How to Fix Google Pixel 7 Screen Flickering Issue after Firmware Update

Getting the latest lineup from Google may change your view about smartphones. Google Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro provides an upgraded experience from its younger siblings, the Pixel 6 lineups. Though they are particularly new, there have been several reports that the Google Pixel is experiencing some hiccups, one of which is a display problem where it flickers after updating the firmware. 

Though software or firmware updates provide some enhancement and fixes to reported errors, they can encounter glitches or software bugs that may affect the phone’s overall performance. Let us check some simple and easy-to-execute procedures that may help if you are getting a Google Pixel 7 screen flickering issue after firmware update.

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Smartphones usually encounter screen flickering issues due to hardware problems, but software glitches can also be the underlying cause. In fact, there have been prior reports about the Google Pixel 7 with screen flickering issue right after installing new firmware updates.<br><br>If you happen to be one of those who have faced the same issue following the recent firmware update on your Pixel 7 smartphone, you can try some quick troubleshooting procedures on your end before taking a trip to the nearest Google authorized service center in your place. Keep reading for more detailed solutions.<br>

  1. Solution #1: Close All Background Apps on your Pixel 7.

    Fix Post update Screen Flickering GoogleWhenever you open apps and switch to another one, they would remain running in the background, unless you manually close them. While this is a useful functionality as you would be able to open them faster, they might also contribute to the screen flickering problem on your Google Pixel 7. That’s why it is essential to regularly close or “kill” these background apps should you encounter problems on the device. Doing so allows the system to unload some of the heavy-performing apps and help to heal itself, which may eventually lead to the resolution of the display problem. To do that, swipe up from the bottom of the screen (use the line indicator at the bottom part of the phone’s screen as your reference) and stop in the middle. You will all background apps and then swipe all the way to the left and tap Clear all. This should close all background apps. Afterwards, observe your phone to see whether it has fixed the flickering issue or not.

  2. Solution #2: Restart The Phone (Soft Reset)

    Fix Post update Screen Flickering GoogleNormally, the phone needs to be restarted to install the downloaded software and implement its changes. But that won’t necessarily mean that it will remove those software bugs as they could come out right after the full installation of the firmware and it has been successfully implemented. If you notice that the screen flickering issue right after the installation, give your Pixel 7 a quick refresh by simply rebooting or turning it off. This procedure might be very simple, but it has been proven to rectify many issues that have been encountered after software updates. To turn off the device, press and hold both the Power button and the volume up key. You will see four options appear on the screen, select/tap on Power Off option. Allow the phone to rest for about 20 seconds, then press and hold the Power button to turn on the device. You can also turn off your Google Pixel by swiping down from the top of the screen to pull down the notification panel. Swipe down again from the notification panel to pull down the full quick settings panel. Tap the Power icon and select Restart.

  3. Solution #3: Disable Adaptive Brightness in Display Settings.

    Fix Post update Screen Flickering GoogleAdaptive brightness is a feature that allows the phone’s screen to automatically adjust its brightness depending on its environment. If you are in an area with a darker environment, such as in a dark room, your phone will automatically lower its brightness. If you are in an environment with extreme light conditions, such as under the hot scorching sun, then it will provide the maximum brightness. However, this feature might be the cause of the flickering issue as it can affect how the screen reacts under certain conditions, or if it has been attacked by bugs from the software update. To check if disabling will help mend the flicker on your Google Pixel’s screen, go to Settings and tap on Display. Toggle the switch beside Adaptive brightness to turn it off/on. If you have turned it off, set the brightness to minimum and check if it still flickers.

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Other Helpful Recommendations to deal with Screen Flickering Problem

Software-related display issues in Android phones including those depicted with a flickering display are typically rectified by performing some basic tweaks. If you don’t find any luck from the above procedures, then you may proceed with these next recommendations.

Check If There Is Another Software Update

There are times that phone manufacturers, such as Google, would send a follow up after rolling out an update. This is done to address reported errors by the users. If the flickering issue is not isolated to a few users and has been experienced by the majority, then likely Google has rolled out another update to fix it. 

To check for an update, go to Settings and access System.  Tap on System Update.Tap on Check for Update at the lower part of the screen if there’s no indication of an available update. This will allow the phone to manually check for a firmware update. 

If there is an available update, download and install it on your device. Note that it may take some time to complete this process. Once the firmware update has been successfully installed, check your Pixel 7 if it still shows the flickering issue. 

Check Your Device For Damage

Though seldom experienced, there are cases wherein a hardware damage can coincide with a software update. To make sure that it is not the cause of why your Google Pixel 7 phone flickers, thoroughly check the device for any signs of screen damage such as cracks or verify if it has been smashed. 

Also, your device might suffer from internal hardware damage if it has been dropped even if the screen doesn’t show any cracks or defects. If it has been dropped recently, then that might be the reason for your screen to flicker. 

Repair Options

Although the problem might have been instigated from a firmware update, it doesn’t always denote that the screen flickering issue is due to a software glitch. 

If you suspect that the problem is tied to a faulty hardware or display component, then you may visit the nearest Pixel Phone center in your area. 

You can also check with Pixel Phone help through You can simply search for the issue on their website and get answers from the Help community.

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