4 thoughts on “How to fix your Samsung Galaxy S8 that gets stuck on the logo during boot up [Troubleshooting Guide]”

  1. so my phone is doing something weird I have the Galaxy 8 plus and last night it booted down on its own then when it was booting back up it is stuck on the lte 4g white screen and I can’t get it to go to anything else and I had to wait for the battery to die. restarted it this AM and it is doing the same thing. sooooo frustrating I tried a lot of the suggestions and nothing worked please help!

  2. Yeah, I have the same comment regarding the instructions that read as follows: “There is a combination of buttons you need to press and hold to simulate the battery disconnect. However, before you do that, turn your phone off first.” Uh, are you telling me that a frozen phone can be turned off? If so, I encourage you to search for the meaning of “frozen” LoL!

  3. I had a similar problem with my s8 today out of the blue and I’ve only had it a week. So basicly my phone was stuck in the always on display. None the the buttons would register. When I held the home key the phone vibrated but that’s all. The power button did nothing. I even tried pressing the clock to get to the music player but like I said nothing registered. And I couldn’t power it off. I mention it because in your article you say to turn of the phone first but what if you can’t? I couldn’t and I tried. I held the power and Bixby button, power and volume up as well as down, nada. But my phone is on so I figured let me try to call it. Nothing, it rung a couple of times and went to voicemail but my phone didn’t acknowledge it. When I hung up though a few seconds later it showed I had a missed call so I swiped and it opened. Whew! Only thing I could think of is I just downloaded Pokemon go (don’t judge me) like minutes before and minimized the app while in the character creation screen. Suffice it to say I uninstalled it as soon as it started working again so here’s hoping I won’t encounter that problem again. Thoughts? Comments? About the crash not my downloading habits ?

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