How to fix SIM Card Not Inserted error on your Nokia 6 2019 smartphone (easy steps)

In January this year, Nokia officially unveiled its latest flagship smartphone branded as the Nokia 6 2018. It’s a 5.5-inch octa-core aluminum handset with corning gorilla glass 3 display. The device is set to launch this April, thus many are already looking forward to seeing what’s new in this new Nokia smartphone. While it’s yet to officially arrive in the global market, we’ve already looked into some widespread issues and errors that are likely to surface sooner or later when these new Nokia handsets would reach their respective owners. One of these problems is on the SIM card not inserted error. Read on to find out what triggers this error to occur and what to do should you also encounter the same error on your new Android phone.

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Why are you seeing a SIM card not inserted error on your Nokia 6 2018 smartphone?

Errors can occur to any device regardless of whether it’s new or old. One of the prevalent errors transpiring in new Android devices is the one on SIM card not inserted. Generally, SIM card errors like this are attributed to a dislodged SIM card on the SIM tray, damaged SIM card or defective SIM card tray itself. Other factors are associated with software problems like faulty updates, corrupted apps or data, incorrect settings, and random glitches. More often than not, these problems occur as temporary issues triggered by software bugs. Even so, these temporary issues also require prompt fixes, which means the need for you to act and do something to get rid of the error and get your device back to its usual flawless state.

What to do if you see a SIM card not inserted error on your Nokia 6 2018?

When SIM card errors occur, other integral functions on the phone including calling and texting are likewise affected. This means multiple problems are needed to be dealt with. Indeed it’s a bummer given that what you’ve got is a new device and yet here you are plagued with problems at this very early stage. But you’ve got no choice because problems like this can happen any time regardless of how sturdy or smart your phone is. To help you get started in resolving the underlying cause of the problem, I have mapped out some standard procedures or generic solutions to SIM card errors affecting Android smartphones. Try and see which from these workarounds would give you the ultimate solution.

Reboot your phone

Temporary errors and minor software glitches in smartphones are often rectified by a device restart. If this the first time you see the error and you have no idea how it occurs or what makes it appear on your device, the simplest yet best possible solution to start with is a reboot.

To do so, just press the Power button until your phone powers down. Keep it turned off for about 30 seconds then after the elapsed time, press the Power button again to turn it back on.

See if that fixes the problem. If the error continues to show up after the first restart, give it another try or give your phone 3 series of reboots utmost.

Remove and reinstall your SIM card

Another effective solution to SIM card errors that’s widely used in both iOS and Android smartphones is SIM card removal and reinstallation. Removing the SIM card can help you assess the condition of your SIM card and the SIM card tray. In this case, it’s possible that the SIM card is just misplaced or lose so it needs to be secured again.

  1. Before you remove the SIM card, make sure your phone is completely turned off.
  2. When it’s off, use the SIM eject pin to open the SIM card tray. Just insert the pin into the small hole to pop the SIM tray out.
  3. Remove the SIM card from the tray.
  4. Check both the SIM card and SIM card tray for any visible signs of damage.
  5. If there’s none, put the SIM card back into the tray with the gold contacts facing down.
  6. Secure the SIM card then slightly press the SIM tray back into the slot.

Make sure the SIM card tray is properly secured then you can turn your phone back on. See if the error is already gone. If not, move on and try the next workaround.

Turn Airplane mode on and off

It’s an old trick that has done wonders to many people who have dealt with different types of network connectivity problems and SIM card errors. While there is no official explanation as to why and how this work, what matters is that it works and therefore worth a shot. Should you wish to try your luck in this workaround, here’s how it’s done:

Go to your phone’s Settings menu, scroll to and select Airplane mode then tap the Airplane mode switch to enable the feature. After 30 seconds or 1 minute, toggle the Airplane Mode switch again to turn the feature off.

Turning Airplane mode on automatically disables connectivity features on your phone so be sure to turn it off again.

Change network mode

Switching between network modes can also help in this case. Some people who have encountered similar issues were able to find remedies by changing their current network mode to other available options like from 4G to 3G or vice versa.

These options are typically accessed through Settings-> Mobile Networks-> Network mode. Under this menu, you’ll see different options like 2G, 3G, or 4G depending on your network carrier. Just select other option to change the current network mode.

After making changes to your network mode, restart your phone then see if that rids the error. If none, try another network mode and see which one works.

Reset your Nokia 6 2018 to factory settings

A factory reset can be considered your last option if none of the prior methods works and that the SIM card not inserted error is still showing on your Nokia 6 2018. It’s possible that a more intricate software problem is causing the error to persists and withstand the previous methods. Usually, complex bugs and software errors would require tougher solutions like a factory reset or full system restore. This way everything is wiped out from the phone system including bugs and corrupted data that are causing system conflicts and performance instability.

Before you start though, be sure to back up all your important data and personal information so that you’ll be able to restore them quickly afterwards.

There are different ways to perform a factory reset on a smartphone depending on the software version and device type or model.

Generally in Android devices running Android 8 Oreo platform, it’s done by a factory reset is done by navigating to Settings-> System-> Reset menu. Just select the option to Factory Reset and confirm action.

After the reset, you will need to proceed with the initial setup process so you can use your phone again.

Seek more help

You can have your SIM card replaced with a new one if the error persists after exhausting all means to fix it. It’s possible that the SIM card is damaged. Contact your carrier for other options and recommendations.

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