How to Fix “Uids on the System are Inconsistent” in Galaxy S3

“I’m having a lot of problems with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Two weeks ago, I got a message upon starting my phone saying, ‘uids on the system are inconsistent you need to wipe your data partition or your device will be unstable.’ I always click on ‘I’m feeling lucky button’ and I could use my phone without any issue. Today I was using my phone, and three new messages are preventing me to do it. It cannot open any app or navigate the desktop. I can only answer calls or open an email when I see the notification at the notification bar. The other messages are:

  • Process system isn’t responding. Do you want to close it?
  • Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped.
  • Unfortunately. the process has stopped.

I would like to at least make a backup and save all my data. But I cannot use Kies also. The software doesn’t recognize my phone.

What can I do guys?

I tried clearing cache and data from touch wiz and download manager, reboot my smartphone in save mode, deleting the latest applications installed and nothing seems to be working at this time.”

Possible Causes of the “Uids on the System are Inconsistent”  Problem in Galaxy S3

There might be corrupted system files causing the problem. One contributor in the forum of Verizon said that the Customer Support of the carrier told him it might be caused by a virus in his system.

Likely Fixes to the “Uids on the System are Inconsistent”  Issue in Galaxy S3

The error may be affecting the integration of Kies with your device. Try updating or reinstalling Kies and attempt to backup once more.

Going to the “uids on the system are inconsistent” error message, you can use these methods from Android Central and XDA Developers to solve it:

1. Go into Recovery Mode and select Wipe Cache Partition.

2. You can also select Factory Reset in Recovery Mode if the first one fails.

3. Go to “/data/system/uiderrors.txt” and uninstall the apps listed there.

4. Root your device and install TWRP to fix permissions in your device.

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Sources: Android Central, XDA

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