1. plz help me sir/mam. my problem is this, i tried to root my galaxy j7 2015. i know that when i’m going to root my device is i need to do the step by step procedure. i download the correct files on my laptop. and i did well all the steps. and after that my phone is rooted. but when i turn on or reboot my device to see if it works my device stock on the samsung logo. and my big problem is i realy don’t know how to fix it. i’ve tried all helping tips in other website but it doesn’t work. so please guy’s i need your help
    my english is not very good but please understand…..

  2. On my Samsung Galaxy J7Pro I tried to do a reset and during re-booting the screen changed to chinese. Home button won’t respond Back button wont respond and when try to power off a blue line gets drawn after I touch the off button. PLEASE HELP!

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