Google Pixel 7 Secret Codes and Descriptions

Google Pixel 7 Secret Codes and Descriptions

Android smartphones including the latest Google Pixel variants embed some hidden features and secret codes that you can use to carry out deeper system searches and functions.

Highlighted in this post are the generic secret codes that are lodged into the Google Pixel 7’s operating system. Read on to learn what these codes are, how they work and when to use them on your Google smartphone.

Android Secret Codes Overview

Secret Codes in Android devices are a powerful combination of unique symbols and numbers that can grant you access to certain useful features. By dialing a sequence of characters that starts with either * or # and ends with one of these two, you can unlock hidden information about your device. 

Secret Codes are essential when you want to explore your smartphone’s hidden modes or test its capabilities. You can make use of these unique short codes to access your IMEI number’s location, among other features. The list of secret codes below enables you to perform various highly practical operations.

Below is a list of some commonly used secret codes for Google Pixel smartphones:


This code displays the IMEI number of your Google Pixel, which is a unique identifier for your device.


This code opens a hidden testing menu that allows you to check various aspects of your phone, such as battery health and network connectivity.


This code creates a backup of all your media files.


This code provides information about the camera on your phone, such as its resolution and sensor type.


This code displays the Wi-Fi Mac address of your Google Pixel.


This code checks the touch screen on your phone to see if it’s working properly.


This code opens a menu that allows you to choose what happens when you press the power button.

Other Widely Used Android USSD Codes


This code resets your phone to its factory settings, erasing all data on the device.


This code displays the Bluetooth address of your phone.


This code opens the Service Menu on your phone, which allows you to access diagnostic tools and other advanced features.

Quick Notes:

  • Not all secret codes may work on every Google Pixel device, and some codes may be specific to certain models or software versions. 
  • Additionally, some secret codes may have been disabled by the manufacturer or carrier for security reasons. 
  • Always use caution when entering secret codes, and only enter codes that you know are safe.

How to use secret codes on Google Pixel

Now that you’ve already known the codes, the next thing you’ll likely do is to see how each of these codes work on your Google Pixel smartphone. So this is what you need to do to figure how these codes work on your device:

Step 1: To get started, launch the Phone app on your Google Pixel. Just find the Phone icon from the Home screen or Apps tray and then tap on it to launch the dialer app.

Step 2. If necessary, tap the dialer icon at the bottom of the Phone app’s main screen to open the phone keypad. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Enter the secret code that you want to use, using the onscreen keypad. Be sure to type in the correct code to avoid facing unexpected errors following the code execution. Do not put spaces in between the characters.

Step 4: Once you enter the correct code, your phone will automatically execute the command associated with that code.

If the code is valid, you will see the information or settings associated with that code displayed on your device. Otherwise, you will see an error message or nothing will happen at all.

When to use secret codes on your Pixel phone?

Secret codes can be used on Google Pixel smartphones when you need to access hidden features or settings that are not readily available through the regular user interface. These codes can help you diagnose and troubleshoot issues, test various hardware components, or access advanced settings that are not accessible through the regular settings menu on your device.

The use of secret codes in Android smartphones offer some advantages and disadvantages. We’ve summed up everything for your reference.

Advantages of using secret codes

  • Access to hidden features. Secret codes can give users access to features that are not readily available through the regular user interface, allowing them to customize and optimize their phone’s performance.
  • Troubleshooting. Secret codes can help users diagnose and troubleshoot issues with their phone, allowing them to quickly identify and fix problems without having to take their phone to a technician.
  • Increased control. Secret codes can provide users with greater control over their phone, allowing them to perform tasks that are not possible through the regular user interface.
  • Time-saving. Secret codes can help users save time by allowing them to perform tasks quickly and easily, without having to navigate through multiple menus and options.

Disadvantages of using secret codes

  • Risk of damage. Entering the wrong secret code can cause harm to your device, such as erasing important data or damaging hardware components.
  • Security risks. Secret codes can provide access to sensitive information and settings, making them a potential security risk if they fall into the wrong hands.
  • Not always effective. Not all secret codes will work on every device, and some codes may have been disabled by the manufacturer or carrier for security reasons.
  • Lack of support. Using secret codes may void your warranty or prevent you from receiving technical support from the manufacturer or carrier.

Having trouble with secret codes?

If your phone starts acting up after using a secret code, performing the following workarounds can help fix the transpiring issue.

1. Restart your phone (soft reset).

Try restarting your phone to see if that resolves the problem. This can help reset any settings or configurations that may have been affected by using the secret code.

2. Verify and re-enter the correct code.

Make sure that you entered the secret code correctly and that it was the correct code for your device. Some codes may only work on specific models or software versions, so it’s important to verify that you are using the correct code.

3. Reset your device (hard reset).

If the problem persists and the error results in a severe system malfunction, restoring the phone to its factory default state via factory reset can be considered among the last options. This will erase all data and settings on your device, so be sure to back up all your important files before proceeding.

And that’s all about the Google Pixel 7 secret codes and their uses.

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