Incoming services are not affected though so you still can receive incoming calls and text messages on your device. For outgoing services to resume, you will need to contact your service provider and settle whatever account issues you may have.

Unless the problem started after your phone got wet or was dropped, you can rule out the possibility of hardware damage causing texting problems to occur on your Xiaomi Mi 6. Otherwise, physical or liquid damage can be deemed among the culprits.  

Potential solutions and workarounds to deal with SMS problems on Xiaomi Mi 6

Outlined below are generic solutions to problems with sending text messages on a Xiaomi Mi 6 device. These methods are based on probable causes. As much as possible, try to determine the root cause of the problem in order to save time and effort in doing unnecessary troubleshooting methods.

Be sure to test your device after completing each method to determine if the problem has already been fixed and that your Xiaomi Mi 6 is able to send text message or SMS.

Step 1: Perform a soft reset (reboot) on your Xiaomi Mi 6.

Restarting a device can help rectify minor software glitches or apps malfunctions. So be sure not to miss doing it whenever something goes wrong with any of your device’s functions like texting failures. A soft reset is done by turning the phone off the usual way you do, leave it off for at least 30 seconds and then turn it back on. It’s a simple yet effective process when dealing with minor software issues in mobile devices. No data will be affected in the process, so it’s safe.

Step 2: Check your network status.

Network outages are among the factors that can interrupt texting,calling, and other network functions on any device. If the network is unavailable any of these services is also not working. Check your phone and make sure that it has active network connection and receiving good signal. The signal bars or network indicator on the status of your device will serve as hint in this case. If you’re getting no service, no signal, or other network issues, you need to deal with network problem first in order to get your phone’s texting functions back to work normally as intended.

Step 3: Verify and ensure that the Message Center Number (SMSC number) is correct.

Many people are not aware that these numbers do exist. Message Center Number are comprised of a special set of numbers assigned to your device for it to be able to send or receive text messages through your network. If this number gets deleted or changed on your device, then most likely you’ll have trouble sending or receiving text messages. Update installation can change these numbers o your device without you even knowing. This is one of the reasons as to why texting errors surfaced among other post-update issues in smartphones. These numbers can likewise be changed after performing a factory reset. You need to call your service provider to verify this information.

Step 4: Clear cache and data from message app

Considering the possibility that the problem is isolated to the messaging app that you are using, clearing the app’s cache and data can help rectify the glitch, remove corrupted contents or broken files, and get the app back to work normally again. You can clear the data and cache for your apps through the Application Manager on your device. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to your phone Settings.
  2. Tap Installed apps.
  3. Tap All tab.
  4. Find the messaging app you want to clear its cache and data.
  5. Tap the desired app.
  6. On the App Info screen, tap the option to Clear data/Clear cache.

Important note:

Clearing the app’s data will erase your data from the app including login credentials like username and passwords. Be sure to take note of this information before you proceed.

Step 5: Boot into Safe Mode and diagnose third party app.

Booting into safe mode can help you isolate the problem and determine whether it is triggered by third-party apps or services. Third-party services are temporarily disabled in this state so it will be easier for you to do so. Create a test message to send to your own number while in safe mode. If you can send and receive the message, then the problem is triggered by a third party application. Here’s how to enter Safe Mode on your Xiaomi Mi 6:

  1. Turn on your phone.
  2. Press the Power button for a few seconds and then release the button when the menu screen appears.
  3. Tap and hold the Power Off option on the screen until the Android Safe Mode label appears.
  4. Select the option to reboot into Android Safe Mode.
  5. When finished, you will notice a dedicated watermark on your screen, letting you know in which environment you are now on.

If the above method won’t work for you, then consider this alternative method to boot your Xiaomi Mi 6 into Safe Mode:

  1. Restart your Xiaomi Mi 6.
  2. When it initiates the reboot sequence, start tapping on the menu button until the Lock screen shows up.
  3. If you see Safe Mode label, then it means your device is already running in safe mode.

Create a test message (SMS) and then try to see if you are able to send and receive the message while in safe mode. If you can, then you may need to uninstall the most recent app you’ve downloaded as it is likely the one that is causing conflict.

Last resort: Factory reset.

If none of the aforementioned procedures is able to fix the problem and that your Xiaomi Mi 6 is still unable to send SMS or text messages, then you may consider resorting to a factory reset at this point. It is possible that the problem is caused by some serious bugs or system glitch that can only be rectified by wiping the device. Doing so however will delete all personal information stored on your phone so be sure to backup your device beforehand. Here’s how a factory reset is done on your Xiaomi Mi 6 device:

  1. Turn on your phone the usual way you do.
  2. Navigate to the Main menu
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Backup and Reset section.
  5. Select Factory Data Reset.
  6. Tap Reset Phone. Doing so will open a pop-up menu containing a reset warning.
  7. Read and review the message then select the option to Erase Everything.

Alternatively you can do the hardware key combination to reset your Xiaomi device. Here’s how it works:

  1. Press the Power button to turn off your device completely.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up and Power button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. Release both buttons when the Mi logo appears.
  4. Use the Volume Down key to scroll and then select or highlight Wipe Reset option.
  5. Press the Power button to confirm selection.
  6. Use the Volume Down key to select Wipe All Data then press the Power button to confirm selection.
  7. Select Yes to confirm and instigate factory reset on the device.

After the reset, try to see if your phone can now send SMS or text messages.

Other Helpful Suggestions

  • Delete messages or message threads from your phone or SIM memory and then create a test message.
  • If the message you are trying to send has attachment, try to send the message without the attached file. This is to rule out the possibility that the attached file is corrupted and causing error in sending.
  • If you are prompted with an alert message saying that the “Receiver number unable to receive message. Message blocking active,” this means that the recipient of the text message has blocking enabled on his/her device. It has to be disabled on the recipient’s end.
  • If you cannot send SMS or text message to an international number, make sure that you are using a + sign or 011 before the country code and phone number of the recipient. Also don’t use any symbols, signatures, or attached files.
  • Check and ensure that the date and time on your phone are correct.

Seek further assistance

Contact your carrier to escalate the problem if you still cannot send text messages or SMS on your Xiaomi Mi 6 after performing the prior methods. It is possible that what you are dealing with is a more complex issue that can only be resolved with a dedicated tool on your service provider’s end. Setting up a service appointment with an authorized technician is also an option especially if you suspect that a physical or liquid damage on the phone is causing you this trouble. The latter option is recommended especially if there were previous instances of dropping or liquid exposure on your device that might have damaged certain components, making your Xiaomi Mi 6 not capable of sending text messages in some ways.

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